Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday: He's clearly the most appropriate condom spokesman...

Good morning, friends! Are you ready for another week? No? Don't worry. I'm not either. Well, it's my own fault for taking a few weekends off from my normal life… there's just so much to catch up on!

But sometimes it's worth it. Let me tell you that I had the pleasure and honor of being at the very first night of CineMatsuri, a new Japanese film festival here in Washington, DC! It's running through Thursday and you can check the schedule here. I'm attending two more nights, including seeing Sono Sion's new film 地獄でなぜ悪い, a title which is confusingly translated to Why Don't You Play In Hell?

The film I saw last night--which I may or may not write up, depending on time--was called 髑髏城の七人 or The Seven Souls in the Skull Castle and it was actually not really a "film" per se but the filmed version of a stage play.

And it was FANTASTIC! One of my many expensive habits that I can't indulge in nearly as much as I'd like is watching the DVDs of Japanese stage productions. I think it's incredible that the theater world is still so closely intermingled with "normal" pop culture that these DVDs even exist let alone sell well enough to have a production company raise the scale to theater releases. Seven Souls is neo-Kabuki in the same way that Dabangg was neo-Masala, a modernization of old tropes that maintains connections to the original. So, for example, there were women characters who fought with swords and had giant guns and, also, a just barely subtext homoerotic relationship between two male characters.

The Japanese have really mastered the art of the filmed stage play and while the result is certainly not as good as being there live, the copious use of close-ups--sweaty faces and all--give us something we wouldn't be able to see in the theater.


A big happy birthday to Kangana Ranaut!! You're looking gorgeous, darling! I hope 2014 is good to you!

(PS Variety reviewed Queen and gave it a mixed review but it seems like a fair take.


I will NEVER understand the reasoning of giant studios. I happen to like Abhishek Kapoor's work to date but what in Rock On and Kai Po Che made Disney think he could handle a giant epic? Also, the Copyright Warrior in me would like to start ringing alarm bells at Disney getting its hands on The Mahabharata… AND let's all take a moment to bid farewell to the "UTV" part of "Disney-UTV." The company has now been fully colonized by the Mouse.


Speaking of, Abhay Deol is in financial crisis for putting all his eggs in a project by Devika Bhagat.


If trapped on a desert island with Salman and Shahrukh, Rohit Shetty would like to make "Bad Boys." I'm getting shades of the Pineapple Express "Sequel" in This is the End. I would SO watch that.

Of course, my ideal remake would be Akshay Kumar doing Fist Foot Way. aka my billion dollar idea.


Yash Raj picks up Happy New Year distribution rights.


It's Ranveer and Deepika for Shuddi, which means Dippy is NOT doing Bajirao Mastani.


Sajid Nadiawala and Karan Johar shuffle dates around for Ungli and Heropati. I'm SO curious about Tiger Shroff. These star sons tend to fall into three categories--your duds (Harman Baweja, Adhyayan Suman), your "nice guys" (Imran Khan, Arjun Kapoor, et. al.), and your real stars (Ranbir Kapoor). A "nice guy" can string along a career for a few years if he's smart in his choices but, man, are they boring actors. I'm not getting star vibes but Tiger but I'm always ready to be pleasantly surprised. Plus, I love his daddy.


Sanjay Dutt heads back, back to jail again.


Well, that settles it. Zoya and I have remarkably similar taste.


Sonakshi is mad about being linked with Shahid. Sorry, Sona! Please forgive. You see, it seemed so plausible… and you two were so cute together!


This picture of Shahrukh's son getting kissed by two girls was posted by the Aryan Khan FC has been making the rounds.

I kind of love this kid. He's so surly and bitter about everything.


Asin to replace Nargis in Shaukeen!! (TOI link so don't bother. That's all the information.)

And another TOI link but you should click on this one talking about Prabhudeva and Akki teaming up again because it features a photo of smexy, bearded Akshay with Shruti on the sets of Gabbar. I bet Shruti is really wishing she was still palling around with Akki and not in Dubai with… other people.


Oh, Varun. Keep telling me exactly what I want to hear.


An interesting interview with documentary filmmaker Nisha Pahuja:

NRIs get the most defensive because they want to think of India, which they consider their country, in a particular way and they think this film goes against that. Other people have a very emotional reaction to the film because the women in it are so powerful and so honest. They really respond to the women in the film and the complexity of the situation in India. People in the US feel that this is also such a reflection of their own society.

Here's a trailer for the film, The World Before Her.

And a recap/review of the film.


There is only a tiny sliver of overlap between Mihir Fadnavis and me but Nagesh Kukunoor seems to have found it.

I haven't seen Lakshmi but I've been wary of this project since news stories started trickling out.

It’s less a movie and more a horrible exercise in melodrama that is so clichéd in its depiction of the ignominy of its protagonist that it resembles a Madhur Bhandarkar script flowchart. The only difference is that one can find some masala in Bhandarkar’s films, but Lakshmi has the audacity to pose as a serious movie.

OH SNAP! Calling out the Bandar-car.


RANVEER SINGH TO ENDORSE CONDOMS!!!! I cannot think of a better spokesman. Please let there be TV ads. PLEASE LET THERE BE TV ADS!


What? I'm easy to please. Really. LEGEND! Come to me!


Note to self: Don't just click "play" when you see the words "Mika Singh." Just don't.


SUPER JUNIOR!!!!! You know you want it. Seriously, producers, get THESE guys and stop fawning over every dippy white guy skyping in from Hollywood.


And finally… a wonderful little short film starring Aakash Dabhade, who so charmed me in Boss! Please enjoy!


odadune said...

The Asin/Shaukeen news item, when I read it all the way through, seemed like one of those cases where someone possibly got their signals crossed about which heroine goes with which Akki film. We'll see-almost anything that pairs those two would be good news.

Akki/Shruti: that beard cranks up the virility factor by at least 200%; I'm glad they cast a woman who's a bit tough and tomboyish herself. Shruti's been very careful not to say anything bad about Welcome Back on twitter, but she did seem to be enjoying Gabbar alot.

Akki/Prabhu: just hope it's not that rumored Arrambham remake; I have seen the original it's a good movie, it's just awfully grim for an Akki-Prabhu team up.

Yay for Akash film! will have to watch later :)

Anu Russell said...

Love Super Junior!!!!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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