Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday: Like LMFAO without the humor.

End of the year lists… this worst of the year seems pretty on point, especially since it gives a solid definition of "worst" as film that was expected to do well and really, really didn't.

1. Zanjeer

2. Besharam

And etc.


I love posts like this!! The Oman Observer has an excited report from the sets of Gunday!

Thirty-year-old Khurshid Omar Al Balushi even said that the Bollywood stars spoke politely and even ate with us. “The entire crew team played cricket and even shared good jokes. Overall we had good experience,” he said.

It just warms the heart, doesn't it? Bollywood film stars charming people from all over the world…


Pinkvilla celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela with photos of him with a few Bollywood stars.


She's just a mainstream kind of girl.

A no-content article from Paper Magazine on Priyanka Chopra that tries to draw Hollywood comparisons to Bollywood stars and comes away with some doozies. Also, Piggy is styled to look like a "Girls" watching hipster, if that's your jam.

Imagine Angelina Jolie's fame when she stole Brad Pitt's heart, or J. Lo's after she wore that barely-there Versace dress to the Grammys. In India, Chopra was bigger.

This year, isn't she more like Blake Lively after The Green Lantern? *BOOM*

Chopra has starred in hit Bollywood movies like Andaaz, Fashion and the Krrish superhero franchise, opposite a parade of her country's hottest hunks including Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham (South Asia's equivalent to Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio).

Hrithik Roshan = Brad Pitt?

Shahrukh Khan = George Clooney?

John Abraham = Leo?

See, now, that's just lazy mapping (Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, and… Keanu Reeves?) and there is no way Johnny should be lumped in with Shahrukh and Hrithik. And when did PC star with John Abraham anyways? *Googles* Oh, right! Dostana. Just the kind of thing Leo would do.



A filmi dictionary for your press relations needs!

What they say: Being a star kid has never helped me

What they mean: Had I not been a star kid, you would not have been interviewing me


Soha Ali Khan seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.


Bollywood Life seems to think that Emraan Hashmi playing a rock star, necessitates growing a pony tail. And, what? A house in Laurel Canyon? Stop living in the past, mannnnn…

Confirming the news, choreographer-turned-director said to a leading daily, “Emraan will be seen playing a flamboyant rockstar. It’s a mischievous character, quite similar to his real life image. There will be many dance numbers for which he will have to attend some workshops. As of now, we are working on his look.”

Oh ho! I think Bollywood rock stars who do special dance numbers seem far more interesting than whatever you call that crap John Mayer does.


Mithun and Archana are playing Salman's parents in Kick!! This cast gets better and better all the time…


Shraddha Kapoor is OUT of Akshay's Gabbar. (CALL ASIN!)


I don't know, dude, wouldn't it be like more hardcore to just shoot in a real "unhygienic" brothel and then donate that money to helping the women there clean it up?


TOI has an interview with Sidharth Malhotra, who talks about his ex-girlfriend. But you wouldn't know her. She's from South Africa. *cough*

I tease, I tease! Sid, you sound like a good guy!

What do you like about Karan? I admire how he handles his success and how he can deal with everyone, without carrying the baggage of the work he does. I think he does not pull that Karan Johar card anywhere and treats everyone equally. I don't think he has an ego and that, at times, is a disadvantage as people take him for a ride. He will help people with dates and other non-film related issues. I think he says yes to everything and, at times, we have seen Dharma or him not getting that help back when they need it. He is too nice and does not know how to say no.

Aw…!! See! Sid sounds like an alright cat. I'm throwing no shade unless SOTY turns out to be an acting high point for him.


YAY!!! I hope this film screens overseas! There is something so joyous about Arshad's dancing. You can tell he really enjoys it.


BAD ASS teaser for Nenokkadine.


Everything about these Yaariyan song promos with Yo Yo Honey Singh are like LMFAO but with zero sense of humor, which just makes it like extra, extra gross.


odadune said...

The Gabbar role is (barring major changes from the source material) a girl in unrequited love with the hero, so no, don't call Asin, his chemistry with her would be totally wasted.

If he does an Oosaravelli remake, *that* role we need Asin or something like her for. ;)

The filmi interview dictionary is hilarious.

Jess said...

@odadune True about Gabbar, but more people need to cast Asin in general!
Is someone remaking Oosaravelli? That movie is completely NUTS. But Tammanna in the short hair wig was cute lol.

odadune said...

Jess: Oosaravelli has its problems, but I like the way it tries to build up the heroine's idealism as being just as EPIC as the hero's bada$$ery, and the fact that it has a better than average excuse for the hero being stalkerish and overprotective. it's also a comparatively good female role, as masalas go.

there were rumors back in May about Akki and Endemol being interested in remaking it, hadn't heard anything more recent, but that (and the relatively good female role) was why I namedropped it just now. Agreed that we need to see more of Asin, period.

Jess said...

odadune: I agree the heroine's role has a lot more depth than most masala films... and I really like the songs.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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