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Friday Post: Any day Salman Khan high-fives a small child is okay by me.

See, this is what kills me. I get that a lot of Western women develop an interest in Bollywood via Shahrukh Khan but there is so much more to mass films than a) romance and b) Shahrukh. So who the hell is deciding on "Bollywood" film festival line-ups that include Om Shanti Om, Billu Barber, Bride and Prejudice, and… Monsoon Wedding. It's like purposely designed to alienate anybody not interested in romances or Shahrukh. And you see this all the time over here where Bollywood = romances/Shahrukh like Neha Dhupia is whispering into the ear of every two bit festival organizer.

I mean, okay, keep Om Shanti Om in there but the line up can still be family friendly and accessible to Westerners with something from the Rajkumar Hirani genre. And then maybe add in one of Vishal Bhardwaj's Shakespeare films or something like Ishqiya for class and top the whole thing off with a nice Salman potboiler that's not too mass--like Ek Tha Tiger or Dabangg--and you've got a good, not too out there but still representative mix of what Bombay can do.


STOP TURNING SHOLAY INTO SOME DUMB FRANCHISE. The Hollywood-style impulse to suck every last drop of potential name recognition from a property is one of the reasons I turned away from Hollywood. Endless reboots, sequels, novelizations, canon, origin stories, world building, etc. etc. etc. WHO GIVES A FUCK! Why are we wasting time on Gabbar Singh's origin story? Seriously, who cares. For all the talk about Bollywood copies everything blah blah blah, this impulse to turn everything into a franchise is far more soul crushing and uncreative than Pritam ripping off some Korean pop song.

For good measure here is a run down of the legal fight over the 3D version including a threat to 'reboot' the film and reviews for the 3D version seem to mostly be hitting in the the movie was already awesome and didn't need 3D but go see it again anyways range.


Dhoom 3 is now the highest grossing film. Another point for Team Aamir. This record won't be broken for a while.


Shahid is putting his money where his face is… on screen for Haider. He's now co-producer.


The Nawazuddin star power at work: Miss Lovely is getting a decent sized release.


Vijay Krishna Acharya talks Dhoom 3 and other things.

How difficult was it to get over Tashan’s failure?

It left me savaged and brutalised, but Adi backed me. He said he loved the film, and the audience didn’t get it. Tashan is a milestone in my growth. It made me realise how much I enjoy action. We promoted it as a big mainstream film, which it wasn’t. The tone was very different, a tongue-in-cheek, edgy and campy commentary on the aspirational new India. But we pushed too many envelopes at the same time.

And for that, I thank Aditya Chopra.

Plus, meet the kid who played young Aamir Khan!

Says the Dhoom 3 director Vijay Krishna Acharya,"Siddharth is fantastic. He's a national-level gymnast. All the jumps and flips that you see him do in the film were done by him. He's a boy from Allahabad. When I saw him, I saw something special in him. You know children are so unaffected. He was with me for three months. I designed a workshop with him....He was here to see the film last week. I am waiting for the kid to grow up so he can do Dhoom 10. I am hoping he remains unaffected."

Spoilers for the film in that second link.


Kangana. This girl!

Recently, superstar Aamir Khan had said on 'Koffee with Karan' that Kangana is the sexiest lady in Bollywood. Earlier, there were reports of their fall out over 'Ghajini' where Kangana was likely to play the leading lady in the film. "I did not back out of Ghajini, I was never offered the role. There were some auditions going on and some team had called me for a small part, but later on they had taken someone else. I don't know if the news reached Mr Khan or he was aware about this. It is flattering (on his comment), I have always liked his working style, he is an intellectual and honest. I look upto him," the actress said.

Aw… I hope they can work together one day.


Arshad Warsi wants to get the raunch out of comedies.

I have heard that only Shahrukh Khan and sex sells. Perhaps for many out there it is right too. However, I would really like us to move out of this thought because I personally feel that isn't the case. I will tell you something. As a kid, I remember watching ANGOOR with my dad. We could watch it comfortably as a family affair. However today, I can never take my son out for a film unless it is a cartoon film. There is absolutely no Hindi film where all family members can watch it together without seeing the other way. However MR. JOE B. CARVALHO is one saaf-suthri film," says Arshad.

And… Bollywood Life tries to stir up controversy but Warsi isn't having any of it.

We hear that you tried to ghost direct this film…

I have not ghost directed any of my films, but I do give my inputs. I want that the director and I should be on the same page. It has been the case in the past that directors came to me with some script and I used to just listen to the story and create a movie in my head, but when after the shoot the real movie did not match up to the movie in my mind, then I used to feel bad. Thus nowadays I prefer to ask the director for a more descriptive script narration for at least the first two scenes. And yes, the director was new and he wanted to use my experience in work and so I used to give him some tips – nothing like I ghost directed the film. I have been told by many that I would make a good writer, as I improvise very well. Thus it’s the director’s lookout whether he wants to tap that potential of mine or not. New directors at times do tend to take my improvisational skills into the script and add more value to the final product. That’s all.


Shahid Kapoor on stuff.

Are you concerned about your overseas market?

As a market, I don't think I have cracked it big in the overseas yet. You become an overseas phenomenon on the basis of movies that you do. They have very set expectations from a Hindi film. They like to see Indian movies that have an Indian ethos. But honestly, the market that's actually growing is India. It's exploding.


Good luck to Zarine Khan in Punjabi films!! I suspect her assets will be better appreciated there.


Oh, jeez. Ravi Kishan would like to join the ranks of actors-turned-politicians.


Hey everybody, it's Yana Gupta!


Katrina Kaif is smart with her money, she says. As long as she's not cheap, especially with her staff. That's one thing I can't forgive, when rich people refuse to pay fairly.


And a big shaadi mubarak to John Abraham!


I can't resist Salman Khan high-fiving a tiny child.


I'm not feeling this video.


Vishwaroopam 2, dudes!


odadune said...

Re: Katrina: my understanding is that normally the producer pays the star's staff and their expenses separately from the star-that was why most of the cast of Krissh 3 was doing their own makeup. (Rakesh Roshan hadn't budgeted for the staff). Only a handful of stars pay their staff's way out of their own pocket.

Katrina doesn't seem to be one of them-there was a blind item last year about a female star's staff going a bit overboard in taking advantage of the producer's largesse, and some people seemed to think it was Katrina's staff that was meant. But hey, producers are some of the richest and least honest people in the biz, so who cares, right?

Jess said...

Odadune -that rumor about Katrina was during the shoot for Chikni Chameli, which she did for free. I'd have asked for stuff for my staff too. I think her list was fruits and water and a full lunch for her staff. I remember it because I was disappointed it wasn't totally overboard. Like "a bowl of only green m&ms" or whatever

odadune said...

Jess: that sounds a lot more plausible than what I'd heard, and I certainly wouldn't call that unreasonable. My original point was just that her being careful with her money did not mean that her staff were the Bob Cratchits of the film industry or anything like that. :)

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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