Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday: APRIL FOOL me once, shame on you...

Ah… April 1st.

Also, known as the day you can't trust a single to appear in the Bollywood news media.

I mean, remember that time Karan Johar was in love with a lady?

So, we need to take anything that seems slightly unbelievable with a grain of salt today. I tried to avoid any obvious bait but lord knows I'm not perfect. And it's really early here so please forgive me if I fall for anything.

I mean, a Partner sequel could be plausible… although now that I'm typing this, really, what's the difference between April 1st and every other day in Bollywood Media! Ha! *Zing*


OKAY! First look of Ek Villain looks promising, although it's confusing to see Sidharth Malhotra referred to as just "Sidharth." There's only one Sidharth with only one name.


Rajat Kapoor highlights the unfairness of having three crap corporate studio films take up 3500 screens when his small film--that people want to see--is relegated to a handful of morning shows.


Serious Actor™ Irrfan to romance some babes. Oh, yeah. Although I admit I first skimmed the headline as IMRAN to romance two babes but, nope, Immi is still out of commission. Really, I think Imran and Abhishek could collaborate on some sort of uplifting travel/reality show together where they go and meet people in villages and dig wells and Highlight Important Issues… but in a fun way. I don't want to see either act but they're both quite charming and I would totally watch that show.


Sonam Kapoor opens her mouth, words come out.

Sonakshi Sinha is the boss. Oh, if only I hadn't had to block her brother on twitter… we could be BFF, Sona! You're so cooooo~ooool!


Look, Bollywood, I hate to break it to you but Nargis is not the second coming of Katrina Kaif. She is a flighty, immature ditz with no talent for being filmi or for "acting." She may wear bikinis and do… other things but let her run off to Hollywood and for Helen's sake do NOT invite her back.

She's angered Akshay and Ekta; Chintu's son threw her under the bus after Rockstar; the Khans have no need of her… so let her go to LA and stay there with Uday, na?


Speaking of Chintu's son, it looks like the tabloids share my desire for drama over the Christmas 2014 release date but you're going to have to work harder for that story, people! Get some former PFC'er over at koimoi to write a piece about how Anurag is being persecuted or something and/or spilling the beans on why Chintu's son needed reshoots.




Song from Cuckoo.

I'm really looking forward to this!


Teaser for Kya Killi Kya Lahore, which stars Vijay Raaz… one of those always underrated "hey, it's that guy" actors.

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Raye S. said...

Oh man! I was in San Jose for a week and had a chance to see Cuckoo or Queen...and went to Queen. Now I wish I had seen the other...or both. *Sigh*

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