Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday: Where's the party tonight? On the dance floor with Akshat!

LOOK WHO IT IS!!!! Little Akshat Singh in a Japanese curry commercial! And the netizen comments are surprisingly complimentary (and marvel at his English ability on the Ellen show) and I was impressed with the fact that the commercial is pretty dead-on Bollywood-ish for a non-Indian product. Go Akshat! 頑張れ! スターになろう!


The current lack of big Bollywood releases has meant the smaller hits Queen and Ragini MMS 2 have been getting more press than if they were released laster in the year. For Queen it's a lot of hype for Kangana and for Ragini it's meant a lot of Sunny Leone coverage and "the moral police" out in force. Sunny herself says:

“I want them to know I am working hard to make a career, just like everyone else in every profession. And Ragini is the answer to all those who thought I could do only one thing.”

I'm actually sympathetic to both sides. As a woman in the West, in a good profession, able to have a life without a man, I cheer on Sunny's attitude of treating pornography as a job like any other. However, I can also see the other side and am sympathetic to those who wish that the images of women in popular culture weren't overwhelming sexual… I don't have men eve teasing me on the way to the bus, so I can afford to appreciate Sunny's journey, you know?


Rumors of Hrithik and Deepika in Nitya Mehra's time traveling romance… is it 2007 in here or what? Since Nitya comes from the Hollywood-Farhan Akhtar school, I don't have much hope for this.

But I'll watch if it's Hrithik.


Is Mani Ratnam making a spy thriller? Wild speculation on his next film.


Sonam is not doing SRK's Fan.


Anurag Kashyap's Ugly is going to New York for the New York Indian Film Festival. Sounds like a party! Where's my invite, AK?


The first look of Tiger in Heropanti… trailer to come on Friday. Oh, please let this kid be worth talking about, good or bad.


A lament for the single screen theater




Vinod Khanna AND Suniel Shetty?! Why aren't I watching this right now? This feels like another film along the lines of Red Alert, important story, slow moving, kind of clunkyily directed, but powerfully acted. I'm in.


Chintu's son teases a new Pepsi ad campaign… is HE going to pretend to be an intern? Is looking for an intern? Do I think Pepsi is disgusting and am just waiting to see if the ad is entertaining? Did I really just want to type "Chintu's son" because it amuses me?!

And where's Ranveer's condom ad?! WHERE?

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Yunus Perveez said...

Usually i'm not a stickler for these things but why is Tiger wearing such terrible shoes for his teaser?
I am kinda looking forward to Heropanti, it seems to have a bit of a 80's vibe in a good way. I do wonder if Sajid is going to pull a Vipul Shah on Tiger, as Commando although a solo release for Vidyut didn't requirement much commitment in terms of finance.

How long are commercials in Japan? This seemed to go on forever...not that it was bad or anything...

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