Friday, January 10, 2014

Frida.. what? Attention span of a gnat?

Bollywood Life gives a run down on where Sholay is today:

The question is, who is the Sholay franchise revival aimed at and how long can it be exploited. Most of the people who have contributed to the re-release box office are those from the nostalgia market. The vast majority of India’s massive youth population have the attention span of gnats and are prone to dismiss Sholay as an old film, as the less than stellar box office numbers prove.

Whether Sascha, PEN and co recover their investment from the nostalgia market alone remains to be seen.

See, now this is something I have to look in to. Was the box office of the 3D version that bad?

Madhuri Dixit talks with Anupama Chopra.

Anupama: But why was there a six year gap between “Aaja Nachle” and “Dedh Ishqiya.” My sense is that Bollywood didn’t really know what to do with you because you are too beautiful and too talented to be relegated to mother/sister slot. Is that a correct assumption?

Ms. Dixit: Well, yes, to some extent I think it’s true because usually in Bollywood, the woman is a victim, an avenger or just eye candy. Though in my career, I have tried to do different roles like “Beta” or “Mrityu Dand” or “Hum Aapke Hai Koun..!,” where she is an independent woman but after a point they [moviemakers] don’t know what to do with you. They want to slot you into these three different slots.


Shahrukh gives the actor's point of view on performing at Saifai.

"I wouldn't take a moral high ground on it," Shah Rukh Khan said at an event on Thursday evening.

"I have performed earlier, not knowing the situation in the area... I have seen on news what's happening and I can understand the media's point of view but it's unfair to nitpick on Bollywood for everything. We are performers and that's our job."


Here's a movie I already know I can miss.

Related: Earn some Times Points reading about how Shahrukh needs to believe that there is some logic to awards.

Many allege that actors who perform at awards shows are majorly the ones who also walk away with awards. To this SRK said: "Those who perform are mostly those who have had a good year. Those who haven't had a good year are not normally invited to perform."

"So, if they have had a good year, they will obviously get the awards. So, there is a logic, but some people look at it cynically," he added.

And you know? I believe that he fully believes this. He has to.


A lovely interview with Vijay Krishna Acharya:

Is there enough space in your locker for all the money to fit in?

(Laughs) Well, I hope. Each film is different. Tashan was born out of something else. I enjoyed writing Tashan very much. But I was telling someone a few days ago that Dhoom 3 is my most personal film and I am so happy to see the acclaim and collections pouring in. Let me tell you, there is no magical change in my life right now (laughs).

See, I knew I was right about that metaphor! Tell those evil bankers what's what, Vijay!


Gulaab Gang trailer! Looks great!

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