Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday: Tabu! It's a slow news day...

Congratulations to Kangana Ranaut and Queen!! I can't wait to see it!! (Eventually! Have some legal online streaming options soon, please!!)


It seems I'm not the only one frustrated with Anurag Kashayp and Ranbir Kapoor, somebody tipped off the Bollywood press to an epic peace out Facebook post from the Bombay Velvet Fan Club page that expressed that frustration without going into detail.

When your fan club quits the film before filming is even over…

(Also, Yo Yo Honey Singh--who appears to refer to himself in the third person--is rubbishing rumors of him working with Ranbir.)


Whoa, whoa, whoa… Zoya Akhtar asked Tabu to play PC's mom?! WHAT?!

Tabu is rumored instead on a film opposite Shahid Kapoor. Now THERE is a movie I want to see.


Nargis wants to be an inspiration for people. She really does live in a delusional little bubble.


Who cares if Ayushmann can sing? I don't know why he keeps harping on this point. I'd rather listen to a real professional playback singer, thank you. Kishore Kumar, you ain't.


I should laugh but… I did.


IBN has a photo gallery of shots from Ramsay Brothers films.


Oh ho ho! Bollywood's favorite on-screen lesbian Sandhya Mridul (Hum Tum aur Ghost, Never Forget) has an intimate moment with Sunny Leone in Ragini MMS 2.


Anonymous said...

In other Nargis news, the woman who was claiming that the Shaukeen remake would start in April with her in it has now ditched the film for a Hollywood project.

The Almighty is kind to us (or is protecting Akki from the effects of the latter's own foolishness, pick one.)

Anonymous said...

(Man that was an awfully roundabout way of saying that Nargis had ditched that particular project Need more caffeine).

I know Tabu's supposedly doing the Gertrude analogue in Haider, but really, PC/Farhan's mom in Zoya's film...? I know Sridevi and Madhuri turned Zoya's project down, but what about the Akhtar siblings' favorite woman of experience Dimple? What about Sharmila, Poonam, Sarika?

Maya said...

There is a rumour that Shahid has signed a film with Raj & DK. Read and thought of you :)

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