Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Post: Another slow news day...

Yay! Krrish 3 enters the 100 Crore Club!

Wow, Diwali celebrations mean not too much news today, I guess, unless you want the media creeping on Aamir Khan's 16 year old daughter. I was hoping for more of Shahrukh Khan's delightfully surly teenage son looking like he would rather be anywhere else in the world than at his Dad's dumb work party but all the media vomited up was a slide show of photos snagged from the Aryan Khan FC, which is CREPPY ON SO MANY LEVELS.

(And yes, review is half written but the media aren't the only ones who partied too much this weekend. Ooof.)


Aparna Sen doesn't like message films and isn't going to let you tell her that "women-centered" films aren't films about the human experience.


Himesh Reshemmiya in a 1960s era murder mystery as a superstar-turned-cop-turned-superstar? Is it just really early or am I reading this right? And Honey Yo Yo Singh is playing a negative role?! Why do I feel compelled to watch this?


Enough with the freaking biopics already!! Does the world really need Farhan Akhtar as Sahir Ludhianvi? No.


Kai Po Che actor Rajkumar Yadav is getting work! Yay! I liked him in the film.


Guys, producer's son and aspiring actor Girish Kumar is available! Any takers? He's like a cheaper Imran Khan with less name recognition.


Speaking of… maybe somebody could just digitally remove him from all these tracks and we can just watch Bebo and her gorgeous hair.


odadune said...

No, you are reading the Himesh/Honey Singh project correctly. I am skeptical about anything that bizarre getting off the ground (a certain party's probably going to sue the pants off of them), but I actually sort of like the casting.

Like you, I find the (not yet adult) starkid fanclubs disturbing. It's one thing to imagine how hilarious/awesome it would be if X's child grew up to be Y, and another thing to think you're entitled to have Aryan as the next SRK, Ira as the next Alia, Jhanvi as the next Sridevi, etc.

umang said...

Thought Pyaasa was based on Sahir Ludhianwi's life. If Farhan can somehow recreate Pyaasa's magic that would be welcome. Hope Javed Akhtar is writing the script.

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