Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Post: Luv Sinha is a self made man and other fairy tales.

Irrfan Khan is still banging on the International Cinema drum.

"We need to find a way of telling stories where a universal audience finds itself engaged in the storytelling. That's one thing we need to do, and that's one thing we have not been doing," said Irrfan, who believes the onus lies on directors and producers.

Why? And who is this mythical "universal audience"? If you really want to do the Hollywood thing, you'd have to start chasing Chinese money.

Along with the change in the nature of subjects and storytelling, India also needs a renewed understanding of the importance of an Oscar, advised the versatile actor, whose "The Lunchbox" was a frontrunner as the country's selection for the foreign language film category at the Academy Awards this time.

Gujarati film "The Good Road" was chosen over "The Lunchbox". Irrfan is not complaining, but he believes a larger understanding of the ballgame needs to persist.

But he's not complaining. Even though Krrish 3--old fashioned masala at heart--is doing gangbusters at the box office, Bollywood just needs to change everything it's doing and send The Lunchbox to the Oscars.

But he's not complaining.


Tigmanshu Dhulia seems to be trying to placate the Irrfan Khan crowd talking about Bullett Raja.

“I admit I’ve used a lot of singing and dancing in the narrative of the kind you haven’t seen in any of films. But the songs don’t just come on for no rhyme or reason.” “‘Bullett Raja‘ is not just about having a good time. There are many issues that the film tackles – the exploitation of youth power for politics is a prevalent theme in my cinema. In ‘Bullett Raja‘ too it is an important plot motivation,” he said.

But singing and dancing DON'T just pop into the narrative for no reason except at Straw Man Studios, which is where Irrfan seems to have been watching all his films lately.


Huh. Ali Fazal signed opposite Vidya Balan for Bobby Jasoos.


More Milan Talkies rumors--Varun Dhawan and Shradda Kapoor?


See, this is why I'm a Kangana Ranaut fan.

Your personal life was under a lot of scrutiny at one point of time. Do you regret anything?

Young girls fall into ugly traps. Those things were the worst things, which can happen to a girl, and girls are made to blame themselves. Somewhere, I want to talk about it because it’s something I have been through and it has made me the strong person I am today. I did not hold anything back or tried covering anything up. I meditate and heal myself everytime I think about it. Over the years I have learnt to deal with it and I am not ashamed of it. I am proud of myself and I want to tell all those girls out there that they should be proud of themselves.

Kangs, sweetie, you keep standing proud!


Sunny Leone injured on the sets of Tina and Lolo, which, the more I read about it, sounds like it could be pretty fun.

Tina And Lolo being an out and out action film requires both female stars, Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna to indulge in some heavy duty stunts and one such stunt went wrong on early Thursday morning. The sequence in question required both the girls to jump over a car onto a bunch of baddies who were shooting at them and take them down. As soon as the director shouted 'Action', the girls were elevated with the help of a harness over the car and onto the gun totting bad guys.


Oof. Financial troubles for Ashtavinayak, producers of the Golmaal series among others.

Apparently, a couple of months ago,State Bank of India took symbolic possession of all the properties of the production house, which had taken a loan of Rs. 29 crores from them, but had defaulted on payments.


Koffee with Ranbir and Bebo.


Luv Sinha is back! *cue Psycho style strings*

"He (Shatrughan Sinha) is a self made man and he wants us also to be like that. I do not expect him to call people to provide work for us. I want to try and do things in my own way as that is the challenge. We have learnt that money and being famous is not important in this profession... One should be known as a good actor," Luv told PTI.

Right… if that's true, why is it that you're getting yet another chance to prove yourself?

I like Sona's attitude better. She's just like, Yeah. I never had to struggle. Honesty.


See, Sholay 3D people, Rakesh Roshan knows you don't just put stuff out there in 3D for cash.


Moimeme said...

Remember Salman's quote from about a month ago that the masala genre is just about played out? It seems that everyone who's in the middle of remaking masala films from the South read that interview and are now busily denying that their film has anything masala about it. I mean, Bullet Raja is not a masala film? Neither, apparently, is Shahid's R.. Rajkumar nor Akki's remake of Thupaki.

odadune said...

Well, the original Thuppaki's a fairly grounded thriller with a couple of things desi films normally refuse to dispense with regardless of genre (a romcom track, a few songs). If they manage to release the remake/Hindi on a date that's not inconvenient from my POV, and haven't managed to raunch up the song picturizations, I would probably bring along the same not-masala-friendly friends I took to Special 26.

If it's okay for Salman to go around claiming that his brother's remake of Murgadoss's Stalin is not a masala film, then it's equally okay for the people involved in Thuppaki remake (and Gabbar when the time comes) to make the same claims. ;)

odadune said...

Stuff I forgot to comment on.

Luv Sinha seems like a nice enough guy, but he really does not seem to belong in front of the cameras. (His twin brother Kush is an AD on ad films IIRC).

That Milan Talkies article is so far beyond bizarre that I don't want to know they're smoking. Shraddha was attached to the project briefly, then dropped, then a couple weeks later Shahid bailed. I'm prepared to believe that she might accept the role for Varun's sake since he's a friend, but I'm not prepared to believe that Shahid bailed on a project because it hired the same 3-films-old rising starlet who is playing Ophelia to his Hamlet.

Rum said...

Haha ohh Luv Sinha! I'm never gonna forget the time he tweeted me his facebook fan page after some duffer sent along my reviews of the Backwaas list on my blog where i heavily dissed his debut Saddiyaan! It's refreshing to see Sonakshi just own up to her privilege and what it enables, unlike her bro!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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