Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Post: Spoiler alert...

Bollywood media. Dudes. Can you NOT put spoilers for Krrish 3 and/or Dhoom 3 in the titles of articles? I know you have no restraint but let's at least try, okay? Let Aamir keep his top secret trailer top secret. Nobody takes any pleasure in having the plot of upcoming films spoiled drip, drip, drip through stupid news blurbs.

Also, this nonsense is unacceptable. I get that everybody loves the stream of free content flowing from Priyanka's press team but one poorly danced "modern mujra" is not overshadowing Deepika in Ram Leela--especially since the movie isn't even out yet. Just chill on the cat fight nonsense.

Just chill, chill. Just chill.


Sanjay Dutt's vacation from prison is over.


A.R. Rahman is doing the music for Window Seat.


Akshay wants to do another romance and a horror film.

"I haven't done a love story in a long time. That's something I would like to explore again. And also, I have wanted to do a horror film for a long time. I genuinely believe the Indian audience is ready for a big scale horror film," Akshay told .

TOLD WHO, TOI?! The PTI? Probably. Heh. But how about a nice romantic horror film, hmmm? With Vidya! Or Bebo!


Do you know what my life is missing right now? Arshad Warsi. He's got two films coming out in early 2014!

Shilpa Shetty's gangster film is also coming out then.


Subhash Ghai signs up model Hazel Crowney for an item in Kanchi.


Film based merchandising... are you ready?

iggy George, whose Dream Theatre represents Warner Bros Consumer Products for core portfolios of promotional licensing, food and beverages and personal care, and which has forayed into sports brands with FIFA, says, “For Bollywood, licensing and merchandising is a low priority and an afterthought. It is something that is never planned at the script stage but as a promotional tool. Also, movies have very short life cycles and to have product launches dovetailing with a movie and then making a profit is a challenge for partners. This is where Krrish scores. It’s a franchise and there are already four animation films created for a kids’ channel. This will keep the momentum alive for licensing.”

Emphasis added. Is that the next step then? Merchandising planned at the script level?


Jackpot trailer with Naseer and Sunny Leone. Could be good!


How long has Imran been making movies and he STILL looks like he may as well be standing on his bed and lipsyncing along using a hair brush as a microphone. That's why he's got my vote in Beth's poll as the guy who wouldn't have nearly the career he's had without a healthy sprinkle of nepotiz.


odadune said...

Every time Akshay mentions wanting to do a romance movie I kind of facepalm and go "really, dude, this couldn't have occurred to you, say, around the time you made Thank You and *really* looked presentable?" But I'll take what I can get in that department, even Namastey London 2. Just wish they could find someone to direct it besides Vipul Shah (hey guys, if the action masala gravy train really is coming to an end like Salman says, Prabhudheva could probably use a change of pace, and he HAS made several romance movies, including one shot in Paris, so....)

My "fantasy" romance project for him would be an Indianized version of Jane Austen's Persuasion; either a straight social drama/comedy by someone like Mohit Suri or a sort of political thriller version from Neeraj Pandey, taking advantage of all those loose ends and general mysteriousness related to the villain. Preferably starring Vidya or Chitrangda as Anne Elliott.

You might get your wish on the romantic horror front though. He's been talking about how much he enjoyed Saif's zomcom Go Goa Gone and how he wants to play a vampire sometime, and how he's searching for a vampire-themed script. BUT the only sort-of confirmed horror movie he's doing is Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, which if it happens will probably be based on Priyadarshan's upcoming Malayalam movie Geetanjali. (Unfortunately Geetanjali only has a cameo for Vidya's counterpart.)

Dhat Teri Ki was the song I was thinking of when I said on the other post that I thought Punit Malhotra's head would asplode if he had to work with people who could actually dance. It also puzzles me that a song involving mild-mannered Imran Khan and some gyrating women in mildly skimpy clothes manages to feel skeevier than any of the picturizations I saw from Boss or Besharam.

Danny Bowes said...

If Akshay wants to make a horror movie he can always do a documentary about filming Joker.

odadune said...

Danny Bowes: and all the exhibitors/distributors who are still mad at him for not promoting it can dress up as angry villagers with torches and pitchforks...

PS: you do good work on the reviews-thanks for raising Bollywood's profile that way.

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