Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Post: Should I start offering Filmi Girl Points?!

Surprise! Times Points! Imagine my surprise when I try to click on a article about Akshay Kumar releasing a movie on Republic Day "in the league of Bourne and Bond" (blah blah blah) when I get a pop up message with a little crown on it saying I earned 4 Times Points.

Um… at first I was afraid it was a paywall thing, like I got to read four articles in 24 hours but that would be silly. The TOI doesn't want you not clicking on articles. Nope, they just did that thing where companies turn normal activities like reading the news into a game. The whole thing seems kind of half-baked but if some engineering student in Delhi wants to waste time commenting on 200 articles in order to earn a virtual badge on the TOI website, who am I to judge?


YEAH! DHOOM 3! Crossing 500 Crores worldwide like a boss!


Enjoy an interesting piece on the links between actor Balraj Sahni and Russian film.

“It was, in fact, a Russian film which I happened to see in that picture-house that restored my confidence in films, indeed in life itself,” Sahni wrote. “It brought home to me the nobility and the magnanimity the human spirit was capable of displaying. After all these years, I still recollect every detail of that memorable film. It was called ‘The Circus.’ The 1936 melodramatic Russian comedy was directed by Grigori Aleksandrov and Isidor Simkov at the Mosfilm studios.

I went through a phase about ten years ago where I watched a lot of Soviet era comedies. I found the lack of commercialization and gloss extremely refreshing, the same way I felt when I began watching classic Bollywood movies. I did some quick poking around on youtube and Mosfilm Studios has a youtube channel with some classic films available and at least some of them have English subtitles!! Check out some socialist gems for yourself!

This is one of my favorites.

See, you can make an entertaining and popular mass film that wasn't funded in part by a soda company.


Is Naseer vs. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag the story that keeps on giving? Yes.

When I cross-checked with Naseer he admitted he was not impressed by BMB. "But the makers are convinced they've made a masterpiece. Look, spare me, will you? No one involved with that film gives a damn about my opinion. And I am not really keen to hurt their feelings."

Haaaa! Oh, Naseer.


Salman don't care about numbers, baby. He just doesn't want a flop.

He explained, "I just don't want my films to flop because that would mean my thinking is going wrong and that would be the worst thing. I don't care about the Rs 200-300 (crore club). I don't want to be a part of this number game. I am there but it is not like I want to break that record. I want to make a good film. As long as my films run and make decent money, I am happy," Salman said in an interview here.

Good boy.

Why do I imagine Salman saying all of this accompanied by a huge sigh of resignation, like nobody is going to listen anyways.

"I request and advice all my fans to admire me from far because I can't see kids and everyone getting pushed and hurt. If all this keeps happening, I think I should stop visiting cities. I respect and appreciate their love and warmth," Salman told reporters here at an event.

And he's not gifting Katrina a car, everybody! A response probably prompted by some reporter badgering him with, "Bhai, are you going to give it to Katrina? Are you? What about Katrina? Are you going to give her a car?"

(Has he signed for two more with Yash Raj?)


Duggu lashes out at the negative remarks on Krrish 3.

"Some from the industry and certain sections of the media are hell-bent on putting me, my father and 'Krrish 3' down. I have maintained my silence until now but these derogatory manipulations need to stop."

I'm in your corner, Hrithik. I'd watch Krrish 3 again right now if I could. I really, really enjoyed it and thought it had a good message.


PC and Ranbir are hosting the Filmfare Awards. Prepare yourselves.

I wish it would be Ranveer and Arjun hosting but what can you do?

If you want to kill a few brain cells before breakfast a recap of Dippy and Piggy Chops on Koffee with Karan.

Why is Priyanka ranking Hrithik at the bottom of the acting pile, hmmm? Oh, the drama!


Alia Bhatt seems so young!!



Kim T. said...

Have to admit, Koffee with Karan is a total guilty pleasure. I too noticed the slight to Hrithik by PC. Sour grapes over the publicity around Krrish 3 (or how her roles in both K3 and Agneepath were small ones) or sour grapes over something much more personal. I have a hunch that he (or she) made advances that were rebuffed. Also her comment about his vanity (well probably right on) was also a cheap shot (thus the existence of this show!).

Hrithik is having a crappy year. No doubt some of it brought on by his own choices (steroids, infidelity(?), and working with his father again). On the last, I understand why he collaborates with his father...he's a good son. However, (and I know we disagree here) I've found every Roshan family project to be majorly flawed with the only saving grace being Hrithik's star charisma. Though Kangana stole the show this time. I just wish he had different people around him guiding his career or made better choices himself. I had such high hopes for the Kareena reunion film, but now that might not even happen!

odadune said...

PC vs. Duggu: for added weirdness, they're apparently competing for real estate:


Had to LOL at your headline, FG, I thought that was funny. Incidentally, have made a New Year's resolution to try and be less of a comment/post spammer here and at Bollywhat, so I will be continuing to read your posts as often as you feel like putting them up :) but may be offering less feedback.

Filmi Girl said...

@Kim I can't sit through a full episode but I do enjoy the snarky recaps. ;))

@odadune Aw… I enjoy your comments but I understand. I've given up trying to talk sense into American film fanboys. Although I have to admit I left an FG nasty-gram on a Dhoom 3 review today. XD

I wonder if PC resents Duggu for her part getting snipped in Agneepath or for the lack of promotion in Krrish 3… but I get the sense that Hrithik wouldn't care enough to have much to say about either.

And the points thing cracked me up. I was really confused for a minute. "What Times points? Why do I have Times Points?"

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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