Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday… guess who's been spotted begging for work in Mumbai? (No, not me.)

What's that ominous music playing…? No! It can't be… THE LUNCHBOX IS HERE!

I kid, I kid! I'm actually reviewing the film myself later this week and I promise you I will keep an open mind. I'm sure it's a good film that the people who made that Marigold Hotel movie a smash hit will enjoy muchly, I'm just not sure it's a Masterpiece of Cinema.

A.O. Scott gives it a lovely write-up in the New York Times--didn't trust this one to Saltz, eh?--that compares it to a 1940s Hollywood drama.

The LA Times ranks it with Eat Drink Man Woman.

Indie Wire thinks it's a rom-com but enjoys it and also makes mention of a three-act structure, which I was suspecting since all the Western reviewers seemed to immediately grasp it.

(Meanwhile, I'm definitely skipping Shaadi Ke Side Effects. A nagging Vidya Balan is the last thing I'd like to spend my free time watching.)


The other news story cluttering my searches this morning is the confusingly named "Beyond Bollywood," an exhibit of Indian American heritage at the Smithsonian. WHY they titled it "Beyond Bollywood" is beyond me and is kind of insulting. I mean, a) 99% of Americans don't even know what Bollywood actually is and b) what does it have to do with Indian Americans? Not every Indian American person watches Bollywood or cares about it, Smithsonian. Couldn't you have come up with a more respectful title or a least one that makes more sense? If you wanted pop culture, I could buy "Beyond Harold and Kumar" or "Beyond Apu from the Simpsons" or even "Beyond Bobby Jindal" but leave Bollywood out of this.

Here's another write up from the WSJ.


Bollywood press is starting to get anxious for news from the Happy New Year sets. I'm kind of enjoying the radio silence. I wonder if they're taking a page from the Dhoom 3 books and trying to keep things as suspenseful as possible.


Siddharth "We Are Family" Malhotra is back in the news with a new film or two. Gee, I wonder why… oh, right. He's related to THE Kapoors among others. I hope he learned something from the fiasco that was We Are Family other than NEVER do this again.


I'm just so full of admiration for Aamir Khan. I know he's not perfect--no human being is--but he really does seem to have a genuine interest in serving the public interest in the best way he can.

“Each of us has to make a lot of contribution to the society. And the responsibility of an entertainer is to build the moral fibre of the society and highlight values. I’m not shying away from politics; I’m happy about what I’m doing now,” he said.

I love that this giant superstar can seriously talk 'moral fiber.' It's not trendy but, dammit, these things matter at least as much as a slideshow of starlets stripping for political candidates like I found yesterday, right?


Anupama Chopra gathers villains for The Front Row.

Here's Prakash Raaj:

There is nothing personal in all my performances I have done. It’s switch-on switch-off for me. It’s as simple as that. I don’t think I have to bring in my frustrations, my anger and my disturbances. I will be tired if I do that.

Ha!! I love this guy!


People of Bombay, hide your maids! Shiney Ahuja is back from Delhi and looking for work. I guess this means his exile from the city is over?


Did the rumors of Kishore Kumar biopics draw Kumar Sanu from his hidey hole? You have to love his candidness and, also, the trolling nature of the question.

Q: Whom would you hold responsible for the degradation of film music?

A: Producers and music directors are mainly responsible for this bad phase in the music industry. Music directors don't have any creativity. There are only adaptions. As a result, singers are being exploited. Sound tracks are given priority instead of voice quality. Teenagers are forced to listen to this kind of music.

They are FORCED to listen to Yo Yo Honey Singh! FORCED! They could be listening to his faux-Kishore Kumar jams from the early 1990s but noooo~ the music industry forces this upon them!

Cranky uncles cheer me up. I love a good curmudgeon.


Two States… not for me, then. I'm still not convinced by Arjun. More and more he seems like the next coming of Imran Khan. Also, his styling makes him look like an outlet mall version of Madhavan here, which just makes me want the REAL Madhavan.

Alia is love and I hope she survives the 'fake engagement' promotions with her sanity intact.


And… just because it's my blog and I can:

Ranveer Singh's Tour of Heroes Past at Zee Cine. I watched this the other day and just DIED!!!! His SRK is on point. Also, plenty of bitch face in the crowd, including a massive side-eye from Javed Akhtar, and Sonakshi chair dancing and Dippy singing along without realizing the camera is on her.


Anonymous said...

Arjun is like the Generic Punjabi version of every South Indian hero ever. I kept seeing pics from Aurangzeb where he reminded me of a younger Ajith Kumar, and then some party where he reminded me of Ram Cheran Teja, and I had a smilar "Wait, Madhavan's in this?" reaction to some of the 2 States stills.

Kumar Sanu: he kind of has a point in that Kids Today were perfectly willing to listen to him in Chamak Challo Chel Chabeli, so it's as much a matter of him not getting the breaks he used to as his style being out of fashion.

Miranda said...

I keep running across that "Beyond Bollywood" exhibition in my interweb travels and it just pisses me off. The actual exhibition appears to have nothing to do with the difference between Bollywood and anyone's actual lives. Plus, no one needs to be told that Bollywood isn't "real" life, lol. So annoying.

Moimeme said...

Read this comment on The Lunch Box only after you've seen the film:

I'm curious to see what you make of The Lunchbox. As I said before, it's pleasant enough film, but I really don't understand all the praise it's getting. I saw it at a film festival where at least two other foreign Oscar nominees were shown, and it was clear that TLB was nowhere near them in quality or importance.

Filmi Girl said...

@odadune Isn't he, though??? I thought it was just me but I'm glad somebody else sees it, too! Generic looking and less talented. He really needs to step up his game. The Imran Khan thing only lasts so long before producers wise up.

Curmudgeons often do have a point. XD

@Miranda I'm glad it's not just me!! The title just seemed lazy… and, worse, not communicating anything. What does "Bollywood" mean to most Americans? Nothing. They should have used something that would make sense to their target audience… "Beyond Raj from Big Bang Theory" if they wanted pop culture.

@Moimeme I have a feeling I'm going to agree with you. I'm sure it's a good enough film but…

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