Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Post: But who else would you cast in a Bollywood "300"?

This weekend, the big new film is Tamil!! Arya's fantasy epic Irandaam Ulagam!!

Hindi-wise, we'll have to see if Sunny's Singh Saab can halt not just the "Tattad Tattad" Express but the film that is probably best described as an excuse to gaze at Bebo's shiny, shiny hair for 2 hours. Although, it appears like we're getting Singh Saab this weekend… Somehow I don't think either Past-His-Prime Sunny or Bebo's hair (amazing as it is) have much of a chance against Ranveer's oiled up chest.


Get well soon, Hritihk!! The poor guy is facing health problems again.



Yes, alright, any Vidyut Jamwal news is important but… just read this.

The actor who will be next seen in ‘Bullett Raja’ is also gearing for an action flick and buzz is that the project is on the lines of the Hollywood hit ‘300’.

Talking about that Jamwal said, “The concept is brilliant and Ram is one of the best action directors. The film will be unlike anything you have seen before, with a lot of the Indian martial art form, Kalaripayattu, which I have trained in since I was 10.”


Okay, TOI is trying to stir up shit by saying Krrish 3's box office numbers are inflated. And, who knows, they probably are but then it's impossible to know about anybody's box office numbers for 100% certain. The dumbest part of this article is that they then drag in both Salman and Shahrukh as being "mad" that the Roshan's are saying Krrish 3 is the highest grosser when we can all assume that a) Salman has better things to worry about, like Bigg Boss, and b) clearly this item was planted by Team Shahrukh who actually does care about these things, deeply, more than any other hero, and the Salman thing was just a decoy because I haven't heard a peep about Ek Tha Tiger's record or Salman before this piece brought it up.

And isn't it more likely Red Chilies working on Kick is just a smart business decision and not a sign of a Khan-Khan Thawing of Relations?


Is shaving one's head the new "bowler hat"? Or, considering Ghajini, the old "bowler hat"?


Dhoom 3 dolls blah blah, I'm more amused by Aamir's lifts. Damn, those are some TALL shoes and he's still barely up to Kat's shoulder!

I'd want these but I'm trying to cut back on my acquisition of stuff. Too much stuff is bad for the soul.


Gunday trailer! And if there is as little Priyanka and as much bromantic action in the film as in the trailer, I will be happy. She hasn't gotten much attention for her last few films after they've been released, hmm… Unless I'm mistaken her item was mostly ignored. Maybe they should get that one fierce background dancer to do an item in Gunday. I'd be down for that.

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