Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday: Nargis needs to just GTFO of Bollywood.


Seriously! As much as I rag on star sons, at least they want to be here. How can a 30-something lady sound so much like a spoiled brat?! It's like every word out of Nargis's mouth makes me want to stab myself in the brain because she's so delusional and entitled.

So, you don't like doing these interviews?

Yeah, because I keep repeating myself and it's so boring I feel like I'm getting brain damaged.

They keep asking you about your work, role etc, etc


Oh, heaven forbid interviewers ask her about her work and her role in the film she's supposed to be promoting. You know, that thing called "doing her job."

I hope Main Tera Hero is the LAST we ever hear from this one. The next Nargis story had better be that she's married Uday Chopra and settling in Los Angeles.

Forget it, I loved Highway but I just can't forgive Imtiaz Ali for foisting Nargis on us. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS, IMTIAZ!!!


Anyways. Varun Dhawan loves the Rock. Ranveer Singh. Ah… I feel calmer already. Ranveer is now being rumored for Bajirao Mastani instead of Shuddhi. Huh.


*GASP* is this a real story in the middle of silly season? Is Vinod Khanna's Koyelaanchal, which I posted the trailer for yesterday, being deliberately silenced?

A source says, “The first look was launched on Monday and there were big plans of going viral. However, producer-director Asshu Trikha along with his lead actors Vinod Khanna and Suniel Shetty, was in for a rude shock when a couple of major national newspapers refused to give any space for the film’s publicity.” The newspapers reasoned that a direct attack on the government is not a good idea, especially with the fast spreading election fever.


And another one? John Abraham pulls a runaround on Abbas-Mustan. But if it means NO NARGIS, I'm fine with it. John, DO NOT CAST NARGIS. NO. DO NOT. (SERIOUSLY. I WILL FLY OUT THERE.)


So it is Mahesh Babu, Shruthi, and Aishwarya for Mani Ratnam's next?


Bebo only does items for friends.


Silly season Rani Mukerji weight gain post.


Sonakshi and Kajol are working hard to bury rumors that they don't get along. (Subtext: You better appreciate what your wife does, Ajay.)


A round up of Sonam's dumbest statements on Koffee with Karan.

”Being considered an icon in your 20s is amazing. Most people become icons when they turn 40 or when they’re dead.” – Sonam on being a fashion icon.


I'll direct anything, says the Bandar-car. ANYTHING, please give me work.


Rowdy may be coming to your theater. I'm assuming with subtitles, which is unusual for Telugu films.


Ol' Piggy Chops has a release date for the Mary Kom "biopic," which stars her as a lady who looks nothing like Mary Kom.


(And--among other things--I really hate the phrasing in this review of The Lunchbox of how the director "dodges" Bollywood convention, as if it was an oncoming truck or something he avoided by accident. No, he didn't "dodge" anything but consciously made a film in the "world cinema" style. There's a difference. Give him some agency.

But basically this review is everything I was dreading from America Lunchbox viewers.)


Trailer for Himesh "Got Himself A New Wig" Reshemmiya's XPose, which the netizens are saying borrows from Leo's Great Gatsby. I never saw it so I don't really care if they did or didn't. I could be feeling this. Maybe. If there was nothing else playing. The heroine looks interesting, though.


I had this stuck in my head this morning. So, you're welcome!


odadune said...

Sorry about Nargis starting your day off on a bad foot. :(

Himesh and Honey Singh LARPing as 60s Bollywood types is...well, I can't take it seriously, but it looks like more fun than some things.

Kim T. said...

I think Nargis knows that she doesn't have a future in either Bollywood or Hollywood and is just done trying to play the game. I actually think her comments are refreshing (if totally obnoxious). Still won't be sad to see her go and will be watching Main Tera Hero only for Varun. She ruined Rockstar for me.

I think, after rewatching Student of the Year last night, I'm more inclined to agree with Nargis's take on *mainstream* roles for women in Bollywood, "fake eyelashies" and all. Alia Bhatt's role in SOTY was just awful (Sonam Kapoor as Aisha in that awful Clueless ripoff had more depth). Every time I watch SOTY now, I wish Karan Johar had the guts to make it a love story between the two male leads instead. At least his short in Bombay Talkies may mean he'll make that gay love story someday.

And I think I may be the only one who was charmed by Sonam in her appearance on KWK. She's living in a bubble, but it's a beautiful bubble with gorgeous clothes, decent movie roles, and what seems like a charming family life. Yeah, she says stupid things, but I think she's more intelligent than people are giving her credit for being. She's only repeating what others are saying about her fashion icon status. And she looked absolutely perfect, pulling off scrap metal earrings and a race car flag dress.

DPSF said...

I actually started liking Nargis a bit more after seeing her on KWK. She seems to have absolutely no limits to what she says and has a rather lame sense of humour, but she was kind of refreshing and endearing. She didn't seem to take herself to seriously either.

After that I also understood better why Imtiaz Ali chose her and thought she corresponded the character. She could be that kind of girl, looking very glamorous but who can break many hearts and suddenly decide to go see "Junglee Jawaani" and drink liquors...

Too bad he forgot that she had no experience as an actress and did not even understand her dialogues...

Filmi Girl said...

@Odadune OMG!! They are larping!! LOL! That makes me like it more for some reason…

@Kim For me the obnoxious outweighs any "refreshing." To me she reads more like she's making a mockery of the people who have worked really hard to get to any level of success… :( But potato/potatoh, I suppose.

I do like Sonam, I do! I find her self-absorbed bubble very fun to visit.

But I don't agree on ladies' roles. Maybe I should re-watch SOTY but I thought Alia had some nice depth. Heroine roles are written pretty flimsily but a good heroine--like Asin, like Katrina, like Alia (IMHO)--can bring a lot to the role than the hair extensions and fake eyelashes.

@DPSF The Nargis type doesn't appeal to me in real life either… women who act like dippy 16 year olds when they are well into their 30s are not my cup of tea.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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