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Tuesday Post: GUESS WHO IS BACK?!

I don't think we can go around calling the biggest hits of the year yet with DHOOM 3 still set to release.


I've been half-following this story of Indian films being banned in Pakistan--which has led to incredibly snarky essays like this one but it seems the ban is lifted and (hopefully) people in Pakistan can enjoy Dhoom 3 with the rest of us!

Even Kashmir might get Dhoom 3!


Interview with Madhuri Dixit.

There was speculation that you didn't want to play an older woman or supporting cast.

One can't be snobbish but at this time when the industry is making such good films, one wants a role that will be etched out well. There were roles that I liked earlier, but at times the scripts were not good enough so I decided to wait till I got a good role. I had watched Ishqiya and loved how Vidya Balan's character is cunning and unapologetic about her sexuality. So when Abhishek Chaubey (director) offered me the role of Begum Para, I took it up knowing it would be equally quirky.


Almost 50% of Sonam Kapoor's tweets are related to promoting brands… hmm…


Even at 78, Garam Dharam still has that special charm

“In my innocence, or may be it was immaturity, I believed that they would never grow old but would always remain young and famous. Today, I know better. I know that nothing lasts forever."

He returned to his childhood village to shoot for a Punajbi film!


Naseeruddin Shah on Oscar chasing:

"It's just a yearning for worldwide recognition and we feel that Oscars guarantees us that, so that's why there is this hankering for an Oscar. It's ridiculous. I think everybody should just keep making the kind of films they want to make," he added.


Nandita Das is working with Saroj Khan for a dance number for a Spanish Film with the vomity sounding title Traces of Sandalwood.


It's being reported that Tusshy is producing Ajay Devgn in the remake of Kanchana.


Dangerous games going on with laser to the stars Dipesh Mehta getting an extortion letter delivered to his office.


Grass is green; water is wet; the media cares more about entertainment than important issues.

It's the same here in America, too.

(And is it me or does the entire filmi media have some sort of weird masochist kink relating to Salman Khan? You know they totally get off on getting him to yell things at them.

Salman Khan, who was once dating Katrina, was asked by a TV journalist during the launch of Jai Ho trailer as to what Katrina would be to him if she is Kareena's sister-in-law. To this, Sallu bhai calmly remarked, "Agar woh Kareena ki sister-in-law hai toh meri bhi sister-in-law ho gayi yaar. (If she is Kareena's sister-in-law, she would be my sis-in-law as well.)"

Well, it seems like as soon as he said this, he lost his cool and said, "Aap wake hi journalist ho? I swear to God, abhi tak mujhe nahi laga, par ab mujhe wakei mein lag raha hai ki aap journalist ho. Maan, maryada, sanskriti aap mein phut phut ke bhari hui hai na? Yeh shayad aapke mata-pita ne sikhaya hoga (You are a true journalist. Values, respect, culture and dignity comes naturally to you. It seems like you got it from your parents)."


Related to the above, you've got the Hrithik-Sussanne separation sideshow.

While I do wonder what was the final straw for Sussanne, I don't wonder enough to actually read beyond any headlines. We know all these guys sleep around. We all know.

(Although, I did read this article about Hrithik "de-stressing" in Los Angeles with his bodybuilding trainer Kris Gethin. Let the fanfic write itself.)


Karan Johar took to twitter to confirm Hrithik and Bebo in Shuddi. I'm assuming there were rumors because of the SEPARATION DRAMZ and we all know the Kareena-Hrithik affair rumors from back in the day.

But linking the tweet because of the second response, which had me giggling in my koffee:

please make New Movie with shahrukh and Kajol


Shahrukh is doing a film with Maneesh Sharma (Band Bajaa Baarat) to be titled Fan.

I could be on board with this.


Your producer's son news: Girish is giving audiences more of the stuff they were so indifferent to in his debut with the remake of Arya.

And Adhyayan Suman's creepy-ass film Heartless, where he's playing his own real life dead brother, is having singer trouble.

For those who are unaware, Sonu and Sunidhi had earlier declined to sign their contracts which the singers claim deprives them of their rightful royalty. Since the music of the film cannot be released by T-Series without the signing of the contracts by the singers, the music label has requested director Shekhar Suman to consider getting the songs re-dubbed by other singers.

Meanwhile, Sonu took to twitter stating, "Hw convniently me and Sunidhi r singled out 4 not signing d illegal, humiliating contracts... (sic)".

Also, Sachin Tendulkar is launching the music but with Sonu and Sunidhi getting re-dubbed? In just like five days? Really?

What is going on here?! I think this needs more investigation.


Handful of tidbits from Aamir's appearance on Koffee with Karan. (Pssttt… DNA India, you need to spread this shit out! Bollywood Life would have gotten like 20 articles from this one.)

When Karan asked Aamir about why it took him so long to come on this couch, the Dhoom 3 actor's reply left him speechless for a few moments.

"I did not know you well two three years back and whatever little I knew about you, I did not like it."


"Whenever sexual harassment or rape happens it is not women's fault. Those who have done it must feel guilty and not the victim. Society must change its views about women whenever such incidents happen and not blame or question women, like what she was wearing, or why the girl went to that place. Society must change its mindset," he said.


Shruti is back in for Gabbar?


Bollywood Hungama: where the headlines contradict the information in the story

Headline: Big B to work with Subhash Ghai

Article: Ghai says, "In our forthcoming film Sarabjit to be directed by Ishwar Singh and starring Sonakshi Sinha and Anurag Sinha, I need to clarify that Amitabh Bachchan is not in the film.







Highway: A romantic film about Stockholm Syndrome! (Kill me now because I kind of dig it.)


Dedh Ishqiya song promo.


Only Ali Zafar could make drinking Pepsi seem like a baller thing to do.

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odadune said...

The only thing I will say about Hrithik/Sussanne is that I'm not necessarily convinced the separation is primarily about his love life (or hers). It's not like either of them were raised by straight edge monogamous types.

Highway: pretty sure this will be next year's Ranjhanaa-that movie that sets out to portray really messed up people without endorsing them but ends up being a favorite fantasy of enty of real life messed up people.

Shruti would probably be good in Gabbar, especially since the gave the character an actual dayjob. I'm visualizing something like her 7aum Arrivu character, only with random fantasy song picturizations. No less important: Akki's apparently going for long hair and a beard for Gabbar.

I'm told that Arya is a sufficiently bad movie to where it doesn't matter who stars in it. I have seen Arya 2 though, and that one calls out for Ranveer Singh in the lead.

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