Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Post: Ting ting?

I'll kick things off today with an article on Sharad Kumar, who I had never heard of but am glad to meet. Plus the article led me to google the one film he was in and I found this:

Happy Wednesday!

And if you feel inclined, check out my Dhoom 3 FAQ for Western critics who think they know more than they do.


Deepanjana Pal laments that neither Priyanka nor Deepika knows anything about Bollywood history. And, if it's true neither of them knows an R.D. Burman song then I'm appalled, too. I mean… really? REALLY?

Coincidentally, this episode of KWK was aired on Burman's 20th death anniversary. When the beautiful, flawless faces of two of Bollywood's hottest actors revealed they didn't know any of Burman's songs, it seemed to be a painful reminder that Burman is indeed dead and gone, and not just physically. It seems incredible that anyone who claims to be attached to Bollywood, whether as an insider or a fan, would not know Burman. Yet here were two women, at the top of the Bollywood pile, who not only didn't know a single Burman composition but also found their ignorance giggle-worthy.

Let's not forget, Chopra is also a singer. Perhaps it's a good thing she doesn't know anything of Bollywood's musical past. This way, we can remove her from India's popular music culture without any guilty conscience and instead, catalogue her 'exotic' music as an example of the Pitbull legacy.

I do enjoy a good rant.


Boman Irani says neither he nor his son were involved in the QNet Scam.


A delicious gossip story from the TOI--no word on how many points you earn from it--of a 40-something actress and her 20-something boy toy.

Punewar,who has a 25-year-old daughter from her first marriage and 17-year-old twins (a son and a daughter) from her second marriage, came into contact with Alok Paliwal through a social networking site four years ago, when he was studying engineering. The two, however, met only two years ago.

The police sources said the two grew closer after Paliwal completed his studies, and visited Punewar in Mumbai before landing a job in Bangalore. He even introduced her to his parents,telling them her name was Nikita Mishra. A Crime Branch officer said, "They met frequently... Punewar would travel to Bangalore, but tell her family that she was travelling to Thailand for shows."

Forget sports stars biopics, make this into a film starring Lillete Dubey.


First look of Akshay in Gabbar!


Will it be Jennifer Lawrence in Shekar Kapoor's Paani?! OMG THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!


Anurag Basu reaches out to Kangana to tell her how much he liked the trailer of Queen.


Murli Sharma on playing a cop in South films. I've always liked Murli Sharma!


It's Irrfan for Shahid's dad in Haider.

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