Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Post: It's a plot!! No, it's not. YES IT IS!

The big news today is obviously the MAJOR KHAN INTRIGUE… Shahrukh reports an injury the day before Jai Ho is releasing??? Coincidence or INTRIGUE? You be the judge.

Less fun is the numbers game already being played where Jai Ho is supposed to 'beat' Dhoom 3 or it's a massive failutre or something. *Yawn* Salman don't play that game and we love him for it. If people like it and it earns back enough money for all the backers, then that's a success, right?


The Sonakshi-Lootera-No Awards story has been interesting. She, more than other top heroines, has been really battered about by the media for sticking with one type of role, a type of role that they don't value. And then when she does do a role that the media and chattering classes love, she's denied the prime benefit: AWARDS.

Here she is talking about other challenges she might face.

But the film did something else for Sonakshi, who recently received an offer from a New York-based group to play an important role in their stage adaptation of O Henry’s The Last Leaf. Incidentally, Lootera is also based on this popular short story.

Reacting to the Broadway offer, she says, “I am considering taking it up as it’s (the production) very opulent. I’m working around my dates, so let’s see."

Sona, my dear, if you come to New York, let's hang out! (Just don't tell your brother. It will be our secret.)


Um… A.R. Rahman doing a groovy Western number for the Highway soundtrack? I don't know. I need to hear it to judge.

But, you guys, call me crazy but I'm actually really looking forward to Highway. Silly "Western" number and all.


Aditya Chopra is 'launching' in-house producers over at Yash Raj. (And that picture with the article… ew. RANI, GIRL! You can do better.)


It's looking likely Boman Irani's son was up to some major financial shenanigans.


And tragedy has struck for a Tampa, Florida couple when IIFA preempts their wedding.


Massively adorable song from Tamil film Goli Soda… we're not getting it this weekend because BOTH SCREENS ARE SHOWING JAI HO! Heh. I'm really looking forward to that.


A teaser for SHINee's new video! I don't understand why Bollywood hasn't tried to do some cross-marketing with the KPOP industry. South Korea loved 3 Idiots and other films. Imagine these guys in an item or something! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!


Trailer for Nollywood film Deep Inside. I followed this youtube channel a while ago out of curiosity and I'm always really intrigued by the teasers. The film looks super melodramatic, which I love, and I really want to know what happens next!! DOES THE HOT GUY FALL IN LOVE FOR REAL WITH THE HEIRESS??? WHY IS THERE A LION?! WHO IS THE CRAZY GUY SINGING?!!!!!

Where does one even buy Nollywood films? Clearly, I need to stop up my game.


odadune said...

The financial story on Jai Ho is that the distributors and exhibitors paid a lot of money for the rights to show it, and if it doesn't make a zillion rupees they will whine and moan and carry on about it. Since it's Salman, I'm pretty sure they'll come out ahead on the movie, and short of a really blatant, really unexpected flop I will take any whining and moaning and alleged money-losing as signs of a tax dodge in progress.

My own reading of the SRK injury (trying to reconcile the different accounts) is that a set full of people not really into physically risky activities (except for Sonu Sood) panicked at the sight of one of those scalp wounds that bleed all over everything and tend to look much worse than they are. A head injury is always worth being careful of, though, and they did well to send him to the hospital for examination.

Sona probably shouldn't be griping publically about Lootera getting shut out of the awards, except in the sense of "look, I made the kind of film you people claim like, it was very well reviewed, it flopped and it got shut out of the awards in favor of a bunch of blockbusters. Why the bleep should I continue to do movies like that?" But congrats to her on the Broadway gig. :)

Jess said...

@odadune Based on what she wrote on twitter, she seemed more upset that the film and the director weren't nominated, as opposed to herself. And I agree...everyone praises the film then gives it no nominations. Weird.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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