Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday: Time Bomb.

I'm back from New York!! Tired, as always, and with plenty to say about my trip but it will have to wait until tomorrow because I ran out of time this morning.

Today, my sympathies are with Juhi Chawla today. Her brother Bobby has passed away and the media are all over it like a swarm of flies. Be careful if you google the story because a lot of articles are featuring some really insensitive photos from the funeral. The NDTV piece I linked to seems okay.


Despite my personal feelings on Gulaab Gang, it is awesome to see two woman-lead films dominating the box office--one in single screens and one in multiplexes! MADHURI IS THE NEW KHAN!

(Even Sampat Pal agrees as far as that goes.)


Kangana!!! She talks about Queen:

I have had many moments of despair; I still do. This whole attitude of people that if a girl comes from the middle-class and is trying to make it here, she must be a gold digger. These ideas about bloodline and the belief that only certain people truly belong in the film industry is irksome. My question to them is - if a woman is ready to work hard, what's wrong about her wanting to make money? Why are women judged, if they want to buy certain brands or diamonds? I don't think a girl who earns money and is ambitious should be judged.

You tell them, Kangs!

Apparently Aamir made a rare tweet in support of Queen! I would love to see him and Kangana work together sometime… that would be one intense film. Although, it would have to be a two-hero film, with Kangana as the second hero. She was never "heroine" material.

Ooo! Another good interview:

I never got stardom overnight. I was offered mostly negative roles after Gangster. I refused to do a film such as The Dirty Picture and instead chose to work with a debutant director in Tanu Weds Mannu. That was when I realised that I don't want to a mere eye candy in films. Then I signed films like Queen, Revolver Rani. Apart from acting, I am interested in script writing as well. I aslo want to direct films at a point in my life.


Speaking of Aamir, he's been sucked into trying to halt a malicious campaign against him on social media. Yeah, good luck with that. Regulating Internet Assholes is a fool's errand (she said.)


Salman trolls everybody and we love it.


I know Priyanka has some fans out there but, come on, even if you like her acting, you have to admit that she will sign on to some shit films. The ONLY acceptable reasons for signing a film with Madhur Bandar-car in 2014 are a) desperate need of cash or b) desperate need of attention. So, I'd get it if like Preity Zinta or Ameesha Patel signed on but for PC? We're looking at either a cynical cash grab or a severe lack of judgement, bordering on brain damage.

Just look at PC's choices while she's been swanning around in a bikini with Pitbull talking about how famous she is to the Western press:

Barfi, which, okay. Point one for PC.

She had her role cut down in Agneepath and played second fiddle to Kangana in Krrish 3. Although both of those were good films, so I'll count those as a wash. And then third lead behind Ranveer and Arjun in Gunday. Zero points. Anybody could have done those roles and many others could have done them better.


Zanjeer? A flop that flopped so hard it was instantly elevated to Love Story 2050 legendary flop status. Minus one million.

Teri Meri Kahaani. Another mega-flop from washed up director Kunal Kohli. Who, again, why would anybody sign ANYTHING with him except for a) a desperate need of cash or b) Minissha Lamba levels of needing a career boost.

And it goes on… for every "acclaimed" performance, she delivers like ten cynical Pyaar Impossible's and five phoned-in heroine roles.

I kind of hope she IS doing Madhur's film and I hope it's a bigger bomb than Heroine and I hope Priyanka is forced to answer for WHY she signed it because there is no way anybody can genuinely think: "I thought it would be good."

She should stick to her so-called music career which appears to be more focused on racking up youtube views than in producing quality songs.

"Well, let's see how it goes, though I am happy to see the kind of views that my videos have fetched. I am told that they are much bigger than what trailers of some of the biggest Hindi films get," says Priyanka.

And an English learning video of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" has like a hundred times as many views. Maybe PC should try that next if plays are what's she's after. It just pisses me off because she clearly has NO respect for mass films as a genre. You can't just halfass your way through whatever crap somebody shoves in front of your face for a paycheck and then go around acting like you're the shit. Well, I mean, you CAN but it's annoying.


Okay, I write all that and then Amitabh is doing an Abbas-Mustan film. Well… have fun, Big B. Have fun!


Another corporate-"Hindie" tie-up with MTV/Unilever forming a film company. Be prepared to have another film studio with nobody speaking truth to power! All these corporates are more than willing to fund self-righteous navel-gazing films about how terrible mummy and daddy are for not paying for their precious son to faff about as a "writer", or films about how awful all politicians are, or nostalgic films about how "cool" 1980s gangsters were, but they all remain suspiciously quiet on the real dangers of the global marketplace. I can't think of anything that hit harder than Vishesh Films's Raaz 2 at the very real problem of poisoned food and water supplies.

Just like Hollywood.

