Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday: Jimmy…!

CNN has a piece on that documentary Champ of the Camp.

Though the subject of labor camps can be somewhat touchy in Dubai, with many expats living comparatively gilded lives at the expense of the city's migrant workers, there seems to be a lot of curiosity about how these men -- squirreled away into tower blocks on the fringes of the city -- live their daily lives.

Curiosity but little empathy, apparently, since the labor abuses keep happening. There was a post on the New Yorker blog a couple of days ago expressing shock (SHOCK!) that abuses were happening in these labor camps. How myopic and naive are we? Even I've never been to Dubai but I knew about this. Seriously.

I really want to see this movie. I hope it gets an American release.


Tampa merchants are not buying this Bollywood dream. They were burned during the Republican National Convention in 2012.

“No one came here. We were led to believe that business would be good, but it was not,” said Eftechios Xanthoudakis, owner of the Samaria Cafe located on Tampa Street’s 500 block. “Instead, we lost money here.”

“We’ve heard this all before,” said Fred Castro, owner of Spain Restaurant & Toma Bar.


TOI has a nice little profile of the young man from Bihar who taught Vidya Balan how to swear in Ishqiya.


Kunal Kapoor is getting married to Amitabh Bachchan's niece Naina.

Anushka Sharma was caught with alleged boyfriend cricketer Virat Kohli. (And Mid-Day has a legit shocking before-after of Anu. I'm not sure if that's just her make-up but wow, she looks plastic fantastic. Lips and eyes done?)


Open Magazine takes on one of my faaaavooorites! Jimmy Shergill!!! I love Jimmy Shergill! What an actor!! He can make any soggily written character come alive.

Irrfan is seen as a method actor; Jimmy is the very opposite. He’s wary, if not entirely dismissive, of the grand words associated with acting these days—internalising, incubating, immersing, improvising, etcetera. He’s the sort who goes with the flow, for whom the director’s word is gospel. “My idea of a workshop is sitting with the director and getting a sense of what the character is going to be like.


I have to admit I enjoyed both the title and image associated with this article about how Irrfan says he's doing a comedy role next. Is it me, or is that a deliberately disheveled looking photo choice?


Nargis's one talking point is her ability to not eat anything. How much spin are they going to get out of this one juice cleanse? I've seen stories on it for like two or three days now!


Warner Bros tries to intimidate Eros and Balaji over the title 'Action Jackson' but it looks like they aren't backing down. Good on you, Ekta.

However, Gordhan Tanwani has maintained that he will not be giving up the title so easily. He also stated that the title was registered in all film producers' associations including the IMPAA (Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association), the Guild, AMPTPP (Association of Motion Pictures and Television Programme Producers) within India and the film is purely a Hindi feature movie and not an English one. He also pointed out that after registering the title, during the one month notice period that is been provided to the producers for confirmation of the title, no one raised an objection and the title was cleared with an NOC.

Don't let those Hollywood asshats boss you around! Just because some 1988 American film has the same name, who cares?!


Gulabi Gang vs. Gulaab Gang: 'controversy' or CONTROVERSY? Bollywood Life gets to the bottom of things!

Third: By the look of it, Gulaab Gang is a copy of Gulabi Gang. The promos suggest that, but the makers of the Madhuri-Juhi film deny it. Sampat Pal Devi, the leader of the real Gulabi Gang, has said that she was neither asked about the facts, nor was her permission taken for using her story by the makers of the Bollywood movie. As a result, she plans to move the court to put a stay on the release. In contrast, the Gulabi Gang filmmaker shot with the real group in real locations and therefore, will have no apprehensions of legal tangles.

I have some very mixed feelings on Gulaab Gang, first among them the idea that all this 'women-centered' film talk seems very hypocritical when it's a man who has written and directed the film… a feeling that grows stronger if he indeed took the story from the real Gulabi Gang without permission.


Vijay, my friend, you don't need either of these women and certainly not at that price.


Oh… this is interesting: poison peddlers (™the Big B) Coke and Pepsi join together to sell indie pop. Pespi MTV Indies? Is that the channel name? Apparently, yes. Here's another article.


And… apparently my subconscious wrote this about how nobody likes Hollywood films and paid TOI to run it.

Priya manager Koushik Dasgupta agreed: "Viewers above 40 are just not interested. How many Hollywood hoardings do you see, whereas even very average Hindi films have 20x10ft cutouts. We too have cut down on Hollywood screenings. The last big movie we screened was 'Dark Knight Rises', and we ran 'Life of Pi' on morning shows."


Damn, Rishi-sir, I hope you got bank for this because otherwise why waste your time? Oof. This looks like a chore to sit through.


lvrplfc4l said...

The comparison to the GOP convention is ridiculous,downtown Tampa was turned into something akin to the Green Zone with layers of security, fencing, roving patrols and most businesses in downtown were within the layers of security. The convention attendees were at 35 hotels scattered over three counties they were bussed into the Forum and not allowed to move around downtown.I'm thinking security will not be anywhere near as ridiculous as this, indeed the lasting impression I have of the convention is how much 9/11 changed our view of security at events and how frightened we become as a nation.

odadune said...

I agree that moviemakers appropriating the name and imagery of a Dalit women's movement without their permission is a bad thing (I'd be a lot more okay with this movie if it were called the PacMan Sari Gang), but I totally don't have a problem with a male filmmaker wanting to make a female-centric version of the "forty-something-yr-old star beats up goondas so much they fly through the air" masalas. You've commented before how "women's movies" tends to be shorthand for pretentious wallowing in other people's misery, and this film IMO so far looks more like a solution to that particular problem than part of the problem. Or maybe this is part of the same wishful thinking that led me to hope Boss would be good.

Moimeme said...

From the moment "Gulab Gang" was announced, Sampat Pal has been vociferously objecting that the film makers have appropriated her movement, its symbols, and its achievement without notifying anyone in the organization, let alone asking for permission. That is to say, this is not a last minute threat from her to take legal action. And, from the very moment that Sampat Pal's objections were reported, the film's makers have been just as strenuously denying that their film has anything to do with Sampat Pal's movement, it just happens to be about the same kind of women protesting and working to correct the same kind of problems, set in the same kind of place in India, and wearing the same kind of uniform. Yeah. Tell me about it. For this reason alone I had decided long ago not to see the film, even though it has Juhi in it (who is far more interesting to me than Madhuri).

More than the film being made by men, this lack of respect to the women on whom the film is based (however much they may deny it) is much more offensive to me, and women film makers have been equally disrespectful in other cases, so I don't thing this is a gender issue so much as it is a class issue.

Having said that, I doubt that the film will have any kind of realistic or meaningful portrayal of the issues or the movement, so in one sense Sampat Pal can rest easy; but on the other hand, people who watch this film may very well conclude that this is what her movement is about, which would be more or less defamation in my view, so in that sense Sampat Pal had better take all the legal avenues open to her. I also doubt it will do her any good, though.

Filmi Girl said...

Insightful as always!!

Thanks, everybody!!

@moimeme and odadune, I think you're right about the class thing. The men making 'women's films' happens to needle me personally but I think you're right the more that I think about that the appropriation of the name is more… uncomfortable.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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