Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday: Silly Season!

Silly season continues… maybe I should just try to find the stupidest story of the day? (i.e. I'm a beverage now, says Karan Johar. Kareena helps Katrina plan her wedding?! Amitabh getting sued for playing a ghost on television!)

But at least it's Friday, so we have movie reviews!!


Is that the sound of Harman Baweja's career finally ending?

As we walk out of the theatre, we are left with an image of Harmen pointing a gun at himself, almost echoing the state of our mind.

DAMN!!! Tell us how you really feel!! Wait, is he "Harmen" now? What happened to Harman? Maybe if Harma/en spent more time on learning to act and less time with numerologists, his career would be in a better place.

On the other hand, Jackky is getting okay reviews with Youngistan, even if it the film seems less "young" and more "stupid." Although I kind of suspect Subhash K. Jha has written his paid four star review entirely in sarcastic code:

The film tells us - it`s okay to have dynastic rule as long as the job gets done. It also tells us that there`s no need to get hysterical if our prime minister is in a live-in relationship. It may not be cool for a prime minister to get his girlfriend pregnant at a time when he has a responsibility towards the nation, but if it happens, there`s no need to get righteous and holier-than-thou.

The film starring the producer's son says: "Dynasties are great! Talent is totally genetic!"

This was my favorite line, though:

On the minus side, the film tends lose steam whenever Jackky`s character is not in the company of his girlfriend or personal assistant. This is a measure of how well the characters are written and played.

See, that is the Jackky problem. He's okay when he's with other actors who have talent and charm to share but on his own, he's still just really boring.

And finally, there's O Teri which this review called a watered down, slapstick version of Jai Ho. Well, then.

But Raja Sen has the best take, as always, even giving the crucial information that the film contains a song about "butts."

In case you’ve always wondered how JBDY would look if made with all the subtlety of Phir Hera Pheri/Grand Masti, then this is your lucky day. (There’s even a peculiar song about “butts.”) Which is a pity because O Teri, despite being loud enough to jolt any laash alive, targets the right scumbags and has more than a couple of fun ideas, not least a soothsaying dog who -- like Paul the Octopus, or a particularly cute magic 8-ball -- predicts the future. Now if only they’d kept the pooch around during the edit.


And this is what I'm talking about!!

"Subtitles have made a huge impact on my films' collections overseas. So many non-Telugu people have watched all my recent films and the response has been phenomenal," Vishnu told Bollywood Country.

"Moreover, the English-speaking crowd abroad is not bothered about who the actors are in a film and are usually interested to watch an Indian film as long as it has subtitles," he added.

Somewhat guilty as charged, Vishnu. I will usually go to the South Indian film at my theater--if one is playing--if it has subtitles. If I care who the actor is then I may go even without them!


India to be the "guest country" at the 2014 Zurich Film Festival.

[F]or its 10th anniversary edition, the fast-growing Zurich Film Festival will highlight a different kind of cinema from the subcontinent: screening ten new features and documentaries from the country's independent sector.

But we all know "independent sector" means "Hindie," not "non-corporate." And that's fine. Those films are made for audiences like this and not me. I just wish the press people would stop trashing mainstream Bollywood when they talk about "Hindies" because--for the Westerners, anyways--99% of the time, they have no idea about the "Bollywood" they want to move "beyond" to get to "real" Indian films.

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles is also coming up, if that's your thing!


And one speck of real news: Kangana IS replacing Vidya in Sujoy Ghosh's next!


Trailer for Hawaa Hawaai, which looks very sweet.


Making of Salman's Thums Up ad.


Mo Pitz said...

Speaking of "Talent is totally genetic!" -- did you miss this lovely article (TOI so probably):

Yeah. Rishi was a total classist dick (and I liked him before this!) but HE'S the one who gets the apology. I'm guessing the Kapoor Kamp wasn't too happy with the backlash.

"Rishi ji - Sorry we trapped you and forced you to say terrible things about an actor (and his forefathers!) who didn't coast into stardom on his name!"

Sharon A. said...

My favorite quote from an India Today:

Viki is even spurned by his girlfriend, Meera (Ayesha Khanna), who says, "You don't have a heart. You are just a gangster." Better words would have been: "You don't have a personality. You are just trying too hard to be a gangster."

Why can't this guy go the Uday route and just produce movies? Why does he insist on being a hero?

I have to give it to Bipasha, girl is riding hard for her man. From crying over his performance to tweeting everything about the movie down to the rare great (paid for) reviews. Got to hand it to the one that praises your excrement no matter how bad it stinks.

Everyone involved in this seems very delusional, they knew this was a stinker and went on with it anyway.

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