Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Post: Vidyut, have your people call my people.

This essay on why the Sholay 3D version flopped is sooooo depressing. For a number of reasons.

A) Sascha Sippy, the grandson of producer GP Sippy, is like a Sholay-themed patent troll who hunts down references to Sholay and demands money for them. AKA he has a Disney style "career" in the arts.

B) This line:

I am told Sholay commercially flopped for the first time in 2014. The older audiences couldn’t care less for 3D. I watched most of the film without the glasses on. The post-91 young, with enough entertainment on their plate, could hardly spare half a working day (almost three and a half hours running time) to sit in a dark hall on expensive seats to watch a film from their father’s generation.

I get the older audiences not caring for the 3D release (I'm not that old and I hate 3D) but did younger audiences not care about Sholay or did they not care about a heavily edited version of Sholay in 3D--which does require expensive seats. Would a plain re-release in non-digital single screens have done better?


Little Akshat Singh--whose Salman dance went viral--is going on the Ellen Degeneres show!

What a little cutie that kid was!


I'm thinking I need to find some good English sources for Tamil film news. Everything I read makes me intrigued!! Like that actor Vijay Sethupathi from Pizza was part of a drama troupe! And now this guy Sri Balaji from the same troupe is debuting!

The only source I really have is but they are good for things like info on Bala's new film. (BALA!) And that the villain for the new Vijay movie is Bengali actor Tota Roy! (VILLAINS!)


Interview with Abhishek Chaubey about Dedh Ishqiya.

But he soon realised that Krishna’s story was over and introduced two different women characters, Begum Para and Muniya, with a delicate hint at the end that they could be in a homosexual relationship.

“The lesbian strain came in a few months into the scripting when we hit a roadblock following our inability to reach an interesting and powerful resolution. Looking beyond market forces and a conservative audience it made sense,” he says, admitting the first few scenes were very direct.


Is it Deepika for Shoojit Sircar's new film?


I know a lot of you can't stand her but I love Katrina Kaif!! She just seems so down to Earth and sensible.


Ajay Devgn's Hollywood co-production Parched will get started soon.


Vidyut Jamwal taught self defense to college women.

The photos were mostly Vidyut on stage but I enjoyed the couple he posted to Twitter showing the faces of the women. That one in the white dress was not about to let this opportunity pass by:

Aw… how sweet!! Vidyut must have read the synopsis for the film I was pitching where he meets a teacher at a girls school and together they have to fight off a horde of rowdies sent by an evil industrialist who wants to tear down the school to put up a shopping mall.



AHHHH! HOLIDAY TRAILER! Come on, Akshay and Team, please don't let this be as Muslim-baiting as the original. I'm okay with the idea of Akshay fighting bad guy terrorist sleeper cells in Mumbai as long as the film fixed the problem of making it seem like anybody with a Muslim last name was a potential sleeper cell member…

Also, Sonakshi as a boxer. Yes.

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odadune said...

Man, I had almost forgotten what Akshay looked like cleanshaven, and w/o sunglasses. He has far more expressive eyes than Vijay, though I like Vijay too. Also nice to see the Sonakshay Jodi back in a full-fledged romance track and a really cute one at that, after the nonromances in Boss and Dobaara.

I don't really get the point of releasing a full trailer almost four months from release, but whatever. Like you, hoping they make at least some effort to include sympathetic Muslims in there somewhere.

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