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Thursday Post: Qu'ils mangent de la brioche.

The big story today is one that it took my sleep addled mind some time to figure out but Zee News has a concise and even handed write-up of the Saifai Festival controversy. The crux of the matter is this:

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and his Samajwadi Party has come under severe criticism for, on one hand, failing to rehabilitate Muzaffarnagar riot victims and, on the other, splurging on the ongoing festival at Saifai.

And, unfortunately, that splurging came to everybody's attention because it included private jets and performances from Salman and Madhuri and Deepika and not because children were dying from the cold nearby. Bad optics, you know.

As an outsider, I don't feel comfortable commenting on this but I will point you to a bitter rant calling out apolitical stars if you are so inclined and another one on how certain millionaires probably didn't even consider the fact that there were suffering people close by to their fun if that floats your boat.

The stars in question seem to feel badly about their decision to perform and Being Human is making a large donation.

And the UP government is giving Madhuri's Dedh Ishqiya a one crore subsidy.


IIFA time is fast approaching and the Tampa newspaper has some details on Priyanka and Anil's promotional tour and prices of some things.


"Bollywood Films of 2013" was number 9 on the list of Top 20 Wikipedia searches this year! A good portion of those from me and you, I suspect.


Here's a rundown on Dhoom 3 promotional tactics:

Kapoor’s firm estimates that 420 seconds of “Dhoom 3″ footage were distributed in the form of trailers and song promos before the film’s release, compared with 700 seconds on average for big-ticket Bollywood movies. “Chennai Express” handed out 820 seconds of footage.

“We want you to enjoy this film in the theatre. If I have seen the song on TV 20 times and on YouTube 20 times, when it comes in the film, I have lost interest in those five minutes. But when you are seeing it for the first time, your curiosity is piqued,” Khan said.

So we were subjected to almost literally double the amount of promotional footage from Chennai Express

And an interview with Aamir on marketing Dhoom 3 and on marketing in general. It's a good read!

Will “Dhoom 3” benefit by going on a reality TV show — our answer was no. Because in our opinion, what a reality show essentially does is it amplifies the awareness of your film, but it doesn’t increase the desire to consume. I may be aware of your film and be very clear that I don’t want to see it. “Dhoom 3” didn’t need awareness, people have been asking us for the last three years about it.

Smart man, that Aamir.


Are Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar dating? Do you mean each other, Bollywood Life? Because… uh… no.


Gosh, for some reason Prateik Babbar-Neil Nitin Mukesh starrer Rum Pum Poshsh is having trouble raising cash. I wonder why… Hmm…


Earn some Times Points by reading that John is snapping up all of Akki's leftovers and is taking on Hera Pheri 3 after Welcome 2. I used to like John but his recent steroid-addled delusions of "Real Cinema vs. That Crap I Do For A Paycheck" has me reluctant to see anything of his. I don't want to support assholes who don't respect the audiences that come to their mass films. Frankly, I hope he flops hard.


Sonakshi Sinha to do an item in a Tamil film with Suriya?!


Good on you, Malaika!! She doesn't like the term item song.

“I don’t like the term ‘item girl’… Why not look at it (item song) as a special song?…A song that is creating a hype and entertainment. I find it derogatory and silly,” Malaika said in an interview.

It's really not fair to classify what Malaika does and what bikini girls who move like an unbent straw do.


And Boman Irani's son is looking more suspicious by the day for his involvement in the QNet scam.

QNet is accused of using the banned binary pyramid business model for its multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes to entice investors, commonly known as the ponzi scheme. Former world billiards champion and Padma Bhushan recipient Michael Ferriera’s name has already cropped up in the investigations. EOW has even issued a Look Out Circular (LOC) against Ferriera after he failed to appear before the police despite being summoned several times.

“Our investigations have revealed that huge sums of money were transferred in the account of Danesh Boman Irani,” additional commissioner of police and EOW chief Rajvardhan Sinha said. He refused to divulge more details, citing the sensitivity of the case.


Shaadi Ki Side Effects trailer...

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odadune said...

You know, learning that Tamil titles give Aamir as much trouble as they do me makes me feel a lot warmer and fuzzier towards the guy. (Not that I actively dislike him, just find him kind of a boring screen personality.) He also has a lot of valid points about the marketing, particularly the song promos. With me, if I like a song promo enough to watch it more than a couple times, I'm invariably thrown off by the way the extended version plays out in context-and like Aamir says, I'm often bored with it by the time the film releases. The Dhoom 3 song teasers raised a certain amount of suspicion in the intelligentsia (the same tired "why don't they want us to see this?" mentality that comes into play when the press doesn't get advanced screenings), but I also think the promos kept most of the target audience intrigued, without getting bored with the material.

Re: Googling "Bollywood films of 2013" guilty as charged, probably not gonna change in 2014. ;)

Sonakshi guesting in the Suriya/Linguswamy movie: for added weirdness, this is the film I suspect of being the Special 26 remake, mostly due to Manoj Bajpai's involvement and the way a news item described the confused loyalties of one of the other supporting characters.

John's upcoming career moves: he can't get into too much trouble If they stick to the formula from the first Welcome (barely there romantic leads as macguffins being maneuvered around by Anil, Nana, and the other character actors). Haven't seen the Hera Pheri movies (I know, I know, heresy), but I have trouble believing he can keep up with Paresh Rawal at full bay. That dude's nuts. But I can't really blame Akki for passing on these comedies.

re: Vidya's movie with Farhan: guys, why can't we have her being super-silly and ridiculous ala her Ghanchakkar persona with a guy or gal who can actually keep up with her?

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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