Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Post: 6-5=???

Tickets for IIFA go on sale… today!

Here is the Ticketmaster page if you want to try your luck with refreshing and refreshing to get a non-$3,000 ticket.


We bid a fond farewell to Anjali Devi. Rest in peace, ma'am.


Salman Khan seems to be tugging on the edges of the political world. Take this as you will.


"Stardom is not about box office," says the guy who used to crow about box office but whose films can't stay at number one for more than a week.


Scotland wants Bollywood to use its military sites for filming.


If it is Ayushmann for Milan Talkies, there is no way in hell I'm watching it. He's on my NG list.


Oh, wow, it seems like Kannada horror film 6-5=2 is making some waves… remake time?

I wish I could take a year off to watch all the films I haven't seen! Kickstarter campaign?! Fund Filmi Girl's Movie Watching Gap Year? Nah, it would never work. ----

This Firstpost article getting indignant about the lack of indie films in Tamil Nadu is either super-naive or trolling.

According to G Dhananjayan, Chief - South Business, Disney-UTV : “Today the trend in Kollywood is to release in maximum number of screens and gross big in the opening weekend. Ninety per cent of the lifetime theatrical collection of a film comes in 10 days, compared to 100 days a few years back. The idea is to bombard a film in maximum number of screens and get back your investment at the earliest.”

Uh… that's the Bollywood method these days and has been for some years. Nothing new to see here, folks.


ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! No nod for Kangana in Krrish 3 at the Filmfare Awards?! WHAT?

I'm so over the blatant favoritism of Bollywood Awards. I'm with Aamir on this one--it's better not to show up and let the in-group congratulate themselves on all the nominations for Chennai Express.


And Rajeev Masand is going to talk to Salim-Javed? Has this aired already? An excerpt.

Javed Akhtar: I am very touched and embarrassed. I think it’s extremely magnanimous of him to be so kind, but the fact is that whatever good we have done, we have done it together and if anything went wrong, then that responsibility is also mutual. I think what is important is that till the time we were together, we did some work which is ­relevant even today. We were the best till we were together and it will remain like that.


odadune said...

As far as the political stuff goes, I think Salman's trying to cover his bases because a). Saifai and b). he doesn't want Jai Ho to become a political football.

Kollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood, the basic approach for recouping one's investment remains the same.

Shantanu said...

Here are the links to the Salim-Javed interview. Great interview! Do watch!





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