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Tuesday Post: My goal is to act in two movies a year and produce one film every 18 months.

Good morning, all! So, how many plays has "Tattad Tattad" racked up on your playlists? (1 million? 2 million?)

So… it was brought to my notice that some people were butthurt over my Ram-Leela review because I found Krrish 3 more emotionally moving. But, you know, we're all different, my friends. I'm not a big romance person and I never have been. There are many, many worse things out there than to not get to marry the person you're in love with. Sure, that sucks big time but it's not like a tragedy in my books. I did really enjoy the film, though--don't get me wrong--but what's so wrong about finding Rakesh Roshan's melodrama more engaging on an emotional level than SLB's romance?

I've always been a big fan of sci-fi and Krrish 3 used one of my all time favorite tropes--the non-human who learns how to feel emotions only to have them used in a heartbreaking way when she sacrifices herself for the greater good!!!! *crying already*

Let's all just get along, okay?

Now! TUESDAY! It's TUESDAY! Hit it!

(I covered the Ranveer Refusing to Shave His Mouche story already, right?)


Is it just really early or does this piece in Variety make no sense.

Virgin Produced launched in 2010 with Robert De Niro/Bradley Cooper starrer “Limitless.” The company’s music-infused safety video for Virgin America went viral, receiving more than 5 million hits on YouTube. Mann said he’s also looking to making such projects in India.

“The audience is your collaborator and you’re more creative,” he said.


Ah, Bollywood Hungama has it.


Wow, what a "star"-studded guest list, Hollywood Reporter! From their description of an AmFar Charity Event:

The exclusive guest list of about 300 included leading Indian celebrities such as Nita Ambani (wife of India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries), actresses Dimple Kapadia, Nargis Fakhri and Sophie Choudry, actor Dino Morea and cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar, among others.

I'll give you Dimple but when Nargis, Sophie, and Dino Morea are your bold-faced names, that's some pretty pathetic star power.


Speaking of C-list celebs, there's something really pretentious about this press release for Kaun Hai Kitne Paani Mein

It is the first time ever that rural villagers in the State of Odisha, one of the poorest in India and where the film is set, will be able to recognize their own traditional folk music and choreography, landscapes, and neighbours in mainstream Indian cinema, instilling a sense of pride and emotional connection.

Starring Kunal Kapoor, Radhika Apte, and Gulshan Grover. You know, everybody's favorite mainstream actors. But really? The press release makes it sound like Kunal Kapoor swooping in from the opposite side of the country and going through some "local" dance moves is the greatest thing that ever happened to Odisha.

I'm not saying the film can't be good but Kunal Kapoor? Why not use an actor actually from Odisha--like my man Pitobash. I think Odisha is pretty proud of him!


NDTV is trying to stir up anti-Aamir/pro-Abhishek Dhoom 3 coverage but I think nobody cares.

And Oneindia has already tired of Dhoom 3 and is busy writing fanfic for Dhoom 4.


Bebo: Queen of Press Conferences.

"I have worked with all the Khans in more than one film, which means I have a good chemistry with all of them. With Imran too, this is my second film. As far as the Khans are concerned, I would now love to act with the youngest, Azad. I hope I get the opportunity to work with him too," Kapoor revealed to media.

She just opens her mouth and gold comes out. Oh, Bebo!! I LOVE YOU!


Do we want to see Arjun Kapoor as Mahesh Babu in an Okkadu remake? And is the public really clamoring for more Arjun?

This untitled film will also be co-produced by Boney's younger brother Sanjay Kapoor and is slated to go on floor in January 2014.

Oh, I see. Well, then.


Luv Sinha: Just doing his own thing and makin' it on his own, just like his Daddy.

My goal is to act in two movies a year and try to produce at least one film in 18 months. We are looking for registered scripts from both established and new writers. We want to make films which are both entertaining and meaningful.

I'll be happy to eat my words if he manages to create a good product but odds are that my words are safe, firmly fixed to my computer screen. Hey, Luv. I hear Girish Kumar is looking for a project. And Govinda's daughter.


Interview with Veer director Anil Sharma:

After Gadar, you lost your way…

No. Kindly understand that if a film like Gadar, which grossed Rs 200 crore more than a decade ago, had released today, it would have amassed five times that amount.


And, to end, a cute Sonakshi Sinha story:

"Trying to look pretty in a saree in that kind of heat is no easy task so when I couldn’t take it anymore, I just jumped into the water to cool off and asked Bosco to shoot us in there!” sums up the actress.


And an oldie but goodie! Have a great day, everybody!

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odadune said...

We need Arjun around so that Sonakshi can have a larger pool of *young* tallish, high testosterone men to play opposite. (She was the heroine of the Okkadu remake, last time I checked). She has pretty good chemistry with Saif and Shahid in the songs from her movies with them, but the wide angle shots make it all too clear that these are a couple of wiry, short-to-average height guys who would probably lose to her in a no-holds-barred fight. Like Jesse said on yesterday's post, she'd do better with Vidyut than with Saif.

(In other tangentially Arjun-related news, it's been confirmed that Gutka's a one-hero film now, and he's not involved in it.)

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