Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Post: It's Children's Day… in India!

I can no longer contain my glee at Vivek Oberoi delighting in his own self-importance! I should have perhaps linked to this yesterday morning but I was a bit groggy and couldn't quite put the words together (as you may have gathered.)

But now… Vivek thinks he's Heath Ledger as the Joker. Which, no. He's really not. Vivek was good as Kaal and Kaal was a great villain opposite Hrithik but Heath Ledger owned that movie and Krrish 3 was purely a Hrithik Roshan affair.

I feel so happy and ecstatic the way the audience has accepted the character of Kaal. Some have complimented my role of Kaal to the legendary Gabbar Singh of 'Sholay' or that of 'Mogambo (Mr India) while others have compared my performance to international level, like that of Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker in 'Batman,'" said Vivek in an interview with

Would those "some" be named "Vivek's family and/or his hangers on"?

Just joshing ya, Vivek! Never stop giving delightful interviews like this. As my love for Kareena Kapoor's interviews can testify, I love a star with an inflated sense of self-importance and no filter.


You can't keep her down!! Kangana keeps speaking truth to power.

Citing an example of her forthcoming women-centric movie "Queen", she said that even if the film manages to make Rs.300 crore, she won't be able to match the remuneration of her counterparts.

"When it comes to paying us, they (filmmakers) wouldn't want to, just because I am a girl. This is very unfair.

"I think our generation has the responsibility to bring women of the industry to a position where they not only get respect but in every way they should be respected and their graph should be respected," said the 26-year-old.

Kangs is heading to New York to putter around taking art classes. Hit me up, girl!


The Kangs's love interest in Rajjo has been given a bump up in age after the Censor Board objected.


The idea that there should be special "children's literature" dates back to… 19th century middle class Brits and Europeans. And now we have crap like all those shows on Disney where kids outwit dimbulb adults who "just don't get it." No, you brats, you just don't get it--the real world is complicated and you have been coddled.

Um… apparently I had some feelings about that.

Seriously, though, separate entertainments for children are all well and good but I remember learning a lot more from the adult programs and films and books than anything designed for a ten year old. But maybe the reason there is Bollywood doesn't make cinema for children is that they aren't the ones buying the tickets and the people who go see whatever that Imran Khan genre is are.

Viva capitalism.


Jackie Shroff's daughter enters the ranks of star kids getting assistant director jobs. I'm assuming "job" is in dick quotes. Who knows how much actual work these kids do.


I've been kind of following the RAM LEELA name controversy but it didn't seem like much of anything--and now the film is releasing in Delhi after all but with an altered name.


Come on, Kalki! Kick that sucker to the curb!


I like to call him… Steven Kapoor. Heh. /just re-watched Rangeela.

“In the young director’s vision, the present-day villain has gained respectability and social access. He is smarter, dressed better than Saif, and the heroine is very friendly towards him…My villains have been extremely heavy dramatically, they have had wigs and accessories. Bullett Raja takes my years of experience as a villain, but takes away the larger-than-life brand that I have created,” he says.

Oh, I trust Gulshan Grover to make it over-the-top without resorting to gimmicks, wigs, and lingo. And I mean that in a good way.


AND on this Children's Day, please enjoy the opening credits sequence of Free to be You and Me aka the idealistic "for kids" special that gave me false expectations of how the world worked!! ("What do you mean I can't do this because I'm a girl??? DIDN'T YOU SEE FREE TO BE YOU AND ME? You didn't? Oh. Okay, then. Well, I'm doing it anyways so what are you going to do about it? Tease me and make my life hell? Okay, then." *still bitter*)

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odadune said...

re: children's cinema, I'm more a "make films that people can see with their kids if they feel like it or enjoy even if they don't have kids" kind of person. It's also worth noting that Gulzar (the guy plugging the idea of a child-centric cinema) was not exactly a maestro of child-friendly movies in his heyday: the vast majority of his work was cleancut but leisurely films about very adult concerns, like what's going to happen to the trucker's sickly landlady and her teenaged/adult daughters when they're no longer getting rent money from the trucker.

Gulshan "Dil Garden Garden" Grover is awesome, and I really like the glimpses of him, Jimmy, and Chunky Pandey that I've seen in the Bullett Raja promos.

Re: star kid as assistant directors: I think it depends on who's in charge, and what they're trying to prove. Sonam and Ranbir were ADs for SLB before Saawariya, and I can't imagine their pedigrees doing much to shield them from the craziness. There was also a blind item a few months back about some star reaming out his son-turned-AD for some foulup or other.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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