Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Post: Dhoom Machale, Dhoom Machale, DHOOM!

There's only one REAL story today: DHOOM 3 TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!)

I cannot wait. I've been on Team Vicky since Dhoom 2 and I loved Tashan enough to see it TWICE in the theater and many more times after that. The circus angle interests me quite a bit, too. I've long been fascinated by all things circus and magic related--magic as in stage magic and not the fantasy bullshit, I mean.

Adding to my enjoyment is the upside down view of the trailer from Luis Gomez at the Chicago Tribune. It's interesting to see what somebody with no idea of the franchise or the stars thinks the movie is about:

The third movie in the buddy cop, action franchise – which revolves around a supercop and his joke-cracking sidekick...

And later:

I was, however, able to gather that the protagonists are trying to capture our bowler hat-wearing friend (played by Bollywood mega-star Aamir Khan), who is the villain in the third film.

Imagine walking to Dhoom 3 thinking Abhishek and Uday's buddy act is the main point!! I mpossible, right? I'm not ripping on Luis. He has no way to know the history but it's funny to see the film described like that. Context matters. I haven't seen it yet but I can guarantee you Vicky wrote this with Aamir as the lead.


Oh wow!! Tickets for Chennai Express were Rs. 500?! That's getting into American movie prices--and Krrish 3 are just as high it looks like.

I'm DEFINITELY going this weekend but I'm not reading any reviews beforehand. I don't want Taran Adarsh et. al. polluting my viewing experience.


Koimoi has the biggest flops of the year so far. The number one is a massive bomb and--SURPRISE--it's NOT Himmatwalla.


Amitabh Bachchan teams up with Sujoy Ghosh for a promising sounding film.

Amitabh will be seen playing the role of a mathematician who silently loves his neighbor, a divorcee and helps her to cover up the murder of her cruel ex-husband. Sujoy also recently revealed that the romance in the film will be inspired by Bollywood hits like Sholay and Kala Patthar where Amitabh portrayed a similar kind of silent devotion towards Jaya Bachchan and Rakhee.

Sujoy Ghosh knows what's up.


Vogue India's "fresh" faces of 2013 aren't really all that fresh since four of the five debuted last year or the year before.

Sushant Singh Rajput, yes, though.

How about Dhanush for his Bollywood debut? Tamannah, Taapsee?

The guys from Fukrey? Vaani Kapoor?

Cherry? Girish Kumar?

I'd suggest Preity Zinta's debutant in Ishqk in Paris except Rhehan Malliek seems to have been so traumatized by the experience that he's now going by Gaurav Chanana.


An oldie for you because the comments had me cracking up. My favorite: a pervert cameraman shot this song

Very true, my friend. VERY true.


And the trailer for Arrambam which is the Tamil film playing at the theater this weekend. Ajith x Arya? Count me in!


odadune said...

Fun as we find it to pick on Tony D'Souza, and as much fun as some section of Bollywood journalism finds it to pick on certain other parties involved...I thought I'd seen stuff putting Boss's budget in the 50-crore range. And articles pegging it as a break-even affair.

eliza bennet said...

"Amitabh will be seen playing the role of a mathematician who silently loves his neighbor, a divorcee and helps her to cover up the murder of her cruel ex-husband."

This is the plot of the best selling Japanese novel The Devotion of the Suspect X - written by Keigo Higashino.

There already is a S.Korean film adaptation (not a very successful one since the novel is one of the ones that is not easy to adapt to screen) directed by Bang Eun Jin.

Hope that the second one will be the charm.

(Laura) said...

Hooray! Another 'Tashan' fan! I can't wait to see Dhoom 3 in the newly renovated theatre near me. Brand new, very cushy Laz-E-Boy style reclining seats + Bollywood = YES.

Dr. Dang said...

excerpt of krrish 3 review by Raja sen from
If your idea of a fantastic time at the movies involves Hrithik Roshan wrestling with a man’s tongue, then, my friend, you’re in for a blessed treat at the movies this week. Ditto if you’re a retailer of friendship-bands.

The rest of us, on the other hand, best stay away from this beastly big-budget juggernaut, a film ostensibly made for kids but one so abysmal that you should be most concerned if your children (or your nephews or your neighbour’s kids) want to see this. If they grow up actually liking movies like this, well, there goes the next bloody generation, conditioned for mediocrity from the get-go.

What if, for example, a child asks why Rakesh Roshan’s new film is called Krrish 3 when there is no Krrish 2 in existence? No reasonable answer exists, save the possibility that the new Krrish, for some oddball reason, is named after the number of thumbs its protagonist possesses. What the dashing young Krrish doesn’t possess is a power not to bore. In fact he — and his pot-bellied father, also played by Hrithik — are blessed with the ability to take a massively budgeted opportunity and suck it dry of all promise, leaving us with a Diwali release that can’t possibly be recommended for any

odadune said...

elizabennet: Yeah, I believe it is an official adaptation, which is always nice. It sounds like an interesting role for Amitabh, and Sujoy Ghosh seems to have a knack for unconventional stories, so I guess we'll see.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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