The invisible hand of the market-censor is far more insidious than any official Censor Board can be.

In a first of its kind collaboration, MTV India and Hindustan Unilever are coming together to launch 'MTV Films'. A unique initiative, MTV Films will present six original films by six young, cutting-edge, cult directors of new age Bollywood: Anurag Basu, Anurag Kashyap, Rohan Sippy, Nikhil Advani, Abhinay Deo and Shoojit Sircar, each a stalwart in his own right.

Also, at what point do these guys stop getting called a) "young" and b) "cutting-edge"? Seems more like some middle-aged and Hindie-Core directors up in that list.


Ooo!!! Bala and Pizza actor Vijay Sethupathi are teaming up! I like!


I do appreciate a good curmudgeonly rant from Naseer.


Like I'm not going to immediately click on a link titled "Time Bomb Song Teaser."

And the trailer for the film:


Alia Bhatt being adorable and Forgettable Generic Dude in a Two States song teaser.


A teaser for the two hour long video game cut-scene that will be Kochadaiiyaan. I hope this trend doesn't take off because who wants to spend an entire film pressing "A" on their controller hoping to move things along and get back to fighting demons.


Some K-POP for your morning.

I keep waiting for Bollywood to stop chasing the elusive approval of white people and turn their eyes to markets East, where people actually LOVED films like 3 Idiots and are waiting for more. Dear UTV/YRF/ETC: HOOK UP WITH THESE GUYS AND MAKE AN EPIC FILM SET IN SEOUL!


DPSF said...

This Gulaab Gang controversy is staring to sound strange to me. Really, Sampat Pal saw the movie and said she thought she was watching herself when she saw Madhuri's amazing acting?
It sound like very good publicity for the movie she was just trying to block. Also, she did say before that Madhuri should have asked her first, and that she was depicted in a negative light in the trailer, and now she likes it and she has no problem with Mads?
Could it be a very clever publicity stunt for the movie or the documentary? or is it just clever bargaining of sorts between Sampat Pal and the movie's producers?

I'm just surprised by the "this movie shouldn't release and is defamatory but IT'S SO GOOD you should definitely see it"

(well if Sampat Pal genuinely liked it I definitely want to see it now)

DPSF said...

Actually from another, apparently more complete source, Sampat's arguments seem more coherent.

She was reinforced in her impression that the story is based on her life. at least she seems ok with her character's portrayal. I hope she will get compensation; if it's so close to her lifestory she definitely should be acknowledged.

Moimeme said...

I'm not going to pretend that Indian media aren't insensitive many, many times, but I just wanted to make a point about them showing photos of the body at a funeral -- for some reason, Indians really think it's important for people to get a "final look" at the departed person, to allow people to pay their final respects, and this is the reason why funeral photos always show the body.

I would classify as "insensitive" all those photos of the dead bodies of Uday Kiran,, Jiah Khan, and Sunanda Pushkar (not an actress) that were published due to there being suspicions about their deaths. Heck, at least these people were to some extent public figures, and so you can say it's news to cover their deaths. But victims of random street accidents or violence also have closeups of their dead bodies published and shown on TV, which I think is much more insensitive.

On the other hand, I find the squeamishness of the American media, especially TV, to be equally absurd and insensitive. When the Indian Ocean tsunami happened, I remember on CNN they kept warning that they were about to show "graphic" images of the destruction, and all they showed was the wreckage of destroyed homes, while the real horror that people there had to deal with was the thousands of dead bodies that washed up on shore. I think in Indonesia alone it was supposed to be something like 100,000 bodies on the beaches. You would never have known that from the coverage on American TV.

So what I'm saying is, as in everything, different countries have different norms.

Thelondongirl said...

Being Caribbean in origin I totally agree, the whole being squeamish about seeing a dead body you get over it pretty quickly, I saw my grandmother in an open casket and it was harrowing but for many in African or those from the
African diaspora its an important rite of grieving, even taking pictures with the body; I personally found it harrowing but having now been to a few its very normal. As for Sampat, I just read that her real objection to Gulaab Gang is that she is portrayed as being a murderer and that she has fought for womens rights but only using legal means.
Thanks for the Hallyu moment, I'm treading into the k pop thing,so far I've only got to 2ne1 and Shinee.

Filmi Girl said...

@DPSF Your interpretation is the one I was going with--she's not unhappy with the actors, just with the handling of things by the production side. (i.e. using her story without compensation.)

@Moimeme Your culture notes are appreciated, as always! I should have been more clear, though; I was referring to the press capturing and publishing poor Juhi sobbing and basically just beside herself with grief. It felt like a real invasion of privacy. (At least to me.)

@TheLondonGirl I'm so glad you liked the video! KPop is a ton of fun. I've said this a billion times but we need to get some Hallyu stars working with Prabhudeva and see what happens… :D

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