Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday: BONUS post! Making news myself!

Yes! I'm back from my day at SAIFF 2013 and I had a blast! I wish I could have stayed longer but duty calls…

Anyways, I got to meet the super-duper handsome and funny and just plain delightful Nawazuddin Siddiqui!

*caught mid-interview by Mo Pitz, photo credit to her*

Hopefully I can get that posted soon.

I also saw Rajat Kapoor's amazing film called Ankhon Dekhi. I was blown away by the story and the performances and everything. I will try to post that review soon, too.

And before we get to the news round-up, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fan mail I received from the one and only Luv Sinha!

Yes, dude, it is indeed very fun--although apparently not as much fun as googling yourself! Seems like both of us have nothing better to do, which is why he is one of my favorite topics to blog about! LOL! He kept hassling me, so I had to finally block him on Twitter. Being butthurt at me is not the best way to get me to stop writing about your lack of career… #justsayin (Now if there was a phone call from Sona involved, I may change my tune.)


Sharmila Tagore: Feminist

Sharmila feels women are still not on par with their male counterparts irrespective of the fact that ‘women empowerment’ is one of the main slogans of every political party.


Sanjay Dutt has gotten a 30 day parole to take care of his wife… who other sources spotted her out and about partying. Hmm...


Ranbir snaps and gets into a scuffle with some aggressive paps.


Interesting article on Bollywood's popularity in North and South Korea.

However, some South Korean cinema fans (perhaps the minority) actually prefer the lengthier offerings from India. "When [Bollywood film] ‘Three Idiots’ was edited by twenty minutes to make the film more suitable to local taste, it prompted a lot of complaints from fans. Consequently, the original version was restored. In fact, some theatres screened both versions," Kwak added. Indeed, the two most successful Bollywood films in South Korea -- "Three Idiots" (starring Aamir Khan) and "My Name Is Khan" (starring Shah Rukh Khan) each clocked in at about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

I'm definitely of the opinion that you shouldn't edit films down for different markets. The only exception would be if like Sunny Deol is doing a love scene with a 19-year old and the market for that is basically nobody and the producers decide to quietly snip it out the day after release.


The TOI gives us a list of actors doing Malayalam films. I was most interested in this:

Jackie Shroff

The actor who defined raw machismo in Bollywood is no stranger to Malayalam. Jackie made his Malayalam debut with the science fiction movie, Athisayan. The movie helmed by Vinayan saw him playing scientist R C Shekhar, who experiments on a magic potion that could make human beings invisible. Later, the actor was seen playing a complex character in Platform Number One, opposite Shwetha Menon, proving his versatility.

Blah, blah versatile. DID YOU SEE ABOUT THE MAGIC POTION?! Why haven't I seen Athisayan?!



Get your bio-data on Sanjay Gupta:

An actress most fit to play a cop.

It would be fun to see Parineeti Chopra as a bossy, bully cop.

Yes. I would watch that movie.

If you could remake a Bollywood movie, which one would it be?

Amar Akbar Anthony (1977), with John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi.

This, on the other hand, sounds like the worst idea ever. Somebody should remake this all ironically with like the nepotism douchebag crew. Some bros like Jackky Bhagnani, Ashmit Patel, and Luv Sinha. (*OH SNAP* Yes, I went there.)


This book looks really good!

Written by award winning film writer Avijit Ghosh, the book is an account of 40 such compelling Hindi movies that have been largely forgotten, reports PTI.


OH wow!! Kat trained for well over a year to get in shape for the acrobatics she does!

And oh no! She doesn't like getting called 'Kat'! Sorry, Katrina-ma'aam!


Posted for Kangana looking beyond adorable.



I'm looking forward to this one!



Archee ologist said...

WOW at the trailer of Queen. They seem to have used Kangna's strength as an actor, and her small-town background. Really look forward to that one.

And Soha Ali Khan seems to be out of her comfort zone, but doing well! The song is interesting and ironical at so many levels, don't you think? :)

odadune said...

You'd think Luv would be a little bit nicer to one of the biggest boosters and admirers his sister *has* in the English-speaking world, but apparently not.

And I'm sorry, no, Mr. Gupta, you cannot do Manmohan Desai style movies properly unless you're hiring larger than life personalities, which none of those three guys are. (Although Sanjay's at least consistent-Shootout at Wadala was definitely predicated on the mistaken notion than John's height and build make him inherently larger than life.)

And although I don't really have any strong opinions on Parineeti or Alia as actresses or people, I really dislike the way Bollywood is pushing a couple of women who look like twelve-year-olds as the Next Big Thing.

Oh, and in case, you haven't heard, the Akki/Kjo/Punit Malhotra movie Gutka is officially dead. Khiladi may be making a different film with Dharma, but no details yet.

Filmi Girl said...

@Archee I know!! I was blown away by how great she was!! Kangana is one of the best actresses in B-town and it's nice to see her being well used. :)

What's great about that Soha number is the reaction shots from Arshad!! Very well done--I'm not sure how it will fit in the plot but I liked it. Soha is looking very cute and it is nice to see her trying different things.

@odadune LOL!! Well, I won't hold Sona's douchey brother against her. He called me a "dumbass" and said I wrote "trash" before deleting his tweets. These star sons crack me up. What a mix of thwarted entitlement and lack of grace.

Excellent quip on John-John. I think most of John's career has been built on that mistaken notion.

And… although I would have been curious, I'm kind of glad KJo and Punit aren't going to be rom-coming the Khiladi. The Khiladi wears designer shirts simply so he can rip them off and kick ass. And he definitely already knows what love is.

odadune said...

Yeah, I was mostly curious about Gutka for the trainwreck potential (and soundtrack potential but that would be true of any Hari-Om/Dharma co-production), but figured you would be pleased to hear the news. ;)

Kangna was very charming in the Queen promo, although I'm not sure I care for the found footage/reality tv thing. In the Joe B. Carvalho song, Soha reminded me so much of her mother in "glam" roles-An Evening in Paris, things like that.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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