Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Post: If Priyanka is "rounded," what does that make us non size zero types? Elephants?

We'll start today with Aamir and Priyanka in America.

Aamir Khan gets a thoughtful write-up in the Washington Post for the first America Abroad Media award.

“I want the viewer to take one step toward me,” says Khan, rather than channel surf from cricket match to soap opera to reality show and back to him. “We had no idea whether people would be interested in watching a really heavy topic like child sexual abuse or domestic violence.” They were, it turns out, because Khan is charismatic, empathetic and influential.

Meanwhile Priyanka Chopra's press team exploded all over American ladies media with gushing reports about how she is the first Indian Guess model.

From the last link:

"I'm pretty much quintessential Guess—feminine, the big hair, the big eyes, the doe-eyed look," Chopra told me in an exclusive interview at the Guess studios in downtown L.A., adding, "I really do believe that women should always be feminine and beautiful and not skinny, but rounded."

Wait, Priyanka considers herself NOT skinny? Okay, then... To my eye, what this means is Guess Jeans wants some of that sweet, sweet, upper middle class diaspora/metro money.


Read about border crossing by Pakistani film Zinda Bhaag.

"I really think Pakistani films need to be (regularly) shown in India. That needs to happen," [Meenu] Gaur, who is Indian, said.

"In terms of the distance, Delhi, Amritsar and Lahore are so close and yet people don't know about the everyday lives of people across the border. So I think films like ours, which people can relate to and enjoy, need to be seen and shared," she added.


I love Kangana. Here's a poorly formatted interview with her.

Other actresses want to work with Shahrukh and Salman. Why aren't you part of that race?

Working with the big stars sometimes is very disappointing but if I get the kind of role I have in Krrish, then I will do it. The heroines have been stereotyped in these kind of films, they have one or two romantic scenes, some comedy scenes and the hero has to save them once and in the climax win her over. All this is really boring.


Everybody likes a good curmudgeonly rant, right? Here's one on music today!

Artists such as Honey Singh, a talentless hack according to this writer, have now become the highest paid singers whereas singers like Sonu Nigam and Kavita Krishnamurthy find themselves out of favor. There have been many instances in the past where singers with limited talent managed to keep pace with the great ones but never has the disparity been so clear.

Oh, SNAP! There are some real points made, though, including one on A.R. Rahman that hadn't occurred to me.


Ew... Manish Paul in Tere Bin Laden 2.


Dhoom 3 is partnering with Mattel toys? (TOI link so don't bother. That's all the info you need.)


Reliance calls back their former chairman after both Zanjeer and Besharam flop big time. (Again, TOI link and not much more info than that.)


Sunny Deol. He's just tired.

"Today, everything is about promotions and it has become necessary. Today, people shout from rooftops to come and watch their films. I did that kind of promotions earlier but I got tired. I don't like to do it but it seems we have to do it as it is necessary," Sunny told reporters at the music launch of 'Singh Saheb The Great'.

Oh, Sunny! Maybe it's time to move over to dad roles.


Ajay Devgn is doing Tusshy a solid by acting in his movie. Maybe.


And Akshay is getting harassed by gangsters?!


Also, PS: No film produced by UTV-DISNEY can be considered "indie", Indiewire. Mmmmkay?


Shaadi Ke Side Effects trailer... seems solid, though outside my sphere of interest.


This is more my speed.


And... an acid-soaked, weirdo Buddhist, why-are-they-using-a-sitar video from Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z to cleanse any normality from your day.


odadune said...

Priyanka's always been kind of this generic Barbie-doll type beauty in repose (on a good day, her mannerisms and attitude manage to elevate it to something more). It doesn't surprise me that Guess would take a fancy to her.

I don't think anybody but Ranveer and SRK actually *enjoy* film promotions as they are currently setup, but there doesn't seem to be any other way to market movies effectively in India.

I can just barely imagine a couple of scenarios where a big-name gangster in exile has a reason for referencing a maid fired from the Kumar-Khanna household(or Bhatia-Jatin household, if you prefer) when he makes a threatening phone call, but more likely this is some 2rs.* thug trying to look tough to his girlfriend. Still, they have to be careful.

From the involvement of Rowdy Rathore/Gabbar co-producer Shabina Khan in the Tusshar-Ajay project, I'm wondering whether this is part of the preliminary favor-trading and negotiations to avoid a Gabbar/Singham 2 clash.

If this Farhan guy is such a great actor, how come his take on "entitled young married guy who learns he's not the center of the universe" looks exactly like everyone else's take on the same thing? I like Vidya in perky mode a lot better than in aaaaangsty mode though, so the trailer's kind of nice that way.

re: grumpy music guy: I personally think Honey Singh is genuinely good at rap, which is a very different skill set from traditional music. This does not make his lyrics or his attitude okay, or his success a good thing, but "talentless hack" is such a cheap way out of discussing something you don't understand. And I've seen enough comments to the effect that ARRahman tends to be a lot more concerned about the clarity of the lyrics on his Tamil songs than on his Hindi songs to suspect that grumpy music guy is misdiagnosing the problem there. He has a point on Himesh as singer though.

*I love this expression, maybe because it's such a small amount of money at current exchange rates?

Tobi said...

Ugh, Priyanka: "I really do believe that women should always be feminine and beautiful and not skinny but rounded." Should always be? I certainly don't want to always be feminine nor beautiful and it's really up to me what shape I wanna be. I'll be a masculine, ugly, trapezoid if and when the mood takes me, thanks Priyanka!

Filmi Girl said...

@Odadune 2rs. thug. LOL!!! I'm going to remember that.

Divya said...

@Odadune ARRahman tends to be a lot more concerned about the clarity of the lyrics on his Tamil songs than on his Hindi songs

I would actually disagree here. Ar Rahman has been widely criticized by the Tamil Film Industry for the exact same reason that Grumpy music guy is talking about. In fact he had a famous falling out with Vairamuthu, one of the best Tamil lyricists working today over Rahman's constant mangling of lyrics. I think grumpy music guy is spot on about A.R. Rahman preferring timbre of voice to actual talent or even appropriateness to the song. For eg. Nenjukkulle from Kadal is beautifully sung by Shakthishree Gopalan but her voice is very urban and does not really suit the song's very rural dialect. I love Rahman but in this case I agree with grumpy music guy.

odadune said...

Diyva: I will take your word for it. :) it's one of those cases where I don't feel like I understand either language enough to have an opinion of my own, and I was reporting on things I'd seen elsewhere.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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