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Monday Post: The bitch is back! Did you miss me?!

Good morning! Yes, everything is more or less back to normal here in DC and that includes my writing schedule! I'm sorry for abandoning you for a couple of weeks but it looks like I didn't miss too, too much except for drama over online ticket booking for the Mumbai Film Festival that rivals the dramatics and Shahrukh getting a cold or something and the media spinning 200 stories about how he was watching his own movies on Netflix (or something--I skimmed.)


Let's start with a legal round up:

Poor Pito was attacked by rowdies for no reason.

In the financial shenanigans corner... Akshaye Khanna files a complaint when a get rich quick scheme turns out to have been a scam. Shocking. Is it really that easy to dupe celebrities? "I've got this fantastic plan to double your money in 30 days... but the minimum investment is 50 lakhs." What could be sketchy about that?

Adnan Sami has been avoiding taxes. He's looking sickly in that picture--weight loss doesn't always do wonders for a man's looks. Ew.

And Preity Zinta faces the fire for her check bouncing incident. I can't decide which is the bigger crime--Preity for bouncing a check or Abbas Tyrewala charing 20 lacks to "write" Ishqk In Paris. Did he charge by the letter? ("Better stick another 'k' in the title. KA-CHING!")


In other shocking news, people don't just naturally have a figure like Deepika Padukone's. It takes daily sessions with a trainer to stay that slim and toned... and probably a very strict diet, too. If that's your thing, fine, but I think it's important that people--especially young girls--are aware that it takes hard work and a LOT of money to look so... "natural." (Just ask Priyanka Chopra.)


A love letter from the Wall Street Journal to Sonakshi Sinha.

Her staff vouch for the fact that she always makes sure that all of them have their meals together on set. The day we meet her at the Famous Studios, where she was a guest on a reality dance show to promote “R…Rajkumar,” she made sure she greeted everyone. She waved to fans waiting to see her outside the gate with a smile. “I like it when they like me. In the last three years I have achieved much more than most actors would and for this I am thankful to the audience,” she added.

And from Kangana Ranaut to Rakesh Roshan.

"During Kites I never had any interaction with Rakesh Roshan. My interaction was only with Anurag. I was upset about the role because what I was told during the script reading session, it was not the same in the film. I never had any problem with Rakeshji," Kangana said.

(And this makes me hopeful.)


I'm looking forward to Abhishek Kapoor's Fitoor. An adaptation of Great Expectations just seems like a good fit... I hope the casting drama is over money or timings or Sridevi not wanting to play an old biddy instead of some script issues.


Govinda to play Ranbir's father in Jagga Jasoos 1: The Pre-made Franchise Just Like Hollywood.

I'd love to see Chichi back on screen but I'm not sure about this project...

Rishi Kapoor to play Abhishek Bachchan's father in another film.


Madhur Bandar-car keeps adding chapters to his fanfic where he is a successful director and heroines are lining up to be "under consideration" for Fashion 2. (FASHION 2!!! What happened to that "rom-com" he was going to make? Actually, no. I don't want to know.)

Whatever. I'd rather watch Super Models than Fashion 2. Seems more realistic.


UTV-Disney sink their claws into Telugu films and are producing a Mahesh Babu starrer. On the one hand, it means distribution will be good and I might get to see it but on the other, UTV-Disney is evil.

I meant to write up a review for another UTV film I saw last week. A Tamil film. Siddharth starrer. Available on Netflix streaming. It was just as misogynistic and lacking in any redeeming content or genuine emotion as a Katherine Heigel (or insert Hollywood actress of your choice) rom-com. Thanks, Disney! Great to see those values exported.


Words to make even the strongest woman shake in her boots: John. Abraham. Tapori. Item. Song.


Better news would be an Akshay and John buddy action movie.


Have a think piece from Aseem Chhabra on the NRI market and high/low culture.

My sense is that in the 15 years since KKHH's release, the attitudes towards the Indian Americans have changed markedly. Johar made three films in the US (all with Khan). The films were successful in the desi market in US and worked in India as well. If some critics did not appreciate those films, they did not blame the Indian American audience for the filmmaker's sensibilities.


And... an interview with Varun Dhawan that bothered me for reasons I can't quite pin down. It was simultaneously butt-kissing AND aggressive somehow. And overly focused on link-ups. Because who cares about anything else, ammirate? (TOI link)

You have often been in the news for your personal life. First Alia, then Shraddha...

(Interrupts) I was never seeing them. If I say 'We are good friends', it will be misconstrued as 'Boyfriend Girlfriend'.

Even Bipasha is on that list. Isn't she at least eight years older than you?

(Laughs) She is quite senior to me. We spoke about the rumour and she said, 'Welcome to the film industry'.


Bebo's charms more than make up for Imran's lack of dance ability! What think you...?


Kangs in Rajjo! *whistle whistle*


This seems like it will be a decent DVD watch.


Whoa! When did Ranbir get so THIN?! Eep. Maybe he should drink that Pepsi instead of using it like a telephone.


Music from Coke Studio Pakistan (aka the GOOD one) Season 6... which is coming soon?





I think I posted this already but it's worth doing again:

Trailer for Dyavre.


Lastly... for anybody with 20 minutes to spare:



Abbas said...

I missed you. Fun to read you for the first time.

odadune said...

Yay, you are back! You were missed :)

Don't like the hype around Varun or what little I've seen of him (some pictures and a few clips from SOTY), but it kind of looks like the interviewer got off on a bad note by bugging him about his father's health, and things went downhill from there.

Chingam Chabake reminds me of some of the "leads horsing around with ye quaint villagers" in early 1970s movies-banal but cute.

Worst part of the UTV-Disney/Mahesh Babu project is that it means that historical drama he's doing with Sonakshi and the Vedam/Gabbar director is probably delayed some more.

Jess said...

@odadune I'm wondering what happened with that Mahesh/Sona project! He's finishing a film now and about to start Aagadu with Tamannah and the director from Dookudu. He seems to be working non stop, I wonder if that project was shelved.

odadune said...

@Jess, I know Shivam (the Mahesh/Sona project) was supposed to be expensive and possibly had financing problems, and I recently learned that the director has had some trouble getting backing for his more epic projects in the past; his 2012 release (Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum) was a pet project that took him several years to set up. He and Mahesh may have felt like there was time to work on other stuff while this one came together.

Gabbar's supposed to start filming in early January 2014, assuming a 60-75 day shooting schedule, no major hiccups, and a relatively short film editing cycle, the director should be available again in April/May, by which time Agadu should be done, I would think.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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