Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Non-Post: Saifu's latest misadventures will have to wait until next week.

I'll be heading off to the sugar houses in Western Massachusetts for the weekend and will be back on… Wednesday!

In the meantime, congratulations to Kangana and Queen!! Apparently, business is still doing very well! I mean, it's not 100 crore club territory but it's nice to see Kangana proving what we all knew--that she can carry a film on her slender shoulders all on her own.

(And Bewakoofiyan seems to be just as awful as the promos made out.)


A big happy birthday to my main Khan… AAMIR KHAN! Please keep entertaining us with your special brand of Aamir magic for years to come!

I find myself returning to this mantra time and time again: "All IZZ WELL!"

And PS I double checked on the Japanese academy awards and it looks like that shitty Broadway musical-movie won instead. Well, their loss. きっと、うまくいくよ!


Apratim Basu said...

Hi Filmi Girl, tons of greetings from India. Albeit this will sound unrelated to your post but I actually want to tell you that from whatever I've come across in your blog I have realized that you are an avid mainstream Bollywood enthusiast. Now I haven't exactly read enough of your blog to know whether you like offbeat Bollywood productions just as much. If you like I can suggest a few good ones but then again I'm not entirely sure whether you are game for any genre or if you look for any particular genre while taking your pick from the shelves. What type of movies captivates you mostly?



Filmi Girl said...

Hiya! Thanks for dropping by.

I think you could more accurately say I like "massy" Bollywood than "mainstream," which to me implies more of a Shahruh/YRF thing. I hate romance. As for "offbeat," if you mean things like "Udaan" or the Kashyap-type stuff or the kinds of films Abhay Deol likes to do (i.e. Manorama Six Feet Under), I find those films overrated and, frankly, very dull. But if you mean "offbeat" like "strange" like that one film "Pankh" I'd be happy to hear it.

My tastes run more to filmmakers like Bala for my "serious" viewing. And to Raj & DK for urban, Hindi non-Bollywood. Most of all, I love smart, loud, messy, massy masala films of the type they don't make very often in Mumbai anymore but are still churning out in Chennai and locations south. I liked Krrish 3 and Boss, for example.

Apratim Basu said...

Good, I for one don't give a hoot about cheesy romance. I was wondering if you could explore Rahul Bose a bit if you haven't already. I'm not sure if you'll like it but do check out Shaurya (Gallantry). You have seen Corporate right? I guess you have a fair amount of idea about K.K. Menon's finesse as an actor. Next one would be 'Wednesday'. The movie literally manifests the voice of the populace of Mumbai. Another gem I should recommend is 'Ab Tak Chhappan'(56 till now). Please see if you can check out these three first.

Also, I presume you like Amir and Farhan? In that case, do see Tare Zameen Par and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. They'll take your breath away.

P.S. I know I haven't introduced myself properly but as far as the topic of movies is concerned I am more into Japanese and Korean films. Bollywood films have had an exponential influence on our society as a whole since time immemorial which kind of precludes the scope of falling in love with the industry. At some point of time one starts to feel saturated. A few good to stellar ones turn up from time to time and I do cherish them (for example, RDB(best of the best), Kahaani, ZNMD)but that's about it. A persistent dearth in variety is rendering our films obtuse. The deciding factor at the end of the day is originality or the lack thereof.

Filmi Girl said...

I have to admit I don't much like Farhan as an actor, although I did enjoy Rock On and ZNMD very much. But you're right KK Menon is superb and I should watch more from him. I am sad to admit I haven't seen Wednesday but I have heard very good things about it. You know, I saw Rajat Kapoor's latest Aankhon Dekhi and I thought Sanjay Mishra was fantastic. It felt quite more Asian than Western to me, which I appreciated. I really don't like the thick, Western style of "realism."

Japanese and Korean films are great!! I love Japanese films, in particular!! We're having a mini-Japanese film festival in my city in a couple of weeks and I'm going to three films I'm very excited about. Do you know Sono Shion? I like his work a lot.

I agree 100% about the dearth in variety, especially in Hindi films. These corporate houses think the audiences are stupid and they make stupid films for them. I much prefer Rakesh Roshan's heartfelt morals to Disney's bland vision of realty.

That's why I've found Tamil and Kannada and Telugu films more satisfying recently. Did you see "Pizza"? And almost everything Yograj Bhat has been interesting. And Eega was the best "mass" film I've seen for a long time… and last year we had the film with Dhanush and the debut director called Maryan that was just superb. The use of the African actors was amazing...

Apratim Basu said...

Huge fan of Sono Shion right here! To me he comes next only to Takeshi Kitano (Asia's amalgamation of Al Pacino and Quentin Tarantino) and Tetsuya Nakashima. 'Himizu' and 'Cold Fish' feature among the top 10 films in my all time favorite movies list. I agree that his movies might prove to be strong meat for most people given the amount of explicitness he likes to lace his works with but that is just his mystique. Suicide Club and Noriko's Dinner Table (especially the latter) together constitute one of the best noir masterpieces of all time in my opinion. Himizu has been one of the best adaptations from mangas I have come across in recent times. Both Shota Sometani and Fumi gave breathtaking performances. Shion-sama is a genius film maker and he, in many ways, resembles Kim Ki-Duk, whom I think of as his Korean counterpart and vice versa. Movies like Be Sure to Share or The Land of Hope bolsters that idea all the more.I guess his magic potion is a conflation of subtlety and explicitness in their right ratio. BTW, have you seen 'Confessions'? It's my most favorite movie of all time. It's by Tetsuya Nakashima.

As for South Indian films I haven't had my first bite as of yet apart from Endhiran. That's probably the only one I have seen till date.

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