Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Post: The Human Factor.

I saw the trailer for Sunny Deol's Singh Saab this weekend and do you know what? It actually looked pretty good!! What do you think?

The film is in trouble with the censors for one of the songs which allegedly has objectionable lyrics.


Are people still giving Nagesh Kukunoor money to make films? What is with these directors and there endless strings of flop films? Well, it seems even if the producers are giving cash, stars aren't lining to sign up--the host of MTV's Roadies is set to star.

SPEAKING of which, Kunal Kohli? Really? And he's decided that his romance no longer works so he's doing a "gritty" ripped from the headlines film? Who keeps giving these guys money?! They should be forced to sit through all the films they fund.


Anurag Kashyap joins the ranks of Madhur Bhandarkar, men telling women's stories and claiming feminism with The Day After Everyday. Funny how when men do films like this, they're edgy and socially relevant but when (sorry, IF) women (can even gather the resources to) make them, it's "a woman-centered film" and ignored.

Actually, the talk around this and the women of Krrish 3 kind of reminds me of this New York Review of Books douchebag review from a dude of Game of Thrones where he basically says that of course it's feminist because there is a girl who wants to swashbuckle instead of staying home and knitting.

Almost from the start, Martin weaves a bright feminist thread into his grand tapestry. It begins early on in the first book, when he introduces the two Stark daughters. The eldest, Sansa, is an auburn-haired beauty who loves reading courtly romances, does perfect needlework, and always dresses beautifully; in striking contrast to this conventional young woman is the “horsefaced” younger daughter, Arya, who hates petit point and would rather learn how to wield a sword.

Because girl things like sewing and reading romance novels are yucky and any woman who takes pleasure in them is anti-feminist? So who is going to hem your shirts, duder, if nobody with any self-respect is going to learn how to? So, we're supposed to forget who really has power and just concentrate on one character who spurns ladylike things and call it feminist?! REALLY?!

As a woman and feminist, I thought Kangana's character in Krrish 3 was wonderful. She had character development, a personality of her own, and made her own decisions in the end. She even had her own POV song about her own desires!! How is that anti-feminist?! Feminism is all about treating women like people not like men and not like some separate class of creature.


Dippy on doing an English language film in Goa with Arjun Kapoor:

"For me it's a little strange to be working with him, I have known him for many years. I have known him since when he was a fat kid, he was part of a group of friends and I never thought he would become an actor.


Ajay Devgn x Prahbudeva for Action Jackson is just so much yes.


And a two part Hindu article on a documentary on the musicians who played film music.

As much as the story is exciting, it’s also heartbreaking to hear some of the musicians’ views. Bujji Lord, from the pictures you see, is a swashbuckling drummer whom you would like to believe lived “the life”. But through the film it emerges that for him it was “just our bread and butter…and of course, jam,” he laughs cynically. “In film titles, even the car drivers, and cooks names were mentioned, but never our names,” he says with obvious resentment. It’s the detached professional in Bujji perhaps that finally makes him conclude: “You don’t have to love your profession”.

The film is called The Human Factor.



odadune said...

Thanks for the filmi music articles they are interesting.

Eh, I like 8x10 Tasveer* and I know enough people who like Dor and/or Iqbal to where I'm not gonna begrudge Nagesh Kukunoor his latest project. Kunal and Madhur can go fish however.

*I was rather astonished to discover that both Nagesh and Akshay had made their peace with the film as well, with Nagesh recently citing Dor and Tasveer as cases where he was happy with how the movie turned out, even if they weren't successful, and Akshay recently being asked in a fanchat on twitter: "what movie are you most proud of that failed at the box office?" to which he responded "Tasveer 8x10."

eliza bennet said...

I too liked Dor and 8x10 Tasveer. I like this director's visual sensibilities and am looking forward to watch another film from him.

GoT review dude got it all wrong (I completely agree with your thoughts on the excerpt from the review) but the books do not share the kind of perspective that reviewer has and they are actually quite good if you like the genre.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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