Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Post: Mr. J-J-J-Joe B Carvalho!

Good morning, good morning! I'll be updating today and tomorrow and possibly Wednesday but it's Thanksgiving weekend here in America so I'll be with family for the long weekend.

So, do you know, I ended up watching Darr on Netflix streaming last night and, wow, does that film hold up well!! I think that's one which definitely stands up to its reputation. It was really nostalgic somehow to see the young Shahrukh just chewing scenery with all his heart and Juhi! Poor Sunny, though. It's like he knows, even while they're filming, that he's irrelevant.

Let nobody say I don't give credit where credit is due. I would chew my own arm off to get out of watching Chennai Express or MNIK but Darr is a-ok!


A delightful profile of Ranveer Singh. Well, RANVEER is delightful. According to me.

Seated in his black Jaguar, whose number plate, 6969, confirms his naughty credentials, he says, "I don't want a flat career graph. It has to be crazy."

HAAAA! Why do I find him so charming? I don't know!


Ajay Devgn is launching a production company to make the kinds of "foreign" films that middle of the road critics love. Just check out this description:

Shivalaya has greenlit its first film, Parched, described as centering on the bitter-sweet journey of women in the parched rural landscape of India. It was written and is to be directed by Leena Yadav. Her credits include 2010's Teen Patti, which starred Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley. Shivalaya will be producing with BEP executive Jai Khanna also serving as producer on the slate.

Ah, nothing hits that demographic bette than the words "bittersweet," "rural," and "women." Well, if it gets directors like Lena Yadav something to do, and since the films will never hit my local desi theater, who am I to complain?


Some info on Salman's Jai Ho.


Abhay Deol, who is apparently "choosy" about his projects, is working with a UK production company for his film The Bounty Hunter--a Hindi film shot in the UK.


A student protest interrupts the shoot of Haider in Kashmir.


Waheeda Rehman! In Vishwaroopam 2!

Sunny Leone is doing an item in a Tamil film.

Diganth gets another crack at Hindi films.


And the PFC circle jerk continues…


The Good Road's publicity run includes making people remember it exists now that the parade of butthurt has ended by paying TOI for coverage.


Trailer for Arshad Warsi's Mr. Joe B Carvalho, which looks great!! And Soha Ali Khan! The last thing I saw her in was that crap Midnight's Children, so I'm happy to see her kicking some butt. I have a soft spot for the lesser Ali Khan… for no real reason whatsoever.


It's not like I want to hate Yo-Yo Honey Singh (I love plenty of American rappers who are far from politically correct) but he makes it so hard. Just look at that outfit! And talking about his debut film:

Yo Yo will go through acting classes before he starts shooting. “The film’s director will teach me what to do.”

Yeah. Good luck with that, Director-saab.

AND OMG THIS SONG WAS DISGUSTING! I was good for about 20 seconds but then WTF HAPPENS. I'm no prude but… gross!


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odadune said...

That Yaariyaan song makes me want to apologize to the people responsible for the Lungi Dance and and Party All Night picturizations for all the bad things I've thought about them. Clearly the YoYo Honey Singh guest numbers could be much, much worse.

Am still trying to figure why these established stars need two and three production entities a piece.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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