Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Apparently when one stays up past midnight researching kabuki and buying the first two Crows movies on eBay in preparation for Crows Explode, one has trouble getting up the next morning in time to write one's usual blog post. I mean, or so I've heard.

I did a quick check and the most important story seems to be Lata Mangeshkar NOT dead, says Lata Mangeshkar.


And Kangana gives a cute interview where she says she wants to go to Las Vegas and talks about sitting next to strangers on the train in New York.


And a round up of the first part of the year in films. How could I forget Heartless so quickly?! I wonder if that really is the end for Adhyayan Suman's career. I still want to watch it, though. That and Shortcut Romeo are on my Flops Feature Wish List.


Lastly, an article on what success would mean for IIFA in Tampa:

There is little question the U.S. could grow into a hub of Bollywood fandom, said Lauren Wissot, contributing editor at “Filmmaker Magazine,” which covers the independent film scene around the world. Whether the Bollywood Oscars make that happen, though, is another question, Wissot said.

For one thing, Americans would have to watch, and she doesn’t think they will.

“Think about the reasons we watch the Academy Awards — because we’ve seen the films and want to root for certain players,” she said. “Most Bollywood stars are not household names, so we’ve nothing invested in their losses or wins.”


How about a blast from the past to make up for my slackerness!


Anonymous said...

hey, FWIW, that Seven Souls in Skull Castle review was totally worth all the trouble it put you through. :)

Hope you had a good hump-day!

Anonymous said...

and thanks for the filmfare clip :)

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