Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday: The Perfect Fit

Okay, so I began the day with a delightful publicity e-mail from Jackky Bhagnani's PR team, forwarded to me from a source who shall remain unnamed for their own protection. Apparently the "self-made" Jackky is the hottest shit in town and leading artists (though nobody specific) have been praising him on twitter.

I needed a good laugh!

My collection of star sons is growing by the day; these guys are just too entertaining. Between Chintu's son and the Bombay Velvet drama and Adhyayan Suman's movie that his daddy directed and in which he played the role of his own dead brother… I'll come back to Heartless in a minute but speaking of star sons, my verdict is still out on Tiger Shroff. I kind of like the kid, even if his dialogue delivery in the trailer was horrible, as were his facial expressions.

Here's an interview with Tiger:

What is keeping you so busy?

I don’t take even a day off. Even when I am not shooting, I go for my martial arts training to SAI (Sports Authority of India) in Kandivli. Also, I attend Paresh Shirodkar sir’s dance classes in Badlapur.

There's a hard working kid! Keep it up and you'll keep FG on your side! Maybe I'm just partial to dancers/martial artists-cum-actors, since I like a very physical style of acting.

But back to Heartless, I have a growing list of notorious flops I really want to see and that is one of them. As is Shortcut Romeo. I should try to find some of these online and reboot my Flops Series. I never did write up Lafangey Parindey, did I? I quite enjoyed it, actually.

Anyways, I'm assuming both Heropanti and The Xpose are going to be on my list, too, since both look pretty epic. Especially The Xpose.

I MEAN COME ON, RIGHT?! This looks like a hugely entertaining mess.


Koimoi brings the goods this morning with a whole post of old commercials!! Young Saifu shilling for Limca!


Apple featured choreographer Feroz Khan taking about his iPad and showing how he used it… to create a clip of some dancers dancing to what appears to have become the international song representing Bollywood: "Dhoom Taana."


Vidya Balan looking lovely in a promotional shoot for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.


I can't quite believe Paani is coming! And I do like Sushant Singh Rajput. He's quite intense. A good substitute for Hrithik.


Sonakshi is heading South for real this time!! (At least I hope!) The lovely lass has signed on with Rajinikanth! I love the picture they illustrated this article with. I wonder if Rajini can handle our Sona...


Shahid and Alia Bhatt rumored for a film together?! Sign me up!


Vikash said, “Shaandar will be a fun film about an exotic wedding. In fact Shaandar is a fun, destination wedding film. An Indian family lands up in Europe for an exotic wedding. I bounced off the idea to Shahid who readily came on board.” The film will go on floor in August, 2014.

Wacky destination wedding movie? Sounds more like Imran Khan's wheelhouse. But if it's Shahid, I'll watch it!


Some de-glam photos of Sonam in Dolly Ki Doli.


The new Miss India is "open" to Bollywood offers. Has anybody bothered to check her acting skills? No, of course not, why would they. Sigh.

I'm actually not anti-beauty queen. I love a good beauty pageant as much as the next person--probably more, I love a good pageant--but I really dislike the pipeline funneling beauty queens into the film world. Just stop it, already! Beauty queens do best at jobs such as television announcer or as a spokesperson for various charities/businesses. Hire Koyal Rana to be the new Fanta girl all you want but unless she can act, she has no business in films. *gets off soapbox*


Composer Tapas Relia talks about working in Bollywood today:

No software can turn a non singer into a singer so good that you don't realise it.

And contrary to what the layman thinks, these correction softwares are not 'click a button and fix' solutions.

"Minor corrections can take hours and be exhaustive. And no composer in his right state of mind will go through the ordeal just to get a non-singer to sing.

This is very true… it doesn't stop some people from doing it, though. There will always be an unpaid intern to do this type of work at any studio. *speaking from personal experience*


On a serious note, it seems Salman Khan has taken up gardening. At least according to the TOI.

I suppose it's as good a way as any to distract from the trial currently on hold. This topic is so difficult to write about; I don't know all the facts; I wasn't there. And there are a lot of strong feelings on both sides that I don't particularly feel the need to insert myself in the middle of. If you've been wondering why I haven't written on this, that's why. I've been flamed enough to want to save everyone's ire for topics I can have informed opinions on… like Piggy Chop's acting.


Lastly, I've really been enjoying this youtube channel of short films. Here's one to make your heart melt on this Tuesday morning.

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odadune said...

My beef with the current crop of beauty queens is that they even fall down on their USP-this chick and Pooja Singh are not even that pretty compared to Aish, Sushmita, Deepika, Priyanka. There are situations where you need an iconically beautiful person of either gender with a solid work ethic more than you do a master thespian, but these girls are not it.

I'm with you on Tiger-not a great actor right now (very few are, at that experience level) but an interesting screen personality and he seems to have his head on right. This is going to sound weird but he gives me almost a Ray Bolger (the 1930s-1950s hoofer/comedian) vibe?

Love that stripey sari in Vidya's shoot. :)

Good luck to Sona-reportedly she's getting a humongous paycheck for the Rajni film, so I hope it works out for her. And sounds like Action Jackson is really thoroughly delayed, if she has time for this project after Tevar.

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