Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday: Hump day is upon us...

Welcome back, me!

I had a great time visiting my sister. We ate so much good food and watched the Veronica Mars movie, which was excellent, if you like Veronica Mars… which I very much do.

This sugar house had a TREE in the restaurant!! It's called Red Bucket Sugar House for obvious reasons! LOL!

And fun graffiti in Northampton, MA!

I'm still catching up with everything so I'll need a few days to get back into the swing of things… but here we go!


So, the big news is… Vidya Balan is pregnant and dropping out of Sujoy Ghosh's next. And Kangana is replacing her? Huh?

I go away for the weekend and all hell breaks loose!


I did some poking around and there is no one good place for a Lakme Fashion Week overview but you've got your High Heel Confidential for heavy duty fashion talk and the LFW Facebook page if you are like me and just want to look at pretty pictures of Sonakshi Sinha.

I posted a few to my FB page, if you just want a few highlights.


Behind-the-scenes photos from a handful of films.


Sooraj Barjatiya talks Rashji Films.

Sooraj Barjatya’s feels that the new generation at his production house is free to make whatever they want. His cousin Kavita is ready with her first production Samrat & Co., a detective thriller. “May be I feel restricted because of my mindset, my upbringing. But the next generation at Rajshri Productions should not be restricted,” the 50-year-old said at the first look launch of the film.

“When she (Kavita) told me about this film, I said, ‘Please make it. It is something I would have liked to make, (but) you make it’,” he added.

I like that. "Make something I would have liked to make but you make it." Uniting two generations: don't alienate the older ones but let the young people make things their own way.


I don't know what happened to make Salman leave the sets of a song shoot with the song half finished but every article is blaming Akki for "stealing Salman's thunder." That seems like a facile explanation. Who knows what happened… maybe Salman just felt that he was done for the day and left. He runs on Bhai Time. Who's to say…


Neil Nitin Mukesh accepts the inevitable and turns villain.


Anees Bazmee thinks he's some sort of hero for hiring Shiney, despite making his leading lady miserable and…

Apparently, Anees has been receiving threats from elements both within and outside the film industry after the announcement of Shiney Ahuja’s presence in ‘Welcome Back’.

Oh ho!!! I wonder who all is taking a stand against Shiney. Sharmila Tagore, because Shiney caused problems for Soha? Anurag Basu, because Shiney was acting pricey over Barfi? KAMAL HASSAN?!

Whatever. I wasn't going to watch this anyways. I just feel sorry for Shruti.


Yay! Roshan and Roshan teaming up again!


Just because a filmmaker has his artistic vision validated by the Bollywood establishment and is felicitated by the West, doesn't mean he's going to let go of his persecution complex.


Interview with Rajkumar Rao that I'm linking to because this cracked me up:

I’ve been turned down at auditions for the most ridiculous reasons like “you are not fair enough” or “your eyebrows are not right for the role”!

"Oh, no, it has nothing to do with the producer's cousin needing cash, it's just your eyebrows aren't right for the role."


Two thinly pieces I haven't had time to fully read:

On Satyamev Jayate

On Bollywood and Holi.

Let me know if either is any good!


A couple of cultural articles I stumbled across:

Problems with the Smithsonian's "Beyond Bollywood" exhibit? I mean more than just the ridiculous name.

The largest display associated with Sikhs reinforces the stereotype of Sikhs being taxicab drivers. In a mock-up of the back of a taxicab, the rear window is a monitor that displays a video about a taxicab driver from San Francisco.

The label reads: “Many cab drivers are Sikhs who left India following the 1984 Indian army attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the assassination of Indira Gandhi, and the ensuing anti-Sikh riots.”

The problems of third culture kids. (TOI link)

It's why my accent teeters, so that when I am in one country I speak naturally with a different set of phonetics than I do when I am in the other, and even then, I sound foreign in both countries, because the slightest slip of a tongue renders me strange.

The author is writing from a diaspora perspective but it applies to any of us who grew up outside "our own" culture.


Mahesh Babu is in your computer, making Thums Up look delicious.


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So far as I can tell, the only good thing to come out of Welcome Back so far is this picture Shruti posted on instagram of her and Dimple:

Thank you for the Thums Up commercial. :)

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