Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Post: She's oversold. And people in the front rows keep dancing!

Whoa. Rajpal Yadav and his wife have been sent to ten days in jail for lying to the court in this case:

Rajpal and Radha have been engaged in a legal battle after Delhi-based businessman, M G Agarwal (owner of Murli Projects), filed a case against them in the High Court for failing to repay a loan of Rs five crore which the actor had taken in 2010 to make his Hindi debut directional film 'Ata Pata Laapata'.

That just hit me in the gut. Poor Rajpal Yadav… he must be in bad financial shape. Even acting in 200 comedian roles a year can't pay the bills.


Trouble at SRK's Dubai show. Apparently the hall was over-sold.


Two big budget films from Ajay vs Akshay battling it out in 2014 is already news. I hope they don't release their films the same day because talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Why not release one earlier during the cricket dessert? It (usually) works for Sajid Khan. But is Spiderman really a threat? It's going to be in English and a foreign franchise and in 3D and probably REALLY expensive to get tickets and only showing at multiplexes. Is that really competition for two blockbuster masala films, one by A.R. Murugadoss and one by Prabudeva? Seems like two completely different audiences to me.


Salman Khan is doing the trailer launch for Jai Ho with a theater full of screaming fans. That sounds amazing. TEAM SALMAN!


"Chai with Bhai" is providing days worth of material.

But a televised apology wasn't enough for Salman. He told Karan: "He (SRK) could have come that same night and finished it off. He chose not to, so I said let it be. He passes my house four or five times a day. He should have come home at that point of time and rung the doorbell."

Wait… you mean spouting off on television and twitter and Filmfare magazine means nothing? *bubble burst* (This is why we love Salman, right?)



You look very different from a typical Hindi film heroine. Does that work for or against you in Bollywood?

3 years. 9 films. Mostly all biggest grossers of the year. So you tell me if that has worked for me or against me?



Prabhudeva is doing a special song in Happy New Year? Okay!


OH!! I see, it's not no-Amitabh no-Welcome Back; it's no-Amitabh no-whatever role Anees Bazmee wants Amit-ji for. Meh.

There seems to be no point to this film other than a cash grab. I hope it flops so hard it makes Zanjeer look like Krrish 3.


How is this like my dream cast? Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra, Govinda, and Rani Mukerji? I don't understand why I'm not watching this movie right now. But wait. Should I bring an extra bottle of water to the theater just in case the screen bursts into flames from the combined charisma of Ali and Ranveer? Seems like it could be kind of dangerous. IMAGINE THE SMARM THAT COULD HAPPEN! IMAGINE IT!


Ali Zafar is doing an item for the Tere Bin Laden sequel. Will it be water ballet? *Boom* Yes, I went there.


Eros picks up Mahesh Babu's film One.


You guys. Dreams really do come true: Harman "abs are what count right?" Baweja is making a comeback! And so are Luv Sinha and Adhyayan Suman.

I can only imagine facing SO MUCH REJECTION from audiences and coming back for a third, fourth, fifth helping because why? They want to be stars? They think they're stars already but audiences haven't picked up on it? They literally have no idea what else to do with their lives? They want to please and impress Daddy but have no other means to do so?

Where's that movie?


First look of Puri Jagannadh's Heart Attack! Now that's what I'm talking about.



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odadune said...

I'm hoping the May 1st thing gets sorted out, I want both those movies to do well. also hoping PD's references to working w/ Akshay "soon" means costarring role or directing, not guest appearance.

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