Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Post: Jai Ho?

The discussion around Jai Ho has been interesting. Even without seeing the film yet--and believe me, when I said I'd catch it 'online,' I meant via a legitimate streaming site like ErosNow or Netflix--the deflated feeling around the English speaking parts of the Internet seems to be partly disappointment that Jai Ho wasn't another Dabanngg and (especially for the media) blood in the water because the film isn't racking up Dhoom 3 numbers at the box office.

I've now heard opinions on all sides but I will say it was bad word of mouth and lackluster music promos that kept me home this weekend.

You can check the comments from yesterday to read a good review of the film if you're curious.

(But, seriously, Komal Nahta? What a jackass. I wish these guys wouldn't throw around charges like that so casually. Salman's response was on point.

Salman Khan curtly said, "If they (one section of his fans) can't understand love, emotion,respect and the need of doing the right thing, then I rather have this film be the biggest disaster than it working for wrong reasons."

That's bold statement and one targeted directly at my old-fashioned filmi heart. I kind of wish I had gone now, just to stick it to industry guys like Komal.)


Hrithik Roshan is back to work on Bang Bang. I can't wait for this one!


Rekha's Super Nani on May 1st. The world's most glamorous grandmother… I imagine most of the film is people saying, "Oh, but you're too young to be his grandmother." And Rekha demurring while agreeing.


Kumar Sanu!! There's a blast from the past! If you're in Bangalore, you can hear him sing!


I know there are real issues involved here but I can't help it. Every Abhay Deol article about his black eye protest over the music of what appears to be yet another Young Upper Middle Class Guy Played By An Old Guy Who Doesn't Know What Love Is And Has No Other Problems In Life rom-com just has me rolling my eyes. He's like some overgrown teenager 'protesting' the fact that he doesn't have his own car.

Really not doing your cause any favors with that prank, buddy.


And since I saw about 3 Idiots up for a Japanese Academy Award, I've been looking things up and it's really heartening to read so many positive reviews!! The number of five star reviews is crazy!! The one on top ends with: "Even though it's more than 3 hours long, it's not boring. I recommend it."

Japan-India friendship! Let's see some more!


And for all the talk that Bollywood gives to American awards shows for being 'real' and honoring 'real talent' instead of the most popular things, I hope those media chatterboxes have been following the Grammy's white washing controversy.

But at least Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers got on stage.

(Is that some of the WORST white people dancing you've seen or what?!!! DEAR LORD!)


Maya said...

Jai Ho is doing decent business but just not as good as expected (but with those promos, who seriously expected a record breaking opening? It's Sohail Khan, forgodsake). 60cr opening weekend, 100cr worldwide in four days & 100cr domestic by the end of the week. And this is just from the loyal fan base, the neutral section of the audience didn't go at all. So I think the film is doing pretty well with the only pul factor being Salman Khan. And I think it's your type of film, high on emotions :)

shachu said...

Yes Jai Ho is hit, so I'm pretty pissed for this blame game the makers start playing, because it didn't set new records, ok sometimes film doesn't live to expectations but maybe, maybe is crappy filmmaking to blame not audience. And I didn't watch it yet, but I watched both "Stalin" and "Pay it Forward" so for argument sake I'm think I'm rather familiar with general plot and I don't audience had any problem grasping "the message". So I vent a little, but I read today all this comment from Salman and it made me little bit angry;)

Moimeme said...

@Sachu: I don't think the film's makers are "playing the blame game." For one thing Salman already said on the opening day or the next, that if the film doesn't work the blame should go to him and only him. If anything, I think the makers have been forced into a defensive posture because the media has been clamouring about the film being a flop and various controversies around Salman being the cause. What did Salman say to make you angry? I haven't seen today's news, but he's been consistently saying until yesterday (that is, even during the promotions) that they all think they've made a good film, but it is up to the audience to decide; and if the audience rejects the film, it means they didn't correctly understand the audience's taste. I don't see anything wrong with those statements.

Moimeme said...

@Shachu: First, my apologies for misspelling your name in the above comment. We're you angered by that quote from Salman that Filmigirl posted when linking to the Komal Nahta article? If so, I suggest you read the entire article to understand the context of the comment. Better yet, here's the video of Salman's remarks:
http ://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tlo7xFCMbnk

If you watch it, you'll see that Salman's comments on fans who can't understand love,etc. are about people who can't understand why he treated Mr. Modi with respect, and have nothing to do with fans not understanding the message of Jai Ho.

Moimeme said...

@Filmigirl: There's still time for you to see Jai Ho, even if you missed the opening. I doubt it would be out of the theatre by the second weekend, so I don't understand your comment.

shachu said...

Hi Moimeme

Thank You for taking time to respond to my ramblings:)
I was refering to this conference http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/reactions-and-collections-are-not-matching-up-salman/
especially this quote: “We have done something different, may be people were expecting a film like Dabangg or Ready.. like a full time pass film to enjoy. Some must have understood that Jai Ho is not that kind of film, this is a serious film with a social message”.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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