Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Post: Happy Three-Day Weekend to me!

Oh, myopic America… I'm both kind of charmed and kind of face-palming at the list of helpful tips given to Tampa tourism businesses:

* Don’t be shocked by accents that aren’t Indian.

India was under British rule almost a century, from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s. Great Britain also had colonies in Africa, South Africa and the Caribbean and encouraged Indians to help develop these regions by offering financial stipends, free travel or land. Many Indians remained even after the colonies became independent. Cultural ties to their ancestral lands remain and many are fans of Bollywood film.

Got that, guys? Don't be shocked if not every brown person you greet talks like Apu from The Simpsons.


Don't make the mistake of wasting one of your 10 free NYT articles on Rachel Saltz's beyond stupid review of Gunday. She calls Priyanka Chopra the new Ava Garnder. I mean, seriously? Why does the NYT keep printing this shit?

You are better off with this better late than never piece on Salman Khan and the politics of Jai Ho.


I'm certainly not pro-censorship but Pakistani film fans should be grateful that it's this week and not another week that the films aren't being allowed in the country. By all accounts, you aren't missing much if you don't get to see Gunday. Unless you share similar tastes with Rachel Saltz and in that case, heaven help you.



Kapil Sharma to make his film debut in Y-Films's Bank Chor, which sounds fun! Y-Films is really cornering the market on entertaining, family friendly, DVD-type films.

‘Bank-Chor’ is a comic-caper that tells the story of three morons trying to rob a bank who pick the worst day possible when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong and how they’re inadvertently caught in the crossfire of cops, industrialists and corrupt netas.


Malaysian Legoland wants… YOU, Bollywood producers. I Google image searched it and it kind of looks like one of the sets from Golmaal 3. So, Rohit Shetty? The ball, er, legos are in your court.


KJo teases us with Shuddhi information. There's a release date but no cast. I don't know how that works.


Virat Kohli rushes in to defend Lady Love Anushka Sharma.

Says a source, “Virat feels that whatever Anushka has done to her lips is her private matter."

Or at least some source aka Anushka's secretary is claiming that to be the case.

But, seriously, Virat, dude, what an actress does to her face is our business since she is in the image business. She's a public citizen. Speaking out against mean spirited jokes and comments is one thing but she makes her living selling her image to us, so shouldn't be able to discuss it and what it means in a broader context?


Case in point: I'm a self-made woman, says Priyanka. Is she finally giving her plastic surgeons a shout out?! *BOOM*

I kid.

Actually, that self-made career is one thing I respect PC for. She hustles like nobody else when she could have cashed out to be a rich housewife ages ago.


Whoa… Imtiaz. WTF, bro?

The film centres around the Stockholm Syndrome, and has a young, self-assured Indian woman fall in love with her kidnapper. Why did you choose this story, given the prevalence of violence against women in India?

It’s not so much a question of the Stockholm Syndrome. Veera feels instinctively protected when she’s with Mahabir. She senses that he’s not looking at her that way. Women have a sense about a man even before they’ve talked to him. Veera understands that for him, she’s a commodity and he does not take advantage of it personally, he doesn’t torture her. And she likes herself when she is with him.

So this whole time when I've been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt against dummies who just assumed this was a romancey hearts and flowers kidnapping film and not a creepy Stockholm Syndrome film, HE GOES AND CONFIRMS IT'S A SUGARY ROMANCE?!!!!!

I can only hope that Imtiaz is misreading his own film. That does happen. I'm still curious enough to want to see it, especially since neither Alia nor Randeep are Nargis Fakhri. Although, I find it hard to believe, I think Imtiaz still doesn't understand WHY everybody turned on her. (i.e. She's a terrible actress.)

Would you say that this film will do to Randeep what Rockstar did for Ranbir?

How can I say that. I hope it doesn’t do to Randeep what Rockstar did to Nargis.

Seriously? I'm not the biggest Randeep Hooda fan in the world but the guy is (at the very least) a competent actor. Why would the public turn on him for being a terrible actor if he's not? Imtiaz must now be a permanent resident of Head Up His Ass-Pradesh along with Anurag Kashyap and Sajid Khan.


Onir talks about how hard things can be.

In 2012, Onir's fourth movie - I Am - returned to the subject of same-sex relationships alongside other taboos such as sperm donation and child abuse, and was named best Hindi film at India's 2012 National Awards. But acclaim failed to translate into commercial success. "For me it was again a nasty discovery. After it won the national award I thought now I will get my film sold outside [India] and recover my money.

"And all that happened is that the satellite channels refused to show the film. Commercially every door was closed."


