Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday: What will I see this weekend… hmmm...

I found this BBC piece on how Bollywood is doing things 'just like in LA' really depressing… Is the film industry really no different from the motorcycle industry, like SRK says? Maybe if your only goal is sell product. And why does the industry need to 'evolve' a language the communicates to global audience? Especially when a non-global film like 3 Idiots does really well in places like Japan and China and Russia? Unless this 'global' is just code for 'white people in Hollywood'?

I know I'm speaking as an outsider but I really don't understand this manic drive to go Hollywood that exists almost hand-in-hand with spouting a reflexive 'proud to be Indian' line. I won't name names but you can catch more than a handful of industry types doing this. Talking big about India but then Tom Cruise shows up and all of a sudden no film or actor or director is good enough.

And then I thought Jaideep Sahni was going to talk sense but did just condescendingly refer to people with 'no mind power'? Please tell me I misheard.

I wonder if we'll see those 'no mind power' audiences increasingly turning to regional cinema, leaving Bollywood as to be the lingua franca of the diaspora, producing the context and content free equivalent of The Smurfs and those film festival type sentimental films like The Lunchbox.


If you're in Newcastle, Australia, you can check out a "Bollywood 101" film festival showing… Raajneeti, a documentary, and one of Onir's films. You know... Bollywood!

“More than 23 million people watch a Bollywood film in India,” he said.

“Most films are heavily inspired from international cinema, but in that moment of ‘inspiration’ Bollywood creates a cultural adaptation packaged with romance, melodrama, action, costumes, songs and dance extravaganzas that suit Indian audiences’ desires and their understanding of the world around them.


Some days I don't know why I bother to even open a new post.


QUICK! Time to look at baby pictures of actors before my head explodes!!


And pretty pictures of Kangana Ranaut!!


Okay. *phew* Koffee with Karan recap: Farah Khan and Abhishek Bachchan.


Ooo! This book on rock music in 60s and 70s Bombay looks really good!


And an article on the troubles faced by male classical dancers.

Ah… I'm feeling better. Thank you, boys!


First look of Inam




I've only been half-following the hot mess that is Gang of Ghosts… what is up with Sharman Joshi these days? I hope he's at least doing theater or something in his off time.


I followed this youtube channel ages ago and it doesn't disappoint. Egyptian film song!

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