Tuesday, December 10, 2013


To celebrate the release of Dhoom 3 and to countdown to my favorite holiday (CHRISTMAS!), I present an alphabet advent calendar Dhoom style!

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Dhoom 2

J is for… Jai. Jai Dixit.

Oh, Jai: tall, steely-eyed, and full of punch lines. He should be dropping panties left and right but the guy is hen-pecked by his wife; stuck with a loud-mouthed dummy for a partner; and constantly having films stolen from right under his nose!

What's a guy to do?! If you're Jai, you bump it up a notch and star with Bollywood's Sexiest Woman and The Intellectual Khan for your next film. I mean, where does Jai go after Katrina and Aamir doing circus stunts and tap dancing?! Busting Rajini and Amitabh playing buddy villains?? (Actually, Vicky, get back to me on that. I have a plot to narrate you for Dhoom 4.)

But the Junior B takes it all in stride. I suppose you can't be Amitabh Bachchan's son and in the family business without learning to burn your own little glow in a bigger star's shadow.

K is for… Kabir.

One name only. Like Irrfan.

He's got bad intensions, sure, but he's also a super-sexy super-sex machine on wheels. Even Jai, Jai Dixit can't resist this deep brown eyes, though they would have to wait until Dostana to fully embrace the bro-mance.

Kabir has no respect for society's rules, man. He's going to live free--even if that means choosing death.

L is for… Like, Sunehri.

She may not be well educated or classy or own many shirts that cover her navel but, damn it, Sunehri is no dummy and woe unto the man who tries to play her. (*cough Jai*) She had a bad start to life but all she wants is a little piece of home to call her own.

And a hot guy.

And some hot clothes.

And maybe a hamburger.

All photos today courtesy Yash Raj Films, who have graciously left the websites for Dhoom and Dhoom 2 up and running, so we can cherish them forever, much like Space Jam!

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