Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday: FG gets carried away again...

Okay. Guys. Bollywood Life is running a contest to be able to DANCE WITH RANVEER SINGH AT IIFA! Somebody has to enter this!! Oh… how much fun would dancing with Ranveer be?!

THIS MUCH FUN! (Picture 10 in this slide show is also pretty excellent. I miss that hairy chest.)


Mid-Day has a casting couch sting.

When the reporter asked him who were the people who asked for compromises, he said, “I take care of television and shoots. So, there are times when assistant directors or creative directors ask this. If you are ready to sleep with them, they might consider you. For instance, if four girls have auditioned for one role, you will have the upper hand, if you compromise, and it helps.”


I can't speak to the politics but I did enjoy this sentence:

Politics and the constant media limelight ahead of Lok Sabha elections has drawn a host of starlets who could use the publicity.

If the media is going to reward women who strip for publicity, women are going to keep stripping for publicity… Ah, supply and demand...


Another article on the Gunday controversy. Like I said before, I'm not taking any position on the politics of 1971 since I don't know nearly enough to have one. I am interested in the controversy, though, as an industry watcher who sees Bombay trying to exoticize 'real India' for both an audience abroad and for the comfortable city-ites tired of stories in New York, London, Sydney… *yawn* There's nothing wrong with wanting to showcase a different part of India for the Bombay crowd--Sujoy Ghosh did a fantastic job (IMHO) with Kahaani--but one must tread lightly when one is a visitor. And Yash Raj Films seems to have misjudged how free they could be with the facts of somebody else's history in making a silly film. And let me stress that for all I know, YRF may be right in their interpretation, I can't say, but if you're going to anger people, make it for a good reason--not just as an 'exotic' backdrop for some bromance.

Hollywood does this all the time, by the way. I'm not just picking on YRF. i.e. people in Japan weren't too happy with Keanu Reeves's 47 Ronin, which twisted a famous Japanese narrative for Hollywood ends. It's like these industries just choose to conveniently forget from time to time that they aren't just products for a 'local' audience. A Kannada film could get away with this because (except for like me) mostly only Kannada-speaking people watch those films but Bollywood has been pushing to become--if not global--at least the defacto culture industry of South Asia/Muslim parts of South-East Asia/Middle East/Desi Diaspora. So, the final paragraph of the piece really struck me:

Bollywood is seen as one of the key elements of India’s soft power. I can remember a tall Indian tourist in Egypt being called Amitabh Bachchan wherever he went. The chef offered him free food, the sales girl came up with huge discounts. It is no different in our neighbourhood in South Asia. That is precisely why India governments must be so much more careful with what Bollywood does. The censors have got to be more sensitive as to which sequence in a film can hurt sentiments in our neighbourhood — and they surely need to insist that the film makers get their history right. 1971 was as great a moment for India as it was for Bangladesh. It provides the steel to build bridges with our eastern neighbour — something too important to be frittered away by a Bollywood fling.

I have to admit that I actually was wondering where the Censor Board was on this. The hard power of corporate money gets everywhere, I suppose, even working at cross-purposes to its own interests. Well, everywhere except the committee that selects the film to send to the Oscars. *Boom! Lunchbox slam!*


Daler Mehndi-Uncle just tells it like it is. How refreshing!

Not a regular judge on reality show, Mehndi says such shows do not promote young talent as singers in such shows come and vanish without tasting success.

"We want to bring singers from the remotest corners of the country and give them opportunity to launch their music. Not like reality shows where they come and go," he said.

I also like the part where he says he's too expensive for Bollywood and he expects to fly business class because he works hard. *BAM* Take that, cheapskate producers! You want Daler Mehndi, you best be paying him what he's worth and make sure he has leg room.


This 'fake engagement' promotion for Two States is already giving me a headache. It's not cute, PR people, just annoying. And poor Alia apparently doesn't much care for promotions and is 'too busy to date' so don't even be asking her about her love life.


Dippy and rumors of a woman-centered film.


ETA: I got so carried away on my soap box, I forgot this!!!! Thanks, Asim!!!!

The dangers of blogging. I'm not trying to offend anybody here, just expressing my opinion… that Ranveer had better watch his back! BOOM! This is how you do!

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