Yo Yo Honey Singh is tired of this shit. Fare thee well, sweet Yo Yo.


Arshad Warsi to do another Jolly LLB-style comedy.



A quick search did not reveal it but have this:

Also, they used to call Ranveer Junior Govinda at school. OF COURSE! ILU RANVEER.

ETA: Ninja-ing in the Govida tribute!!


Ameesha Patel needs MORE FANFARE! MORE! Where's my copy of Shortcut Romeo?! WHERE?


Pepsi MTV Indies is apparently a bunch of dudes… and one lady painting a mural. Nice. So, the "we" doesn't include any XX chromosomes?


New World Order promo!! I love these guys!


odadune said...

Priyanka's a bit like Hema Malini for me-someone who has a lot going for her and whom I sort of admire or respect but who doesn't really speak to me as a screen persona. And her PR machine is terribly annoying.

This business with Shuddhi looks like it's either a negotiating ploy for dealing with a star who's sort of said yes but refuses to commit to a shooting schedule; or an attempt to rebuild the buzz lost w/ Duggu/Bebo off the project. with those two stars there was nostalgia for their past movies together and a bit of shock value due to them supposedly not working together for a long time due to fears of being gossipped about. He can find some pairings that either have the nostalgia value (SRK/Kajol?) or the shock value, but not both IMO.

Moimeme said...

I'm sorry, but that NYTimes/IndiaInk piece on Jai Ho is worse than anything Rachel Saltz ever wrote. Saltz only displays ignorance; this piece actually spreads misinformation, almost amounting to disinformation. It has all the hallmarks of a writer who decided the conclusion first, and then went looking for "arguments" to bolster it.

There are videos on youtube of Salman's interviews right after his meeting with Narendra Modi, as well as after the call for boycott by Owaisi, who is incidentally no more than a regional "leader" who is completely hate-filled against all Hindus, but who is propped up by the Congress party to get some Muslim votes in the Hyderabad area. The media did try to make an issue of this so-called boycott, but, upon being asked if this was the reason for Jai Ho's performance at the box office, Salman said very clearly that he doesn't believe any of his fans have such a "communal" mindset, and further, if they do think this way, then he doesn't want them to see his films. My personal opinion is that Owaisi is such a horrible person that it is a positive honor to be boycotted by him.

I'll hunt up the links to the videos later tonight and post them. This "Muslim boycott" has as much currency as the "boycott" called for by fans of Gauhar Khan on Big Boss -- i.e., a few may have been swayed by it, but not enough to make any real impact at the box office. In terms of the reaction to meeting Modi, I saw just as many comments on news sites where people said that, though they don't like Salman, now they'll make it a point to see Jai Ho because he "supported" Modi. I put that in quotes because, if you watch the news conference, you'll see that Salman was being very careful not to say that he "supports" Modi. BTW, another huge mistake in that article is that it claims that Salman is a "long time supporter of the Congress Party." Salman has always been clear that he doesn't support any party, but only individual candidates that he thinks do good work, no matter what party they belong to. He has campaigned for candidates from the Congress, BJP, NCP, and some other parties as well.

The reason that Jai Ho didn't work is that it's not a well-made film. Simple as that. Again, Salman himself said, in that above referenced interview, that if his fans aren't watching the movie, it must be because they didn't like the trailers, and he accepts their verdict.

Bastard Keith said...

Oh, come on, Saltz does NOT call her "the new Ava Gardner." She says that Ava Gardner "comes to mind." Those are VERY different.

For what it's worth? Gunday is pretty seriously entertaining, and Chopra, of whom I am not the biggest fan, is pretty damn good in it. Though she's so in shape now that, ironically, she's a bit less agile as a dancer.

Singh and Kapoor are great, although quite obviously Singh frequently blows his co-star off the screen. The raw sexual charisma on display is almost scary.

Irrfan, meanwhile, is an absolute hoot. He underplays so hard that it almost becomes hamming.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme I appreciate your comment! I certainly agree with your take on why Jai Ho didn't do as well as hoped but I thought the NYT piece ran down the time line pretty well. Apparently, I was mistaken and I apologize. I admit I wasn't following the 'controversy' as such since it seemed like something outside my sphere of reference.

@Bastard Keith Evoking Ava Gardner and PC in the same sentence is a crime no matter which way you spin it. She is a terrible actress by my standards and I find her screen presence unbearable…

I believe that you found it to be a hoot and there is one other person I know, a super Ranveer fan, who enjoyed the Ranveer parts but I just don't buy that I would think it's a good film.

mb said...

Nothing substantive to say except to thank you for the youtube clips, because Ranveer doing Meri Pant Bhi Sexy absolutely made my day.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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