Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday: Nobody told me about W. I WANT TO SEE W!

I'd take Irrfan's pronouncements on the State of Bollywood Being Crappy a whole lot more seriously if he wasn't going around proudly taking tiny roles in like Jurassic Park 4. Let's just ship him and Tom Cruise's Best Friend and Miss Exotic India all over to Los Angeles for good. No, please. Have all the tiny roles in Hollywood blockbusters that you want.

(I really hate seeing talented foreign actors like Asano Tadanobu treated like nothing in those Hollywood films. I suppose Asano just needs the cash but still…)


Aamir Khan's role as guest editor of the Dainik Bhaskar! I know some people think Aamir is full of himself but… I really respect and admire Aamir Khan. I get this from his films, too. That he really just has a very strong sense of the world around him.

The soft-spoken Aamir replied, "I am very happy with the way I am. I like to entertain people. I bring joy to the faces of fans and that's enough for me. I do not want anything else. It is not necessary to serve the country by coming into politics."

Here's a recap of the first episode of the second series of Satyamev Jayate:

And, yet, for all its faults, I have to salute episode 1, season 2, Satyamev Jayate. Given that it is made for mass consumption, that it avoids a lot of inconvenient contours and that it really uncovers no new ground, just talking about a rape survivor’s ordeal is a huge step forward for consciousness-raising. In a country where we can reel off rape statistics faster than we can literacy rates, this is not a small achievement. What Khan really did for those two hours was to put us in the shoes of rape survivors. What happens to these women and girls after the screaming headlines (and not every rape even becomes a headline)?


Bhagyashree's in-laws were poisoned and robbed!!! What?! This is so odd… and I'd just been thinking about Bhagyashree, too. With Juhi and Madhuri making their returns, can't Bhagyashree come back, too?? Please?


Ooo! Tabu and Manoj Bajpayee in a psychological thriller?


Ranveer is playing a 'rich businessman' in Zoya's Dil Dhadakne Do. I'm going to have to see this despite the PC factor, aren't I? Do I trust Zoya to be able to make me tolerate Priyanka? We'll see…


Prabhu Deva's script for R…Rajkumar is headed to the Oscar Library. Not that anybody cares (me included) but I don't think I had fully taken in that Prabhu Deva had written R…Rajkumar. Interesting.


This article made me angry, and then face-palm, and then sort of nod in agreement: Why Bollywood Fails The Bikini.


Anurag Kashyap is a real piece of work. It's pretty ironic for him to be saying he doesn't want to listen to people "talking out their asses" when his head is so far up his own that he had to issue that rejoinder out of his own bellybutton.

I mean, yes, Anurag, smoking scenes in one film are not the cause of all of society's problems but what harm can it do to include a warning saying smoking is harmful? Speaking as a former smoker, I do get the craving to smoke again when I see it all sexy on film. The little warnings a nice reminder that, hey, maybe it's not a great idea.

At least nobody has (as far as I've seen) compared the mandatory warnings to "raping" the film although there is still time…


Salman + Akshay = an item I want to see.

Related: Tiger Shroff isn't bad looking here. I wonder if he's any good…


Uh… this looks like a lot of fun! W the movie, huh? I'm going to have to remember this one.

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