Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Post: Happys Endings.

Dear Hollywood,

She's all yours. Especially if that means she won't be stinking up my masala bromance films anymore.


Still Bitter About Gunday in DC


Seriously, still bitter at the cockblocking of the bromance.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better Bala than Arjun. In all our interactions before Gunday, we had put the message out there that we wanted to work together. When we'd party, for every song I'd get charged and tear up the dance floor, he would be there by my side. I knew then that, Yeh na, yeh meri galli ka hai. Our passions are the same - women, Hindi films.

AHHH! Ranveer, stop being so adorable for two seconds! Man, would I love to party with this guy. How fun would it be to hit the dance floor with Ranveer Singh, especially WITH his mouche of power.


For various reasons, I am feeling extremely anti-romance at the moment so there was no way I was going to sit through a Dharma rom-com without gnashing my teeth in anger. Sorry, Parineeti and Sid! I'm glad other people turned out for it since I like both of you quite a bit.

I also like that the film is being billed as a Parineeti-starrer.


We can only hope Naseer does tell all in this tell-all autobiography. What does he have to lose?


I'm sure this story is total bullshit but I love it.

"Bebo called one day and admitted she was missing working with Ajay and me. She wondered if I had anything for her," [Rohit Shetty] reminisces. That phone call prompted Rohit to start scripting Singham 2. "I specially authored a nice character for Bebo, something I usually don't do," he reveals, adding that the sequel is set in Mumbai and will have more drama, comedy and action.

Okay, fine Rohit!! I'll forgive you for Chennai Express if you give me Bebo in a 'specially authored' character.


Hrithik's health takes him out of Shuddhi.


The write-up for this article on SRK selling the distribution rights for Happy New Year cracked me up.

Also, I keep wanting to call it "Happys Endings."

Apparently, Shah Rukh has an astute understanding of the market, which is why he hasn’t sold the rights of the movie to any corporation yet.

The dubious tone in that sentence is too much!! I love the cattiness on a Monday morning. APPARENTLY. Apparently.


I'm not sure what the controversy is here. Anil Kapoor used a test look for a different film and Anurag Kashyaup threw a temper tantrum and now he's working with SRK for an unrelated reason? Am I reading this right? Wow, slow news day over at Emirates 24-7.

But I do like it when people I have no interest in watching all clump together in a single film! It makes it easier for me to avoid!


Vidyut Jamwal turns down a role as Salman's brother.


O ho ho!!! Another contender enters the ring… playboy Sid Mallya is really doing this film career thing. Move over, Sachin Joshi!


A not undeserved bitchfest about Bollywood awards.

Ajay Devgun - the quiet, intense and hugely underrated talent - has gone down on record stating "Awards seem to have become a business, dhanda ho gaya. The organizers sell TV rights for big money and have to justify it by bringing in as many stars as possible. The poor guys call everybody and when some stars say that they will come or perform only if they are assured of awards, these people are forced to buckle down. They create categories to fit in as many stars possible". Ajay however ranks the National Awards high but points that there too "sometimes politics makes an appearance".

I'm certainly not going to argue that Oscars are awarded to the most deserving films but there is a cultural respect and monetary reward conferred by Oscar that doesn't seem to have an equal in Mumbai.

AKA Mostly, I'm just tired of seeing the same faces over and over again at these things.


A close reading of Anushka Sharma on KWK from Shefalee Vasudev…

Her talent and potential as an actress has always got more attention than anything she has worn or how she has looked since 2008. There is little reason then why she should prioritise the latter instead of wanting to be the smartest girl on the show. Mostly, when dress, makeup or external fixes at glamourizing are in competition with brains and easy humour, the veneer—porcelain or plastic—loses. Who would have cared how Anushka’s lips looked if she had dropped the cloak of uncertainty she came wearing so close to her skin. Or if she had revealed the woman and actor she has evolved to become regardless of her lips.


I still don't understand what the point of these so-called remakes that change EVERYTHING about the original film is… why not just make a new film? Does seriously everything have to be tied to something in the past now in order to justify it's existence?


And the trailer for Jigarthanda on my Pizza review but for those who didn't read that… *BOOM* This is going to be awesome.

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odadune said...

The Anurag article mostly had me laughing at the dystopian future where everyone sleeps all day and parties all night. It sounds more like a Bollywood satire written by Akki in a particularly sardonic mood.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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