Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Post: Happy Birthday, Aishwarya!

Happy birthday, Aishwayra Rai!!!

It's been quite a journey! Please keep making films, Aishwarya!

And, people, NO SPOILERS for Krrish 3--I'm not reading a SINGLE review before I go, okay? Nobody is going to ruin this for me. NOBODY. We're so information saturated about every film before we see it. It's tiring.


Sad news, too, today. Writer KP Saxena, who did the dialogues for Lagaan, has passed away.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends.


Read a thoughtful piece from Mahesh Bhatt on the changing nature of the business.

The projectionist looked towards a grove of trees on the beach. 'The power of picture and sound has also gone na. Now you can see movies on anything, and anywhere… look at them,' he said, pointing to some boys who were watching some content on what looked like newly acquired smart phones. "That is why the standard of movies has also become very bad. Sorry Sir, but even you don't make those emotional movies like Saaransh, Arth and Daddy anymore, do you. You make a lot of money, but…"


Ranveer and Dippy talk to Anupama Chopra:

Anupama: Deepika, you have said that none of your other co-stars have been as uninhibited as Ranveer. In what way is he uninhibited?

Ms. Padukone: Uninhibited is uninhibited. There is no thought or worry or ‘How am I going to look or how am I going to do this or will I look silly doing it?’ Even as a co-star, if you need him to give cues or you just need his energy on set, he is there.


Don 2 in legal trouble?

According to the complainant, Nariman Films who have originally produced Don, they had given the rights of Don to Farhan Akhtar only till 2009. Thus, Don 2 which released in 2011 was ideally against their contract. Nariman Films therefore filed a civil suit alleging Don 2 of violation of copyright laws as elements of the original Don like the tune, characters, parts of the script; songs etc. were used in the sequel. But the case was dismissed back then owing to the fact that multiplexes and theatres had already been booked for the release.

This will be interesting... it's a shakedown but possibly one with some legal backing?


Is Rahul Khanna still a thing? I guess so...

Why don’t we see more of you in films?

There’s no particular reason, I make the best choices from what is offered to me. My character in Wake Up Sid was very interesting, I got a great feedback too. The reason I did that was I like Ayan Mukherjee. Also, Karan’s (Johar) approach as a producer was something new and different. I did Love Aaj Kal purely for Imtiaz (Ali Khan).


A curmudgeonly rant against toilet humor.

The Bollywood hero has gone past being a vulgarian, the sort of Chaucerian vulgarian whose foibles were so essential to the script. He is now a guy who is able to fire off base jokes about women and private parts and everything in between, simply because it makes mass audiences guffaw. He is now, if I may coin a phrase, a crassarian.

I have mixed feelings. I think toilet humor can be quite funny but overuse or lazy use really does grate on the nerves. There are other kinds of physical humor. Still, nothing slays an audience quite as well as a perfectly timed fart gag.


Karan Johar's "Broadway" video... Um... I'm glad he's having fun, anyways.


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odadune said...

Don 2: I kind of see why they were willing to wait this long to proceed with the lawsuit (more money after the film's become a hit in theaters and on dvd, doncha know), but I don't see how the court can allow them to go forward with it this long after release.

Re: Krrish 3. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Re: Karan: I kind of want to see the Salman episode, just because I suspect Kjo will be just as much on edge as he was w/ that Ajay Devgn episode. Could be funny.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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