Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Post: Shamelessly Unnecessary.

The Library of Congress has awarded the Indian nonprofit PlanetRead for their work teaching literacy through Bollywood!! Congratulations, PlanetRead!


So… Satya 2

I’m positive that RGV and his casting director deliberately set out to find the worst possible cast on the face of the planet because the performances here are unreal. Even if Anaika Soti and Aradhna Gupta had never seen a camera before in their lives, and even if Mahesh Thakur was injected with a gallon of LSD, and even if the lead Puneet Singh were actually a doorknob with drawings of eyes and ears on it, the acting would still be higher in quality than what we get to see in Satya 2. After a point it is heartbreaking to see these guys ham, tumble, and wrestle with their facial muscles for two and a half hours.


Wait--no digital, no Dhoom 3?! That's kind of outrageous. Not that having access to a film is a "right" but it doesn't seem smart to cut out single screen theaters in an effort to curb piracy. Wouldn't the people who don't want to pay a lot of cash for the multiplex be the exact ones willing to buy a bootleg cam version for a couple bucks?! How does that help anything, Adi?


People are really digging Krrish 3! 200 Crores worldwide!


Pakistani hunk Fawad Khan to romance Sonam Kapoor in the Khubsoorat remake?


Bollywood Life rips into Imam Siddique for refusing a cameo with Shahrukh in Happy New Year. Why do they care so much? I can't tell if the writer is offended that Imam is not making quality career decisions OR if the writer thinks that not wanting to do a cameo with SRK is some sort of slight against SRK.


Boman Irani's son isn't as picky about his roles.


Bollywood is exporting DDLJ to Peru. I will never understand the hold this film has over a certain segment of Western Bollywood fans. Never.


Another remake for Akshay? And, Tamil friends, given my love of masala should I go to Arrambam? It's still playing this weekend here.


Priyanka Chopra talks to Anupama Chopra.

Strange as it may sound, whether other girls are doing five blockbuster hits back to back, I’m still where I am. I’ve always been considered, at least for the last four, five years, a successful actor. My decision on movies has nothing to do with what someone else is doing. It never has done. The point is to change norms and I consider myself a game changer. I’m not someone who follows the rules. It’s about doing whatever you want to do with conviction.

Said the heroine of the Zanjeer remake.


The puffiest of puff pieces on Sonu Nigam over at Open Magazine.

“It was great that someone threw me out. My papa and I would stand in the sun for hours to save Rs 5 and go by bus, then realise that we were standing at the wrong bus stop. I would sit outside offices for eight hours with no water or food. I’d think, ‘I’ll show them my perseverance.’ Your roots remind you of your reality.”


W magazine has a profile of Sunny Leone:

Today, sitting in a van parked amid the crowd, her makeup artist retouching her red lips and feline eyes, Leone is all cool confidence, unfazed by the rather stark contrast between the kind of acting she did in Southern California and the kind she is doing in Bollywood—by the fact that she now delivers lines with her clothes on, and in Hindi. “For me, it’s all just entertainment,” she says.


This is so shamelessly unnecessary:



odadune said...

The Bollywoodlife writer(s?) just tend to be weird and of their favorite pasttimes is running Hindi song lyrics through babelfish and then ridiculing the resulting bad articles that don't have that great of English themselves.

The Ajith Kumar movies I've seen (including Billa from the director of Arrambam) tended to be slickly made, Tamil analogues to your standard testosterone-poisoned American summer blockbuster, only with songs (usually not that well picturized) and comedy tracks of varying levels of quality. And a leading man who actually has had interesting life experiences (car mechanic, boxer, professional racecar driver, costar in South India's only Jane Austen adaptation...) I don't know if they'd really be your thing.

This one has some kind of social issue angle about soldiers/police getting issued defective bullet-proof vests courtesy of the usual graft and corruption. I could see that being the kind of thing Akshay would get worked up about, just as I could see the gutka/chewing tobacco issue being something that pushes his buttons. HOWEVER, these South Indian producers spend so much time starting rumors about people in Bopllywood wanting the remake rights to their films that unless they supply some kind of details I tend not to believe them anymore. Also, Arrambam is a two-hero film, and between Boss's failure and Gutka's apparent difficulty in rustling up a second male lead, I don't know how game Akshay is for those anymore.

Tinfoil hat time, re digital Dhoom 3: what if Aditya Chopra wants to drive the single screens out of business?

swilso04 said...

Beth, you HAVE to watch Arrambam! I agree with the above comment re: Ajith's previous work, and I'm not the biggest fan, but Arrambam was a WHOLE lot of fun. I had no expectations, went with lack of a better way to spend my time, and was totally charmed. The songs are PERFECTION, down to their placement in the narrative, the comedy is actually pretty funny, action scenes are gripping, and Nayantara wears a Burqa and shoots baddies! So so so much fun, best masala movie I've seen this year so far!!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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