Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday post! And the most disappointing film of 2013 so far is... *suspense*

Somebody in my building is making pancakes and they smell heavenly. It's a Tuesday morning but do you think they would mind if I stopped by with a plate and some Grade B Maple Syrup?

Mmm... pancakes...


Now! What would you say is the most disappointing film of 2013 so far...

I voted for Himmatwala but a case could be made for Besharam, too.


Taran Adarsh shares his wisdom on all these 1980s remakes going down:

"Since youngsters haven’t watched these films, it’s a good idea to remake them."


I'm not sure what the take away from this piece on Bebo not fasting for Karva Chauth is supposed to be. That she's a selfish, heartless bitch? Maybe she just wanted to swan around in some jewelry for the cameras looking gorgeous and didn't feel like answering questions about her marriage.

India Today has a slideshow of Bollywood Kauva Chauth, if you'd like to get your fix. I don't know if I'd call it Bollywood's "defining" celebration, though. In modern times, that would probably be the wedding.


Words of wisdom from Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi at the Mumbai Film Festival.

“I think Indian cinema should not lose its originality by trying to imitate other film industries. It should continue making films and shouldn’t try to imitate Hollywood or European cinema because then we all will be making same kind of films, which we don’t want,” Farhadi said.


Whoa!! I did miss something--Upen Patel is working with Vikram and Shankar?! I haven't seen Upen in ages! I wonder if he's playing a villain role or something else...

He seems so upbeat!

“Vikram is amazingly dedicated and even between shots, he stays in character. Amy Jackson is also from Britain like me, so we bonded well. In fact, the whole atmosphere on sets is very intense and everybody stays in focus. For me, it’s a huge high, and has whetted my appetite to do more Tamil films.”

Tamil films are awesome! I'm glad you think so, too, Upen!


Kader Khan is producing a film for his sons.


Linking to this picture set of Raj Kundra's novel launch for a) Shilpa Shetty and b) the one comment left.


Oh ho ho!! So the media narrative being floated is that R...Rajkumar is going to be a revival of Shahid's career?


Important Sajid Khan info: He's doing a cameo in Happy New Year. So... we'll all watch for that?


Let's all love Kangana Ranaut. Okay?! ♥

“Marriage is made out to be so important for girls, the focus has to shift at some point from marriage to the real challenges of life which are the same for women and men, so we have to prepare our girls just the way we prepare our boys.”


And a bonus: How many times has your favorite actor played a guy named Raj? (Hollywood link.)

Danny Pudi

Number of times he’s played a character named Raj: 1

Show: Gilmore Girls (4 episodes in 2006)

Has he also played a guy named Sanjay?: Twice! In 2012′s The Guilt Trip and in the 2007 TV series Greek.


Look everybody!! It's Kunal Kapoor!! And he's doing stuff!


(Laura) said...
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(Laura) said...

I haven't seen 'Himmatwala' or 'Besharam' (and figure I'll probably keep it that way), but I watched 'Ghanchakkar' over the weekend. Oof. Really wish I had that time back.

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