Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Post. Sad news today...

This is some very sad news--Manna Dey has passed away.

A couple of greatest hits lists.

Some reminiscences from Sandip Roy:

Till the end of his career there were very few Hindi films where all the hero’s songs have been sung by Manna Dey. He got the reputation for singing old men’s songs, difficult songs, semi-classical songs. He bristled at those memories.

“Every song is classical,” he said sharply and sang a line from his famous Bengali song “Aaami je jalshagharey” and quickly segued to “Kaise kaatey raat” tracing the notes – re ga ma pa dha ma. “ People who have not learned what sa re ga ma pad dha ni sa is will not be able to sing this. Andaaz se kabtak gaatey rahogey ( how long will you sing by guesswork?) To be a singer you have to do your homework first.”

Old is gold.

Rest in peace, Manna Dey. Today my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.


Read an interview with cinematographer Binod Pradhan:

Do you think good cinematography can save an otherwise bad movie?

Save, no. Cinematography is only the medium. For a good movie, all the ingredients have to be correct. However, good cinematography can make a film look more acceptable.

I was actually thinking about this the other day. We all have different things that will turn us immediately off to a film or other work of art. I'm okay with low production values as far as sets and costumes and things like that but cheap sounding music drives me crazy. Badly synthesized strings and horns make me seethe with rage but other people don't even notice them.


Govinda! I would like to see him on screen again. Yes.


I don't know if I'm willing to give Subhash Ghai another chance but... I am interested in two of the three of these movies. At least in theory.


The TOI highlights some of the actors making villainous debuts in Telugu films.

After carving a niche for himself crooning hit numbers for the likes of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, rapper Baba Sehgal is all set to showcase his acting skills in Gunasekhar’s 3D biopic, Rudramadevi. The singer has already completed filming some high-octane sword fighting sequences with Anushka and seems to be enjoying playing the villain for a change. “I’ve acted in a few Bollywood films like Miss 420 and the song Aaja Meri Gadi Mein Baith Ja, etc., and proved myself. So, I think it’s time to try out something new and you’ll see me playing a mean villain. I’ve been hitting the gym regularly to get a toned look and you will see me in a bald look with tattoos and stuff,” says Baba Sehgal.


I DO NOT WANT THIS--why can't they just restore the original and release that back in theaters? And what's with the 162 minutes business? I bet they cut the comedy subplot because that's what producers do now. But damn it! I LIKE COMEDY SUBPLOTS! AND VILLAINS! AND ITEMS THAT INVOLVE ACTUAL DANCING NOT JUST SOME MODEL POSING ALL FAKE-SEXY!


And... Jiah Khan's death is being reinvestigated. PLEASE be careful when clicking on news stories about this because some of them are reprinting the death photos. The NDTV link here is safe, though.


I'm really looking forward to this.


Another Coke Studio Pakistan song!!

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