Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Post: Water is wet; Ranveer in annoying; Dhoom 3 is rocking the box office… tell me something I don't know.

Good morning, MUMBAI! (And the rest of the world!)

I'm not sure what my posting schedule will be like through the holiday but I can definitely tell you that Christmas will be a rest day. I'll also tell you that I've been using my free days to catch up on some fun, older movies available for streaming on Hulu. Americans should definitely check out the selection available (and then check out Justin Timberlake being charming on this past weekend's SNL; seriously this guy needs his own variety show.)

Up first is more Dhoom 3 talk! Check out the latest episode of Upodcast over here! Asim and I get into the nitty gritty of Dhoom 3

And speaking of Dhoom 3, it cracked the American Top 10 for weekend box office!

There is also the Saltz's typical tone deaf review in which she spends precious words complaining that Abhishek Bachchan has no songs and using her best Taran Adarsh thesaurus to describe things instead of, you know, reviewing the movie. HOW DOES SHE GET PAID FOR THIS SHIT?! I seriously don't get it, New York Times. She is hands down the worst American reviewer writing on Bollywood.


Indian Express gathers the alternate reality version of my top songs list which includes things like "Lungi Dance" and that soggy Sunny Leone item. So, basically, it's like my WORST dance numbers list.


Anil Kapoor is living too much in 2010. Slumdog Millionaire and the Hollywood semi-fame that came with it have brought out some unbearable qualities.


Shahid is relieved to have a hit and I am relieved he has a hit, too. Even if the chattering classes didn't like it much, it seems to have done well enough at the box office that our Sasha won't disappear anytime soon. SASHA! NEVER LEAVE ME!

I could seriously watch this guy dance all day long. I still love this number. Look how effortless he makes it all seem… like it's easier for him to dance than just move normally. Also, I really appreciate a man who can enter on a flying harness and make it seem just casual and matter-of-fact. I mean, HOW ELSE is he supposed to get on stage? Like some sucker using stairs?


Award for the least essential but most hilarious headline of the day: RANVEER WAS ANNOYING.

Thanks, TOI! I would have just assumed that was the case but it's nice to see it confirmed.

Of course, I wouldn't mind Ranveer annoying me all night and I'm sure a lot of other ladies and a handful of gents would agree.

Ranveer Singh was his usual boisterous self. A fellow partygoer complained, "He was over-energetic and after a point, it got a little annoying."

Was this "partygoer" lurking around outside in the bushes and look suspiciously like Ranbir Kapoor wearing a fake mustache?


And an actual article! Forbes India writes about how actors get paid in this new era of corporates. i.e. not black money in a suitcase. Or at least Forbes India doesn't go there.


(And a big CONGRATULATIONS to Krishna DK!! Shaadi mubarak!


"Drama Queen" song promo! I… like it! Call it the Parineeti factor. Who can resist her?


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pedrotheapebomb said...

Love Parineeta! One of the few of today's Hindi actresses that does not seem so 'generic.'

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