Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Happy LOVE day!! My favoritest idol group new album titled LOVE releases today!! My copy has been shipped but you are welcome to order your own over here.

And, yes, this group does in fact contain "Yatterman"!

Definitely recommend this one if you like pop music and/or disco. It features some of the tastiest disco jams this side of Daft Punk.

And now!


Heroic photo-journalists are tragically foiled by an angry Salman Khan in their attempts to give the people the information they so desperately need about... Salman Khan's new movie. Yup. The headline for most of these articles is SALMAN KHAN TEMPER!!! instead of Asshat Journos Sneak Onto Closed Set!!!


Speaking of asshats, Sunny Leone's top to be digitally removed by asshat producers.

It happened that during the shoot of a horror flick, the crew members were taken aback when Sunny Leone expressed her inhibition for a particular scene where she was required to drop her top and cover her assets with her hands. Sunny made it clear that she is not going to shoot the scene without a bikini top.

Did she agree to the digital removal of the top? Why would they assume she would just get naked? She's an adult film actress, not a living doll, jerks. How about respecting her autonomy over her own body.


Australian filmmaker Paul Cox had this to say:

"It is nothing but the America`s way to make money. Do you think they would like to see Bollywood a part of this? Oscars should be ignored by the rest of the world film industry including Bollywood. I do not understand this pathetic adulation about the American awards," he said.

You and me both.


DNAIndia wants to know where all the stars were at the Mumbai Film Festival...

Exasperated, festival director Srinivasan Narayanan said, “What can one do? We sent them invites and also followed up... but they have not shown up.” Without naming those approached, he added, “I guess they must be busy.”

You have to love the power of the Bollywood star--even people who disdain popular cinema and would die before admitting that they saw Rowdy Rathore are butthurt over Sonakshi Sinha not sticking around to watch art films. Well, maybe if you didn't spend the rest of the year tearing down her work as "mindless" and "stupid," she might be more willing to support the kinds of movies you like. It's just a thought.


Ram Leela to open the Marrakech International Film Festival!


Krrish 4?! Let's see how Krrish 3 does... and how Hrithik's health holds up. And PLEASE no Priyanka. Okay?


Bebo to do a friendly appearance in Akshay's Gabbar!


Umm... I wouldn't exactly call Aditya Roy Kapur an "overnight star." Dude has been hanging around trying to get a hit for years. YEARS.

And now he's signed opposite Katrina Kaif?! This will be interesting... although I can actually see Aditya as the gormless "Pip" in Great Expectations. I'm dying to know how Abhishek Kapoor is going to handle the famously ambiguous ending...!


Wait a minute... is this an article from a parallel dimension where Boss was a hit?

Blue director Anthony D’Souza would have gone into oblivion had it not been for Akshay Kumar’s support. Now he marvels at the response to his new film Boss, and he is planning an aerial adventure drama.

Sometimes, you just have to let people go... After seeing Blue, nobody should have given this guy money to make another film.


Rascals star Ajay Devgn says he won't do vulgar films... (anymore?)


Aamir Khan to launch a rom-com trailer I may actually be interested in. For the cast alone--ALI ZAFAR! ALI ZAFAR! I'd watch that man read a phone book.


Victory of star power over... art? Dance talent? Definite bathroom break moment. Really, SLB? Malaika Arora Khan wasn't available?


odadune said...

Yeah, Aditya has a very Dickensian vibe, think he would work well in that role.

hopefully Tony D'Souza has exhausted the industry's and the Khiladi's goodwill by now. One chance at directing-okay. Second chance, with the idea that he's talking like he's learned from his mistakes and the new project might play more to his limited strengths as a filmmaker, okay maybe. Beyond that, heck no.

Kareena seems to be doing an item number in Gabbar, I was hoping she would play the flashback love interest. Oh, well, there's still hope for my dream casting for the role...RANI.

annoyed with Ram Leela song Choreography. Don't like Priyanka that much but am pretty sure she can dance better than that.

Anu Russell said...

Ali Zaffar!!! I agree...I will watch him eat pop by one...and in between the chewing if he can sing...and smile...oh my! am i asking for too much here!!!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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