Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Post! Happy Monday!

Anybody interested in rent a house in Tampa for IIFA? Only $35,000 for the weekend! Wine cellar not included.

I wonder if the IIFA winners will be along the same lines as the Filmfare winners. I've had it with awards shows, except for the songs and performances and outfits, but the Filmfare winners were just a hot mess. A victory sweep for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag? Why do you keep encouraging Farhan Akhtar to act?!

I really miss the days of Best Comedian and Best Villain. This faux-Oscars thing doesn't work for me.

Meanwhile, Kamal Haasan, Vidya Balan, and Paresh Rawal won Padma Shree awards.


Some wisdom from Javed Akhtar hidden in an otherwise crappy article about marketing:

“Indian cinema is changing not because of outside pressure but because of inside pressure. Society is changing. Obviously, ideas change because of globalisation, because of the huge middle class that is mostly first generation. [The change has been spurred by] Western influences and culture, industrialisation, and the joint family system breaking up. People are becoming more individualistic. That is reflected in cinema,” says Javed Akhtar.


I love the discussion of Jai Ho box office leaves out any discussion of the quality of the film. According to Bollywood Life, people stayed home because they were 'mad' with Salman over Bigg Boss or something and not because word of mouth on the film was horrible. When even Salman fans are telling you to stay home, you listen. Or you do if you're me, anyways.


I think this was meant to be titled 5 reasons why Filmi Girl is going to vomit at people calling Highway romantic by all appearances it is about Stockholm Syndrome at the very least.

A hapless girl, en route to salvation, rediscovers her freedom and zeal to live life after being abducted. And guess whom she falls in love with- the abductor himself! Quite an unheard fantasy tale, aye?

Yup, sooooo 'romantic.' Just like Raanjhana. Are people today really that incapable of letting romance be a fucked up genre and not some schmoopy fantasy tale?


Haider updates! Sasha to shave his head; Shradda and Irrfan head to Kashmir for the final stretch of shooting.


I'm kind of scared at what Ajay Devgn being made to dance will look like… I'm getting some Himmatwala flashbacks.


Satyamev Jayate 2 will start March 2nd.


Tevar is delayed for Arjun Kapoor's injury.


3 Idiots has been nominated for Japan's Academy Awards!! Hungama has the title wrong, though. The Japanese title is actually a translation of "All Izz Well."

I'll keep my eyes peeled for interesting stories on this!


This is embarrassing. Forget the dire nostalgia 'irony' but, oh, Sid… smarmy dancing is not your strong suit.


And a big Happy Republic Day to my Indian friends!

Let's have a wonderful 2014 together!


Moimeme said...

Uh ... Exactly which Salman fans are telling people to stay away from Jai Ho. I know of none. On the contrary, a lot of people who are neutral or even disparaging about Salman have nothing but praise for the film. I say this based on comments on Bollywood forums, online news sites, and through personal interactions. However, in Bollywood forums especially (which extends to Twitter), there is a concerted effort by some people to bring down Salman, and the campaign against Jai Ho is just apart of their overall hatred against Salman. One of their techniques is to claim to be a Salman fan who is disappointed in him, or who now feels can no longer be a fan because of his behaviour. I used to not believe in these kinds of conspiracy theories, but after seeing the same people posting the same kind of comments over a period of months, I am forced to conclusion. Incidentally, this same tactic, of claiming to e a fan who is now withdrawing support, is one that has been used against stars. I've personally these kinds of comments against SRK and Aamir, for instance. What I'm really saying is that the virtual world gives a completely distorted, and sometimes completely false, picture of the real world when it comes to India and Indian films. Heck, you know this yourself. Do you think the pronouncements on Indian cinema by such people as Irrfan Khan and Imtiaz Ali are a true reflection of what the audience wants?

On to Jai Ho the film. Except for the fact that it hasn't broken the records set by Dhoom 3, the film is doing quite well. According to BOI, it is the second highest opener on a non-holiday and non-festive season, being just a few chores shy of YJHD's opening. It has picked up significantly over the weekend with almost 100% positive word of mouth.

Since I've actually seen the film, unlike many who are pontificating on various forums, I think I can offer a reasonable explanation of the lower than expected opening. In my opinion, the two main factors that really worked against the film are that the music is lacklustre, and the promos were really bad, giving the impression of a sale and outdated film. I shared these opinions along with many others, but, since I am a Salman fan, I went to see the film anyway, with very low expectations. But for someone who is not a fan, these two factors are enough for them to lose interest and stay home. As the word of mouth spreads, I expect this group of people also to slowly start coming to the theatres.

The promos were not only bad, but they actually completely misrepresent the film. They also didn't schedule enough time for proper promotion of the film. The marketing campaign for this film was a disaster.

Sorry to take so much space. Bottom line, it's a very good and heartwarming film, and I recommend it highly.

Moimeme said...

Oops. The statement on the promos above should read that they gave a *stale* and outdated feel to the film.

odadune said...

Moimeme: yeah, I'd wondered if they knew what they were doing with the promos. Salman had been emphasizing in interviews that the action masala genre is dead/dying/in the process of transformation into something else, and that this wasn't that kind of movie, and having seen the source material, I believed him. And then came the trailers, and I was like, "huh?"

Filmi Girl said...

@Moimeme Your comment is very welcome!!! The person I heard it from was actually Asim from upodcast. :) He said it was pretty bad… but this might be one that I go back and catch online. Like I said in my R Rajkumar intro, there are some films that I think I may like but some weekends I need more to get me to the theater. The lackluster promos and music were definitely a factor in keeping me away, so it makes sense that others would have felt the same.

@odadune I hope the action masala genre isn't dying… although I do worry about the powers that be aka the money and influence people conflating all these movies into ONE category instead of recognizing there are good and bad films.

Yunus Perveez said...

Guilt as charged :-) Actually doing a podcast about Jai Ho tonight, for my full thoughts.

Moimeme said...

@Filmigirl: That was a rhetorical question -- I didn't expect you to name names. :)

@ Yunus: Thanks. I'm interested in knowing why you thought it was " terrible." I wonder if you went in expecting a Bodyguard/Wanted type of action film, which this definitely isn't. I find expectations have a lot to do with our perceptions of films.

Salman in an interview yesterday said that he's confused because the reactions they are hearing from inside theatre aren't matching the collections, so he doesn't understand what's going on. This film wasn't made in a way that would appeal to the multiplex/youth audience. It does appeal to the family audience who of corse do watch their films in multiplexes, and that's why the occupancy is about 50%, while the single screens are at 100%.

@Filmigirl: I was really shocked to read that you plan to watch JH online. It took me a while to figure out that you meant through one of the legitimate online or talks like the Eros channel. But that's something that happened with this film. Apparently a perfect DVD print was put up online a day after or on the day of release, and the kink to it has been widely publicised on various forums and twitter. While there are always poor quality camera prints put up soon after a film's release, this seems to be the first time that an actual DVD print is up so soon. It's hard to say what impact that had.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme I definitely meant a legitimate source. I just signed up for ErosNow. :)

Moimeme said...

AAAAARRRGGHH! Sorry for all the typos (and stupid auto correct by Apple). There are too many for me to even try to correct. I'm typing these on a borrowed iPad, so am not fully up to speed on it yet.

I'm actually in India right now, and I thought it'd be a grand Salman celebration when Jai Ho released, which it certainly wasn't. But it's also true that the audience was very positive where I saw it.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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